How To Download TikTok Videos Without Posting (2023)

To enthrall and delight your fans, you may produce, edit, and optimize your videos as a TikTok user. You have a lot of creative freedom while making a TikTok video. The greatest technique is producing videos your TikTok followers like watching and want to return to your profile for more. Having the ability to modify videos as you record them before posting is one of TikTok’s fantastic features. You won’t be able to alter your video once you’ve posted it, though.

How To Download TikTok Video Without Posting

There’s no download or save option if you’ve saved your TikTok creation as a draft. However, there are a few loopholes to overcome this issue. If you’re looking to download your TikTok without posting it to your audience, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to know more! 


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What Are TikTok Drafts?

A draft is a TikTok video made by you that hasn’t been shared or posted yet. A draft exists so you can edit, add transitions, and customize the audio before posting. However, once it’s posted, it’s downloadable but won’t allow further changes to the video. 

Comparatively, a private video is one that you are the only person who can view. TikTok will hide your private video from your friends and the general public. Whether you have a public or private account is irrelevant, and you’ll be able to save these private videos but won’t be able to edit them any further. 

However, if you decide to share a private video, you can easily change the settings for the video to your desired audience. Options such as ‘friends only’ and ‘everyone’ are available for all posted TikToks. 


How To Save A TikTok?

It’s simple to download videos from TikTok. TikTok has a built-in function that allows you to quickly view videos that TikTok content creators have made available, unlike other social media sites. Additionally, downloading videos from TikTok does not require an active account. Download and install the app, then adhere to the guidelines below to easily download your favorite videos. 

However, keep in mind that not all TikToks are downloadable. TikToks that are made public can be downloaded. On the contrary, certain public TikToks do not have a download option per the wish of the creator who posted. Then, TikToks from private accounts can only be downloaded via third-party applications or manual screen recording. 

To save a TikTok, follow the guidelines provided below:

  1. Launch the TikTok application on your phone 
  2. Search for the video you’re looking to download (Pro-tip: if you’re trying to save a TikTok later but don’t want to waste too much time scrolling through your likes, save it in your bookmarks folder!) 
  3. Click on the video to display all the option buttons on the screen.
  4. Once your selected video is playing, hold down for a few seconds on the screen.
  5. Click on the ‘Save Video’ option from the menu that pops up. 
  6. If you have Android, you’ll see another menu prompting you to choose the desired folder to download it in. However, the video will be downloaded directly to your camera roll if you have an iPhone. 


How To Download If There’s No Save Option?

Certain creators purposely restrict their videos from being downloaded for privacy reasons. However, you have two workarounds if you need to save a video. Firstly, you can screen record. The downside to screen recording a TikTok is that the video will contain TikTok buttons and your phone’s layout. However, you can easily crop those out. 

Secondly, you can share the video by emailing it to yourself. This method will allow you to save the video from your mail inbox. 


How To Download A TikTok Without Posting?

There are multiple reasons one would want to download a TikTok without posting it, such as getting a second opinion, making changes from the camera roll, wanting to post it elsewhere, et cetera. However, TikTok does not have a direct feature that allows you to download a TikTok that isn’t posted. To do so, you’ll have to follow the instructions provided below:


Step #1: Open The TikTok Application

The first action is to start the TikTok app. You must find the TikTok app in the app drawer on your phone. The recognizable white music note emblem will symbolize it. The feed part of the app will open by default once you launch the application.


Step #2: Click On the ‘New Video’ Option 

You must first navigate to the new video section after opening the app. Tap on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen to accomplish this. TikTok will direct you to the section where you may create new videos.


Step #3: Create A TikTok Video

You must create the video of your choice in the new video area. To record, press the red circle button. Additionally, you can add eye-catching filters and effects. Create the entire video you wish to save.


Step #4: Select the ‘Next’ Option

After creating the video and making any necessary modifications, you must select the ‘Next’ option. You can see this in the lower right corner. From here, TikTok will direct you to the posting section.


Step #5: Click On ‘Who Can See My Video’ Option

The “Who Can See My Video” option is on the following screen. This privacy setting enables you to manage who can see the post. To choose “Private,” you must tap on the available choice. This privacy option will ensure that your TikTok is not viewable by anyone other than you, regardless of whether you have a public or private account. 


Step #6: Post Your TikTok Video

You must post the video to your account after configuring the privacy setting. It might take a short while for the download process to finish. If it takes more than 30 seconds, check your WiFi strength. 


Step #7: Head To Your TikTok Profile 

The next step after posting the video is to visit your TikTok profile. To access your profile, tap the person icon in the lower right corner of your smartphone’s screen. 


Step #8: Open Your Posted TikTok Video

Open your profile, and TikTok will display all the videos you post. You have to find the video you wanted to save. You’ll need to click on the ‘Lock’ icon on your screen to go to videos that aren’t posted to the public. It will be, by default, the first video in the list. Access it by tapping on it once.


Step #9: Choose ‘Share’ Option 

When you open the video on the right-hand side, many options are available — select “Share” from the menu. An arrow mark with a curve serves as its symbol. To access the various sharing options, tap it once.


Step #10: Click On ‘Save’ Option

You must choose the “save” option from the list of available alternatives. An arrow pointing down will be used to indicate this option. Once you tap on it, your video will begin to be saved.

You must check the video you posted privately after saving it. You can store a TikTok video in this manner without sharing it. The process is complex but not difficult. Using this technique, you won’t need to download an additional application to save TikToks without posting.


Final Thoughts

It’s relatively simple to download TikToks without posting them. Our guide lays down all the necessary steps to make it easy. However, ensure that you’ve saved the video privately so your audience won’t view it while you’re merely attempting to download your TikTok. After following the privacy options, the method is quite straightforward.