How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers. 5 Easy Methods (2023)

Bluetooth is a simple way to establish a wireless connection between two devices. Up until recently, though, Bluetooth can be used to connect multiple speakers to one device.

With the help of Bluetooth 5.0 and the AmpMe app, you can expand the number of Bluetooth connections on your device. It is also possible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers via JBL Connect, Bose Connect, and Ultimate Ears.

To help you out, we’ll give you 5 ways of how to enhance your Bluetooth surround sound experience for a larger audience. These methods can be used on 3 way as well as 2 way speakers (Confused? Check out 2 Way vs 3 Way Speakers)

Let’s get started!

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5 Ways to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

Method 1: Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 speakers are the latest technology in Bluetooth connectivity.

With this connection, the range can reach as far as 120 feet and speed is further enhanced. More importantly, you can connect two Bluetooth speakers to one device. Before you begin, you may want to check if your Smart TV has Bluetooth.

The good news is that most companies are starting to incorporate this technology into their devices. The leading company for Bluetooth 5.0 is Apple, but we also included a guide for Samsung smartphones with Bluetooth 5.0:

Apple HomePod Stereo Pair

You can connect your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPod through the Stereo Pair function that allows you to connect with two HomePod speakers.

Here’s how to create a stereo pair after setting up your HomePod:

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Home App. Make sure that both HomePod speakers are assigned to one room.
  2. In the Home app, tap and hold the Homepod speakers you wish to connect.
  3. Scroll down and choose the gear icon.
  4. Tap Create Stereo pair.

Samsung Dual Audio

Samsung phones can connect to two Bluetooth speakers or headphones simultaneously.

  1. Navigate to Settings then tap Connections. 
  2. Under the Bluetooth tab, open Advanced options in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Toggle on Dual Audio.
  4. Pair your phone with up to two sound systems.

The best Samsung Smartphones with Bluetooth Dual Audio are:

You can also use this method to connect your Roku To Bluetooth speakers.

Method 2: Bose Connect

Via the Bose Connect app, you can connect multiple and headphones to one device.

Take note that Bose Connect only works with sound systems of the same brand. To find out if your Bose Speakers are compatible with the app, download Bose Connect on Google Play or the Apple Store.

  1. Launch the Bose Connect App.
  2. On the bottom left of the screen, click the multiple speakers button.
  3. Tap on Find a Speaker.
  4. Drag down the icons of speakers you want to link.
  5. If your speakers don’t play right away, you may need to press both the speakers’ Bluetooth buttons for two seconds.

You can also choose between Party Mode (plays left and right speaker together) or Stereo Mode (plays left and right channel separately). Use the Stereo play toggle on the bottom of your screen to shift between the two modes.

Method 3: AmpMe

With applications like AmpMe, you can connect multiple Bluetooth speakers and headsets to your device and play from various platforms including your music library, Youtube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. You can even play songs you find on Tumblr – just follow our guide on how to download Tumblr Audio.

What’s more, AmpMe doesn’t put a cap on the number of sound systems you can connect to your device. With that, you’ll be able to broadcast your media in synchronized time.

To use AmpMe, you need to set up your device as the host and the peripherals will be the receivers.

  1. Download the AmpMe app
  2. Click the Plus (+) sign at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen
  3. Select the media platform you’ll be playing from, then click connect.
  4. Link your app to your Facebook or Google account to find your contacts. Alternatively, turn on location services to find receivers near you.
  5. Choose or create a playlist to start streaming your music.

If you want your friends to join in on the fun, invite them as a DJ. If you want to be in charge of the playlist, other users can make song suggestions via the chat function.

 Method 4: Ultimate Ears

With Ultimate Ears, you can connect multiple speakers to one device via the BOOM and MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears app which uses Bluetooth technology. The app features a PartyUp function which allows you to connect 50+ Ultimate Ears speakers, including

What we love about the UE app is that it contains comprehensive how-to guides on what you can do with your Ultimate Ears speakers.

  1. Power on the UE speakers you want to connect, then hold down the Bluetooth button until you hear an acoustic sound.
  2. Launch the UE Boom and MegaBoom App.
  3. Swipe right and you should see the ‘speakers found’ on the bottom of your screen. Drag up the speaker you want to connect.
  4. Use the app to turn on/off and adjust the volume of each speaker.

Method 5: JBL Connect

JBL allows users to connect up to a hundred speakers to one device. 

Each JBL wireless speaker or JBL headset wireless headset uses Bluetooth Technology.

  1. Power on the JBL speakers you wish to link to your device. Then, press the Bluetooth button.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Wireless Connection on your phone. 
  3. Turn on Bluetooth connection, then pair with the JBL sound systems you want to connect.
  4. Once the speakers appear as a connected device, you can play music simultaneously.

If this does not work, we have another article which shows exactly how to connect 2 JBL speakers.

Since we are talking about JBL, it is worth mentioning we have an entire article explaining how to connect JBL headphones to various devices.

If you have bluetooth headphones rather than speakers, we have another method which involves casting music to your bluetooth headphones.


Bluetooth technology now allows users to connect multiple sound systems to one device. And if you only have a few wired speakers lying around, then you can convert them to wireless before you begin.

With the help to Bluetooth 5.0, it’s possible to connect up to two speakers to your Apple or Samsung smartphone. Apple users can use the HomePod speakers while Samsung users can simply toggle on the Dual Audio capabilities.

If you’re looking to connect an unlimited number of sound systems to one device, you can use the AmpMe app which allows users to stream music from your music library, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Youtube. We also have a fix for when Spotify logs you out and you can’t log back in.

Wireless speakers like JBL and Ultimate Ear have functionalities that allows users to connect 100 and 50 speakers, respectively (that’s a lot of speakers!).