How to Use Fire Stick With a Laptop (2023)

The Amazon Fire HD Stick is among the most popular and affordable streaming sticks you can use in your home. It allows you to stream various content, including the latest TV series, movies, documentaries, and more. However, some users have wondered if Fire Stick laptop is possible and “Can you plug Firestick into laptop?”

How to Use FireStick With a Laptop

Besides using your Fire Stick on TVs, you can also use Firestick for PC or laptops. This guide will show you if it’s really possible to use your Fire Stick on your laptop and the methods to do this successfully. Read on to learn more.


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Can You Use a Firestick on a Laptop?

Yes. Watching content from your Firestick is possible using your laptop. But, a flaw you must overcome is your laptop’s HDMI port. Compared to your monitor or TV’s HDMI, your laptop will most likely have an output HDMI port, which does the opposite of an HDMI input port.

While this might be challenging, there are still some ways to watch Firestick content through your laptop. However, this might cost you a lot, depending on the workaround you choose.


How to Connect Fire Stick to Laptop

As mentioned earlier, playing content from your Firestick via your laptop isn’t as simple as playing on your computer or TV. But here are some workarounds that you can try. Remember to review each method and check which one you think is the most effective:


Method #1: Use Firestick on Your Laptop With a Video Capture Card

If you’re wondering, “can you use Firestick on laptop?” It’s certainly possible once you have a video capture card. Also called a capture card, this affordable device enables you to capture content from the HDMI device and encode it for playback.

Capture cards can translate video and audio signals from your Firestick device and send them to your laptop in a compatible format. Since it essentially acts as an alternative to an HDMI port, laptops without an HDMI port can use capture cards to view content from streaming devices. It’s also available on various connections, like Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, USB, and PCIe. 

You can find video capture cards in tech retail stores online or in the ones nearest your area.


Method #2: Buy a Laptop With an HDMI Input Port

Another way to watch Firestick from a laptop is by buying a laptop with a built-in HDMI input port. While rare and expensive, these laptops are great for streaming and perfect for plug-and-play streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick.

Here is a selection of laptop models from Alienware and Clevo that contain HDMI input ports:

  • Alienware M17xR3
  • Alienware M17xR4
  • Alienware 17 R1
  • Alienware M18x
  • Alienware M18xR2
  • Clevo X7200
  • Clevo X8100

It’s important to know that most of the above laptops are gaming laptops. Compared to a typical laptop, laptops for gaming can be heavy—due to upgraded components—and have a noisy cooling system. Also, these laptops are rarely found on the current market, so do your research before investing in one of the laptops above.


Final Thoughts

Amazon Fire Sticks are popular due to their portability and various features. It lets you access a wide range of content at a low price. However, you might have issues using your Fire Stick device on the go with your laptop.

Hopefully, this guide helps you know if using Fire Stick on your laptop is possible and the methods you can follow.