ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On. 6 Simple Fixes (2023)

ASUS is among the leading companies that have revolutionized today’s digital landscape. The company is well-known for its robust and high-quality products. In addition, customers often praise the brand’s extensive product range and affordable prices. As a result, the popularity of ASUS continues to grow. However, some users have asked, “Why won’t my ASUS laptop turn on?” 

ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On: How To Fix This Issue Easily

If you’re facing the same problem and your ASUS laptop isn’t turning on even when you press the power button, there’s no need to worry. This issue isn’t all that uncommon among ASUS users. Read on, and we’ll explain how you can fix this problem.


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Why Your ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On

There are many reasons your ASUS laptop might not be turning on. It’s essential to figure out the cause of the problem so you can figure out how to solve it. We will explain some possible reasons you may face this issue. Go over the list and see if anything applies. 


Reason#1: Battery Issues

The most common sign of a dead battery is a laptop that won’t turn on even though you’ve charged it. However, there will be other warning signs as well.

To know if there’s an issue with your laptop battery, check for any of these symptoms:

  1. The laptop is plugged in. However, it is not charging. 
  2. Sudden laptop shut down.
  3. This means your laptop cannot last as long on a full 100% charge. It may also take longer for the battery to reach 100% charging. Such issues commonly indicated a dying battery. 
  4. The laptop keeps overheating. 
  5. Sudden battery discharge. The battery percentage may suddenly change from 90% to 20% if the battery is dying. 
  6. The battery has swelled up. 

If you notice one or more of these signs, there may be an issue with the laptop battery.


Reason#2: Faulty Charger

Have you had the charger plugged in for hours, and the laptop still won’t turn on? If it’s not the laptop battery causing the issue, the charger might be the problem. Old chargers can sometimes stop working. There may also be damage to the power brick or the charging cord. It is also possible that the charging port on your laptop is not working. In all these cases, the ASUS laptop won’t charge or turn on.


Reason#3: Issue with the Laptop Screen

If the power button has lit up and the laptop won’t turn on, the issue may be the laptop screen. A laptop screen can get damaged because of extreme temperatures, physical damage to the computer or faulty manufacturing. In all these cases, the laptop may not turn on, and you will see a blank screen. 


Reason#4: Issue with BIOS

If the BIOS settings on your laptop are wrong, your computer will be unable to operate the operating system. You will be greeted by a blank screen when you try to turn on your computer. 

It is also possible the indicator lights will briefly turn on. The issue with the BIOS will need to be fixed to turn on the computer. 


Reason#5: Issue with Hardware

A faulty hard drive or GPU may also be why your laptop won’t turn on. It takes a lot of hardware parts to get your computer up and running. An issue with any of these can cause the laptop not to turn on. 


Reason#6: Faulty Graphics Drivers

An issue with the laptop display may indicate the presence of faulty graphics drivers. This may be why an ASUS laptop, such as the ASUS Zenbook, won’t turn on.


How To Fix Asus Laptop Won’t Turn On Issue

Now that we’ve discussed the possible reasons your ASUS laptop isn’t turning on, let’s talk about solutions. 


Fix#1: Check Laptop Display Settings

You can turn the display on and off to check if the laptop screen is the problem. 

To check display settings, try the following steps:

  1. To turn the display on/off, press Fn +F7
  2. To check the screen brightness, press Fn + F6

Depending on the model of your ASUS computer, you may have to use different keys for these steps. Check the instruction manual if you aren’t sure. 

To check the display of your computer, complete the following steps:

  1. First, connect an external monitor to your computer.
  2. Press Fn+F8 
  3. If the display is showing on the external monitor, there may be an issue with your laptop’s graphics driver.


Fix#2: Unplug External Devices 

If you have too many devices connected to your computer, your laptop may not turn on. First, unplug all the accessories connected, such as the mouse, external keyboard, and hard drives. Then, turn on the laptop to check if the issue goes away. If it does and the computer is working, one of the external devices is causing the problem. 


Fix#3: Connection Issues

Power fluctuation can also cause your ASUS laptop not to turn on. First, you must check if the power outlet is the issue. Then, you may charge your ASUS laptop using a different power source. 


Fix#4: Hard Reset

You must try a hard reset if the above solutions do not work. In many cases, a hard reset gets rid of many glitches and software issues. We recommend you try this step before more complex solutions, such as replacing the laptop battery.

To perform a hard reset, complete the following steps: 

  1. First, remove all external devices that you have connected to your computer.
  2. Directly charge the computer by plugging in the AC adapter.
  3. Remove the laptop battery. 
  4. Press and hold the power button until the indicator light turns off. This is called a forced shutdown. You will typically need to hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  5. Unplug the AC adapter. 
  6. Press and hold the power button for 40 seconds
  7. Re-install the battery after this step. 
  8. Plug in the AC adapter. 
  9. Restart the laptop. 
  10. The laptop will turn on if a hard reset has solved the issue. 


Fix#5: Re-install the RAM 

An issue with the computer RAM may be why your ASUS laptop won’t turn on. You can re-install the RAM to see if the problem goes away. 

To re-install the RAM:

  1. Unplug all unnecessary external devices. 
  2. Then, remove the RAM from its slot. 
  3. Wait a few minutes. 
  4. Reinstall the RAM. Ensure that it is appropriately placed in its position. 
  5. Turn on the laptop to see if the problem persists. 


Fix#6: Re-install the graphics drivers

If faulty drivers are why your laptop won’t turn on, you may try to fix this by re-installing them. To do this, complete the following steps: 

  1. First, force shut down your computer by holding the power button for 20 seconds. 
  2. Next, turn the laptop back on. 
  3. Once you see the ASUS logo, perform a forced shutdown again. 
  4. Finally, turn the laptop back on. 
  5. Once you see the ASUS logo, perform a forced shutdown again. 
  6. Turn on the laptop again. Windows will restart in Windows Recovery Environment. 
  7. Select the option that says “Troubleshoot”. 
  8. Then, select Advanced Options
  9. Select Startup Settings and Restart
  10. Select Enable Safe Mode with Networking
  11. Windows will restart in Safe Mode.
  12. Go to the ASUS website and download the display drivers that you need. 
  13. Install the display drivers/display adapters. 
  14. Restart your computer normally and see if the problem is fixed. 


Final Thoughts

There are several reasons your ASUS laptop won’t turn on. It may be because of a dead battery, software issues or hardware problems. We have explained the solutions you may try in all of these cases. However, if these solutions do not work, you may need to replace the laptop battery. We recommend taking your laptop to a trustworthy repair shop. A technician can help you determine the problem and even help you fix the issue.