How Do I Get Alexa to Play My iTunes Music? Easy Steps (2023)

Besides accomplishing daily tasks, the most common thing to do with your Amazon Echo device is to listen to music. If you’re an iOS user, you might think about playing Apple Music on Alexa and accessing your music library. Other users have also asked, “how do I get Alexa to play my iTunes music?”

How Do I Get Alexa to Play My iTunes Music?


You can easily use your Alexa-enabled device to play your saved songs from Apple Music. This guide will show how to play Apple Music or iTunes on Alexa. Read this guide to learn more.


How to Stream Apple Music With Alexa

Since Apple and Amazon have worked quite well over the years, their devices are assumed to have great compatibility. This applies to services like Apple Music and iTunes, both excellent music services you can use along with your Amazon Echo Dot. 

So, if you’re wondering, “can Alexa access my music library?” yes, it can. But you’ll need to follow the steps below to configure your Apple Music account to your Echo Dot speaker.

To link your Apple Music account to your Amazon Echo via the Alexa app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone and go to Link Music Services.
  2. Choose Link New Service and select the Apple Music icon.
  3. Select Enable to Use. You might be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password associated with the Apple Music account. Once logged in, your Apple Music account will be linked to your Amazon Echo.
  4. To set Apple Music as the default music service for your Echo Dot, select More on the bottom tab and navigate to Settings > Music & Podcasts.
  5. Choose Default Services and change the default choice for the voice commands “Alexa, play music” and “Alexa, play a rock station” to Apple Music.

You can now play songs from your Apple Music playlists using Alexa.


How to Stream iTunes With Alexa

If you’re still using the iTunes Music service on your Mac, PC, or smartphone, you can easily stream songs from your music library via Bluetooth. The following steps can apply to various devices.

To stream iTunes with Alexa via Bluetooth, proceed to these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings app on your PC, Mac, or smartphone, and make sure that the Bluetooth feature is enabled.
  2. With your Echo Dot switched on, say to Alexa: “Alexa, connect to a new Bluetooth device.”
  3. On your other device, select your Echo Dot from the list of nearby Bluetooth devices.
  4. Once connected, you can now use your Echo Dot speaker to play music from your iTunes library.


Final Thoughts

Alexa-enabled devices, such as the Amazon Echo Dot, can stream from various music services, including iTunes and Apple Music. Also, your account can be easily integrated into the Alexa app when streaming popular songs on the said platforms.

Hopefully, this guide helps you know more about how to get Alexa to play your music library from iTunes or Apple Music.