Three Best N64 Emulators For PC (2023)

The Nintendo 64 (N64) is a home video game console owned and created by Nintendo. It’s one of the first consoles to popularize 3D gaming and was competing with the likes of Sony’s PlayStation and the Sega Saturn. Users have also asked what the best N64 emulator for PC is.

Best N64 Emulator For PC (2023)

Since it’s rare to see or find an N64 console nowadays, running N64 emulators for your PC is the way to go when you want to play classic Nintendo games. This guide will show you the best Nintendo 64 emulators for this year. Read this guide to know more.


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Three Best N64 Emulators For PC in 2023


#1. Project 64


One of the best N64 emulators you can get for your PC is Project 64. It’s easy to use and performs well when running classic Nintendo games. This emulator also supports different graphics options, custom texture packages, and other high-resolution textures for various games.

Project 64 also has a built-in ROM list, which can help keep your N64 games. However, it only supports Windows systems.


#2. Mupen64Plus


Another popular choice when finding N64 emulators for your PC is Mupen64Plus. It features various customizable sound, control, and resolution settings that can be useful for playing different games. Overall, it’s a great app that can emulate your experience with an actual N64 console.

Mupen64Plus is available on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.


#3. OpenEmu


OpenEmu is a famous emulator for Mac laptops and computers. Their site currently hosts various emulators, including ones for N64. It has a simple yet easy-to-use app design, similar to a Mac app’s interface. OpenEmu also features an interactive peripheral gamepad that you can utilize as an alternative controller to your keyboard when playing games.


Final Thoughts

Despite the emergence of 4K or HD games nowadays, playing your old N64 console games will always be special. To make this possible, however, you’ll need a high-performing emulator to play classic N64 games and store them on the app simultaneously.

Hopefully, this guide helps you know more about the best N64 emulators for your PC.