How to Fix AT&T Router Blinking Red (2023)

AT&T is one of the oldest and most trusted multinational telecommunications companies in the United States. Besides phone plans, the company has a broadband internet service via fiber-optic connections. But, some users have asked why is their AT&T router blinking red.

How to Fix AT&T Router Blinking Red? FIXED

This happened when subscribers reportedly had their AT&T broadband light blinking red while experiencing connection issues. This guide will show you the most common reasons for the AT&T broadband flashing red problem and how to fix AT&T broadband light red on your router.

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“AT&T Broadband Light Blinking Red”— Most Common Reasons

As mentioned earlier, the AT&T broadband red issue happens when your router has problems connecting to the internet. But besides that, here are the most common reasons why your AT&T router is blinking red:

  • Power supply problems
  • Outdated firmware
  • Service outage
  • Loose connections

If you’ve experienced one of the reasons above, this can easily cause your AT&T router to blink red. However, it can be fixed by simple troubleshooting methods.


How to Fix AT&T Broadband Light Blinking Red

The first thing that you can do to solve this broadband light problem is to check all cable connections. See if all cables are in good condition and are securely connected to the correct ports, especially the Ethernet, LAN, and power wires. If there’s a damaged cable due to wear and tear, or your router is physically damaged, try contacting AT&T Customer Support and ask for a free replacement.

Also, you can try checking if there’s an At&T service outage in your area by clicking this link. If AT&T’s down in your current location, it can cause the router blinking red problem on your AT&T router.

If you’ve checked all cable connections and there’s no service outage in your area, try following the fixes below. Remember to review each fix and determine the most effective one for your AT&T router.


Fix #1: Power Cycle Your AT&T Router

Power cycling is a quick and effective way to fix bugs and glitches on your AT&T router. It works by re-initializing the router’s internal components and resetting it to a stable state. To power cycle your AT&T router, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your router and unplug its power cable from the socket.
  2. Wait for two minutes to drain the power.
  3. Plug the power cable back in and turn on your AT&T router.
  4. Wait for the router to initialize and check if the broadband light red issue is solved.


Fix #2: Update the Router’s Firmware

Another fix that you can try is by updating your router’s firmware. Specific firmware updates contain fixes to bugs that might cause the AT&T broadband red problem. Fortunately, you can force an update on your router by restarting it using the Smart Home Manager.

To manually update your router’s firmware via the Smart Home Manager, proceed to these steps:

  1. Launch your computer’s default browser and visit this link.
  2. Log in to AT&T’s Smart Home Manager by entering your sign-in details.
  3. Go to Network > Home Network Hardware and select your AT&T router on the list of internet devices.
  4. Choose Restart. While restarting, your AT&T router will be updated to its latest firmware version.
  5. Wait for the restart process to finish.
  6. Then, check if the broadband light red issue on your AT&T router is solved.


Fix #3: Perform a Factory Reset on Your AT&T Router

When the fixes above don’t work, you can try to perform a factory reset on your AT&T router. This resets all Wi-Fi configurations to their factory defaults, including settings that might cause the AT&T broadband light red problem.

To do a factory reset on your AT&T router, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the Reset button on your AT&T router. It can be located at the back (near the Power port) or on the router’s sides.
  2. With the router switched on, press and hold the Reset button for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Wait for the factory reset to finish.
  4. Once the router boots up, check if the Broadband and Service lights are green.


Final Thoughts

AT&T routers are one of the most trusted and fastest internet plans in the United States. They provide a secure internet connection on your devices and have speeds up to 5 GB on specific plans. However, it’s possible to experience the AT&T router blinking red problem on your AT&T router.

Hence, this guide hopefully helps you fix the AT&T router blinking red problem. If the fixes above were ineffective, you could contact AT&T Customer Support for further assistance.