How to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally (2022)

Regardless of what brand your laptop is, it needs to be fully charged for you to have access to most of its features. That’s why some users are using a laptop that’s also connected to an external power source to avoid power problems. Most modern laptops nowadays have a non-removable, Li-ion (Lithium-ion) battery.

How to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally

However, there are some situations where you’ve forgotten your laptop’s power adapter or charger. To continue doing your tasks, you’ll sometimes resort to charging the laptop battery externally. In this guide, we’ll show several ways how to charge a laptop battery manually or without the aid of your laptop’s power supply.

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Several Methods to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally

Assuming that you have a laptop battery that’s in good condition, you’ll need to charge it eventually to keep your tasks and applications running. Before doing these methods, make sure that you’re going to use a damage-free cord, whether it’s for a USB or an adapter connection. This is to maximize the current flow that’s passing through these connections.

Method #1: Charge your Laptop Through its USB Port

A typical laptop will contain various ports, including the USB-A port for data transfer and device charging. But in terms of providing power for your laptop, this USB type sadly is not designed for that purpose.

But if your laptop has a USB-C port, it will be possible to use it for power input and to charge your laptop battery efficiently. Newer laptop models of Apple’s MacBook, Asus, Acer, and other laptop brands have also adapted a USB-C port, aside from the old ports.

If you have your phone handy, you can charge your laptop battery with your phone using the USB port.

Method #2: Use an External Charger

If you’re wondering how to charge a laptop battery without using your laptop, you can use an external battery charger. It’s a great way to maximize current flow since it’s directly connected to the battery and not on the laptop. 

All you’ll need to do is to remove your laptop’s battery and plug it into a compatible external charger. When it’s full, plug it back into your laptop’s battery slot and turn it on; you should have a fully-charged laptop battery.

As mentioned earlier, make sure to use a charging device that’s safe to avoid injury risks and to keep your laptop battery in good condition. Chargers with LED indicators and other safety features are a greater investment than cheap external chargers.

Method #3: Use a Universal Power Adapter

Another simple method to recharge your laptop’s battery is through a universal power adapter. These adapters are a great tool when traveling to a different country that might be using different voltages. However, it’s important to know if your laptop is compatible with your power adapter since they’re quite risky than your original laptop charger.

Universal power adapters are available in most tech stores and are a cheap option for a portable laptop charger. Although it’s a legitimate way to provide your laptop battery some power, it’s not a practical method to use long-term. 

So, if you’re wondering how to charge your laptop battery without a charger, a universal power adapter is a solid choice.

Method #4: Charge your Laptop Using a Power Bank

Besides charging smartphones and similar devices, certain power banks can also be used to charge your laptop. Through your laptop’s USB-C port, you can establish a connection between the power bank and your laptop. It’s recommended to find a power bank that has a 10,000 mAh capacity or greater to ensure a consistent supply of power.

Since older laptops don’t have a USB-C port, they most likely won’t support a temporary power supply from a power bank.

Method #5: Use Solar Charging Kits

Solar chargers have been in the market for a while now. These devices work by converting sunlight to electrical energy—it then powers the charger which is supplied to your laptop. Modern solar charging kits that use smaller photovoltaic cells are known to be more efficient, durable, and portable. It’s also supported by most modern laptops.

Final Thoughts

If you left your laptop charger far away from your location, there are several ways to charge your laptop’s battery. From power banks to universal power adapters, they can supply an adequate amount of power that’s enough to keep your applications and tasks running.

Hence, this guide will be able to help you to charge a laptop battery using external charging methods. When following these methods, ensure that all devices that you’re going to use are free from damage and faults; accidents such as short circuits, electrocution, and physical damage to the battery can happen once you use cheap and defective charging devices.