How to Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows/Apple Watch/Macbook/iPhone/Android (2023)

Powerbeats are an excellent choice of headphones if you’re looking for unbeatable sound quality, efficient connectivity options, and a sturdy exterior that will last the test of time. The unmatched quality of Powerbeats made them some of the bestselling headphones over the years. One of the biggest benefits of owning a pair of Powerbeats Pro is how easy it is to connect them to various devices. 

How To Connect Powerbeats Pro

In today’s guide, we’ll discuss how to connect Powerbeats Pro to a variety of devices so you can have your audio system on the go. 


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Will Powerbeats Connect with Apple Watch?

PowerBeats Pro and Beats, in general, are all Apple goods, much like AirPods. Therefore, they will unquestionably connect to your Apple Watch. In addition, your Apple Watch should sync all connections if you previously synced your PowerBeats Pro to your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. 

To connect to your PowerBeats, you may utilize the AirPlay option on your iPhone or the settings menu on your Apple Watch. Similarly, you should be able to link alternative Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to your Apple Watch just as effortlessly if you don’t have AirPods, Beats, Beats Pro, PowerBeats, or PowerBeats Pro.

Remember that it could be difficult for your watch to accurately display the battery life of third-party headphones or earbuds. However, this won’t impact your headphones’ or earbuds’ functionality and battery life.


How to Connect Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats offer seamless connectivity with any device that you may own. However, learning to connect your Powerbeats can take some practice. Next, we’ll explain how to connect to various popular devices. 


Method #1) Connecting Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10 & 11

Several Powerbeats users have encountered issues connecting Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10. Some people even believe that Powerbeats Pro won’t function in certain circumstances if you own a Windows computer. However, our instructions below explain the steps you should take to ensure the connection is successful. 

Step #1: Turn on Powerbeats Pro 

First, hold the power button on your Powerbeats Pro for 5-10 seconds to switch them on. Once they’re on, you’ll get an indication. 

Step #2: Access Control Panel 

Go to your computer’s Control Panel to access its settings. From there, click on the “Devices” option.

Step #3: Turn on Bluetooth Option

You’ll find a blue-colored icon for Bluetooth, and all you have to do is turn it on. Then, allow your computer to search for nearby devices. Don’t be alarmed if showing available devices takes a little time. 

Step #4: Choose Powerbeats 

Powerbeats Pro will show up in the list of available devices. Click on the name of your headphones, and then choose the option that says “Connect.” 

Step #5: Successful Connection

To ensure the pairing was successful, try playing an audio file on your computer to test it. Ensure your computer volume is well-adjusted and the audio application isn’t set to mute. 


Method #2) Connecting Powerbeats to a Macbook 

You’ll be excited to use your new fitness-focused headphones to listen to music, make calls, activate Siri, and more. Keep reading our easy instructions to understand how to set them up and link them to your macOS device.

Step #1: Update the Software

Apple’s second-generation AirPods have additional functions not seen in the Powerbeats range of headphones, but to utilize them, your devices must be running the most recent software. You can update to the latest version by going to your Mac’s System Preferences and clicking on the “Software Update” option. 

Step #2: System Preferences

Next, go back to your Mac’s System Preferences and navigate to the “Bluetooth” option. 

Step #3: Turn on Powerbeats Pro 

Hold the power button on your Powerbeats Pro for 5-10 seconds to switch your earbuds on. Once they’re on, you’ll get an indication. 

Step #4: Scan Devices

It might take some time for your Powerbeats Pro to show up, so don’t fret if you have to wait a little bit. Once your Powerbeats Pro show up in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices, click on “Connect” from the dropdown menu, and you’ll be good to go. 


Method #3) Connecting Powerbeats with iPhone 

Powerbeats Pro work phenomenally with Apple devices as they’re an Apple-endorsed product. Make sure to follow the guide provided below to make connecting your earbuds as easy as possible. 

Step #1: Turn on Device

Unlock your iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) to connect your Powerbeats Pro. Go to the Home screen if you already have your device unlocked. 

Step #2: Open the Case

Open the cover of the Powerbeats Pro case while holding the earphones near your device. Ensure they’re in a short radius of your phone for quicker connectivity. 

Step #3: Powerbeats Pro Animation

Watch your device’s screen for the Powerbeats Pro setup animation to appear. Once the menu opens on the bottom of your Home screen, like AirPods’ setup does, click “Connect” and then choose “Done.” 

Step #4: Setting Up Siri 

Siri is fully functional if you’re using Powerbeats Pro with your iPhone. However, you’ll be directed through the setup process if “Hey Siri” hasn’t already been configured on your device.


Method #4) Connecting Powerbeats with an Android Device

Although made for iOS devices, Apple’s Beats-branded Powerbeats Pro is also compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. As a result, even if you exclusively use Android products or own both Android and Apple devices, you can benefit from Apple’s wire-free technology. If you want to learn how to connect your Powerbeats Pro to an Android device, follow our simple instructions below.

Step #1: Switch on Powerbeats Pro

Remove your earphones from the Powerbeats Pro case to switch them on. 

Step #2: Go to Settings

You may find your Android device’s Bluetooth settings in your Settings app. 

Step #3: Search in Available Devices

To connect to your Powerbeats Pro, tap their name in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices. 

Try resetting the earphones if you need help finding the Powerbeats Pro in the Bluetooth devices compatible with your phone. When the little white LED begins to flicker, open the Powerbeats Pro charging case and touch the case’s button. Reload your list of available devices, and then it should show up after a little while.


How to Fix “Can’t Connect Powerbeats Pro” Error

It’s common to find obsolete drivers in certain older systems, which are usually to blame for your computer’s connectivity error with Powerbeats Pro. Drivers for Bluetooth are also included with this. While most recent laptops and PCs automatically update their device and audio drivers, some may require manual intervention. 

There are three methods for updating Bluetooth drivers:

  • Check for Windows update notifications.
  • Check the system for any remaining Bluetooth updates.
  • Verify the Powerbeats Pro’s firmware version.

If you still need help connecting Powerbeats Pro, your headphones might be causing the Windows malfunction. Compared to wired headphones, how wireless headphones operate is different. The latter sometimes requires rebooting because it isn’t a plug-and-play device. 

Simply long-press and hold the power button to put the Powerbeats Pro in discoverable mode. The light should start blinking after 5-6 seconds. This indicates it’s in a connectable status and may be discovered. Remember that the Powerbeats Pro are only in a discoverable state if you see any indicator lights.


Final Thoughts

Powerbeats Pro are a wise investment if you’re someone who values top-of-the-line sound quality and easy connectivity with all your devices. Today’s walkthrough detailed how to connect Powerbeats Pro with various devices. If you follow our instructions, you’ll find it’s relatively simple to connect your Powerbeats Pro to any device you desire.