Do Hisense TVs Have Bluetooth? YES, Here’s How to Connect (2023)

Hisense TVs are one of the most complete and affordable smart TVs you can buy today. Besides streaming capabilities, smart TV users also look forward to Hisense TV Bluetooth. It lets you connect other Bluetooth-enabled devices to your smart TV.

Do Hisense TV Have Bluetooth? (YES, Here's How to Connect...) (2022)


Hisense Bluetooth is available on many smart TV models of Hisense. In this guide, we’ll show you how to enable Bluetooth on Hisense TVs. If you are wondering Does Roku TV Have Bluetooth? The answer is YES – Read on to find out how to connect your Hisense Roku TV.


Do Hisense TVs Have Bluetooth?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, Hisense is one of the few smart TV brands with Bluetooth-ready TVs in many different models. Below is the complete list of all Hisense TV series that have Bluetooth support:

  • A6 series
  • Laser TV
  • H55
  • H65
  • H8
  • H8G
  • H8G1
  • U6
  • U7
  • U8
  • U9

So, if your Hisense TV belongs to one of the TV series on the list, it most likely has Bluetooth. We also have a general article which answers Do Smart TVs have Bluetooth?


How to Connect a Bluetooth Device to Your Hisense TV

If your Hisense TV supports Bluetooth, you can connect it to various Bluetooth devices, like speakers, smartphones, smart assistants, and much more. However, you must first put your Bluetooth device in pairing mode before enabling Bluetooth on Hisense TV.

Each Bluetooth device can have unique steps to put it into pairing mode. To do this successfully, it’s best to refer to your device’s user manual, except for smartphones, tablets, and computers, since you can quickly turn Bluetooth on by going to the device settings.

Once your device is in pairing mode, you can enable Bluetooth on your Hisense TV. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your Hisense TV. Next, press and hold the Menu button on the remote.
  2. Go to Settings > Network or Remotes & Accessories.
  3. Choose Bluetooth. Once it’s searching for nearby devices, select your Bluetooth device.
  4. Wait for both devices to connect.

To enable Bluetooth on a Hisense Roku TV, proceed to these steps:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote and navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Remotes & Devices and choose Pair Bluetooth device.
  3. Choose your Bluetooth device on the Bluetooth pairing screen and follow the on-screen steps.

After your Bluetooth device is linked to your Hisense TV, you can use it depending on its purpose. If it’s an audio device, you can probably hear sound from it while playing media content on your smart TV. Connecting your smart assistant via Bluetooth is also one of its primary steps when setting it up.

If Bluetooth will not work, then follow our guide on How to Connect Hisense TV to WiFi and just use a wifi connection.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth is an essential feature of most smart devices today. It’s needed when connecting your Bluetooth device to your smart TV. Fortunately, most Hisense TV models have Bluetooth support.

However, you’ll need to enable Bluetooth on your Hisense TV when linking another device to it via a Bluetooth connection. Hopefully, this guide helps you enable Bluetooth on Hisense TVs when connecting an external device.