How Long Does Windows 11 Take to Install? Answered (2023)

Windows 11 is the latest update for Windows OS computers and laptops. Released in October 2021, it featured improvements to the Start Menu, layouts, widgets, and performance-enhancing updates. However, some users are wondering how long does Windows 11 take to install.

How Long Does Windows 11 Take to Install

The update times on your computer to Windows 11 can vary due to different factors. This guide will show you the steps to install Windows 11 and what are the most common factors that can affect its installation on your Windows computer.

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How to Update to Windows 11

If your computer is still on Windows 10 or older, you can upgrade it to Windows 11. However, you’ll need to ensure that it meets the minimum system requirements provided by Microsoft. Doing the upgrade for ineligible computers is generally not recommended.

To upgrade a computer running Windows 10 to Windows 11, follow these steps:

  1. With your computer switched on, click the Start Menu and go to Settings > Update and Security.
  2. Select Windows Update and choose Check for Updates. You should see the update for Windows 11 once your computer is ready.


Most Common Factors That Affect Windows Installation Times

Although most computers within the minimum system requirements and running Windows 10 can easily install new Windows updates, some factors will determine the installation duration of Windows 11.

Below are the most common factors that affect Windows installation times:



Depending on your PC’s specifications and the available resources, they will affect how long your computer will install Windows 11. In the installation process, Windows partitions, customizes, installs, and goes through different processes to help set up your PC with the recent update.


Network Speed

If you’re installing Windows 11 through Windows’ cloud servers, bandwidth or network speed can be a significant factor. Typically, it’s recommended to use a wired or Ethernet-type internet connection when downloading critical installations like Windows 11. It ensures no interruptions to the connection, which can result in corrupted files.

However, if you’re using Wi-Fi, here are some factors that can slow the Windows 11 installation time on your computer:

  • Number of Connected Devices – If you’re sharing your current wireless connection with many other devices, you’ll experience slower download speeds which can directly affect your Windows 11 installation.
  • Wi-Fi Band – If your Wi-Fi router is operating on a 2.4 GHz WiFi, chances are it will be affected by nearby Wi-Fi networks, especially when you’re in an apartment or condominium. You can try switching to a 5 GHz band to get exclusive access to the network with high transfer speeds.


Server Availability

Installation times can be affected when installing Windows 11 via Microsoft’s servers due to server availability. If the server is down or has issues in your area, you might temporarily be unable to access files necessary for Windows 11. Try checking the Service Status by Microsoft Admin or DownDetector for reported outages in your area.


How Long Does Windows 11 Take to Install on My Computer?

If you’re installing the Windows 11 update via cloud install or installing it via a copy from your flash drive, it would ideally take 10 to 20 minutes to do a full installation on your computer. This also assumes that you have more than the minimum system requirements required by Microsoft.


On Limited Specifications

If your computer’s operating just enough to meet the minimum system requirements of Windows 11 and has limited RAM, it would take up to 20 to 40 minutes to complete the installation.


On Limited Network Speed or Bandwidth

Once you’re experiencing slow network speeds, it will take up to 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how slow your current download speed is. If you’re also installing it using limited hardware components, it can be longer than 30 minutes.

When your update download suddenly stops, check if Microsoft’s server is down. You can see its current status through DownDetector and Microsoft Admin’s official site.


Using Limited USB Transfer Speeds

If you’re using a flash drive to install Windows 11, your computer’s USB port can slow down installation durations. While having a fast flash drive is a huge advantage, some computers will have limited data transfer speeds on their USB ports.

This is because USB devices or ports will, by default, use the speed for older versions when transferring data if they’re incompatible. (e.g., a USB 3.0 thumb drive plugged into a USB 2.0 port will use USB 2.0 speeds by default.) Your computer’s HDD or SSD can also limit data transfer speeds from its USB ports.


Final Thoughts

To get the latest features and apps, you’ll most likely be required to install Windows 11. This update is free for most computers that run Windows 10 and meet the minimum system requirements by Microsoft. But you might be wondering how long does Windows 11 take to install on your computer.

Hopefully, this guide gives you an idea of the installation times of Windows 11 and the factors that can affect it once you proceed with a Windows 11 update.