Does Peacock Premium Have Commercials? Learn More (2023)

Peacock is one of the few over-the-top streaming services offering the latest movies, TV shows, pay-per-view, and on-demand content. Their premium plans also include access to live TV, which is a luxury for streaming services. However, some subscribers have asked, “does Peacock Premium have commercials?”

Does Peacock Premium Have Commercials?

Peacock ads are often a reality for most subscribers. This guide will show Peacock’s different subscription plans and whether it is worth getting a Peacock Premium Plus subscription. Read on to know more.


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What is Peacock?

Peacock is an over-the-top video streaming service owned and operated by NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. First launched in 2020, it mainly features films, TV shows, series, news, and sports programming from NBCUniversal studios and other partner content providers.

This streaming service is available on ad-free and ad-supported subscription plans. Most premium tiers contain exclusive content from NBC Sports, WWE, and the Hallmark Channel.

Currently, Peacock is available in the US and its territories, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and the UK.


Peacock Subscription Plans and Costs

If you’re an existing Peacock subscriber or are interested in one, you can choose between three main subscription plans. These determine the type of content that you can view and how much you’ll be paying monthly. Also, you can decide to upgrade or cancel your current subscription anytime.

Here’s the list of Peacock’s subscription plans and their costs:


Peacock Free

Like other streaming services, Peacock has a free streaming plan. It’s designed for users who want to experience the platform before considering buying a package. This free plan differs from a free trial, which expires after a specific period and requires you to input your billing details.

However, it only lets you access limited content from NBC. For instance, if there’s a new episode of a particular TV series, you’ll need to subscribe to a Premium plan to view the rest.


Peacock Premium

Peacock Premium is the lower tier of Peacock’s subscription plans. Users from the free streaming plan usually transition to this plan after getting an idea of the content provided on the streaming platform. It costs $4.99/month and includes unlimited access to all movies, TV shows, series, and programming from third-party providers.

But, since it’s a low-tier plan, it’s ad-supported—it features ad content in-between showslive TV, and movies. Also, you cannot download your desired content to watch it offline or on demand.


Peacock Premium Plus

If you’re looking for an ad-free, uninterrupted content viewing experience on Peacock, it’s best to avail the Peacock Premium Plus subscription package. Besides access to content that’s available on the Premium plan, you can also view exclusive content from NBC Sports, WWE, and the Hallmark Channel. You can also choose to save content to your phone to view them offline.

This plan costs $9.99/month and features no commercials, except on specific live events and streams.


Is Peacock Premium Plus Worth It?

Yes. Most users prefer uninterrupted programming on Peacock to an ad-supported plan, which will feature more commercials. It lets you access exclusive content unavailable on both the Free and Premium plans. Also, you’ll have the option to stream your favorite movies and TV shows offline.

But, if you feel that adding $5 per month to your Peacock Premium subscription is too much, you can still opt for your current Premium plan. It lets you access unlimited content from the platform, which most users want. 

It’s also worth noting that you won’t truly have an ad-free streaming experience with the Premium Plus plan due to streaming rights.


Final Thoughts

A subscription to Peacock is essential when accessing its vast content library. While a Premium plan lets you access unlimited content from the platform, it will feature ad content since it’s a low-tier subscription. You can opt for a Premium Plus plan to have uninterrupted programming on most of Peacock’s TV shows and movies.

Hopefully, this guide helps you know more about Peacock’s subscription plans and if Peacock Premium has commercials.