Can You Have Two Internet Providers in One House? YES (2023)

Nowadays, you can choose between various internet service providers (ISPs) for an internet plan. Although each ISP may have pros and cons, having internet options in your home can be a great luxury. Users have also asked, “Can you have two internet providers in one house?” 

Can You Have Two Internet Providers in One House?

From bandwidth options to having separate internet accounts, having two internet accounts one router can make sense. This guide will show you whether or not it’s possible to have two different internet providers in one house and what you have to do when planning on having this internet set up in your home.

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Can You Have Two Different Internet Providers in One House?

Yes. It’s possible to have two different internet providers in one house. However, this setup can depend on your current internet connection, if your ISP allows it, and the costs. Also, location can be a significant factor since most rural areas will only have one ISP; hence, they won’t have a choice but to stick with that provider.

If you have DSL internet on your current plan, finding another internet provider for your home is challenging since they use the same cabling system for their internet service. This applies to most neighborhoods that operate on DSL and fiber optic internet.

It means that you’ll either need a new phone line or an ISP that uses a different line than your current ISP, which is hard to find and impractical. So, when wondering, “can I have two internet providers?” it’s best to consult your desired ISPs if they support this setup.

However, a more realistic way of having two internet providers in one house is by having a DSL provider and a cable internet provider. These services work separately and won’t cost as much compared to having the same service in your home.


Can You Have 2 Internet Accounts in One House?

Yes. Most ISPs will allow multiple accounts, especially when your accounts have varying services—e.g., DSL and satellite internet. However, if your ISP is limited to offering the same service for their internet plans—for instance, DSL and fiber optic internet—they won’t allow you to have two accounts since these services essentially use the same internet line.


Is Having Two Internet Connections One Router Possible?

Having two internet connections one router is an effective way to have near-to-zero downtime on your internet connection. It’s an excellent tool for most outsourcing and customer service-related businesses, which typically operate online.

You can do this by having a dual-WAN router. It allows you to simultaneously connect two-high speed internet connections to a single router to create one WiFi or Ethernet network. Although you can pick between various dual-WAN routers online or in tech stores, it’s best to ask your ISP first for their recommendations.


Final Thoughts

Whether for business or personal purposes, you might be curious about having two internet providers in your home. It allows you to choose between two internet options and be available online all the time. However, the availability of this setup can depend on your ISP, location, current internet plan, and budget.

Hopefully, this guide lets you know more about connecting two internet providers in one house. If you want to know more about doing this internet setup, it’s best to contact your ISP and their technicians.