How to Connect AirPods to Lenovo Laptop (2023)

It’s possible to pair AirPods with any Windows laptop, including Lenovo PCs. 

Like most wireless earphones and headsets, AirPods use Bluetooth connectivity to pair with source devices. 

It’s easy to connect your Lenovo laptop to Apple AirPods in just a few steps.

On your Lenovo laptop, navigate to Action Center > Settings > Bluetooth and other devices. Toggle on Bluetooth functionality.

Make sure your AirPods are fully charged before connecting them to your Lenovo laptop. Once fully charged, press the button on the charging case to enable Pairing mode. 

Scan for Bluetooth devices on your laptop and pair your Lenovo with your AirPods. 

The next time you turn on Bluetooth on your laptop and enable pairing mode on your AirPods, the two devices should automatically reconnect.

In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to pair AirPods with your Lenovo laptop. We also included an FAQ section to help you solve common AirPods-Lenovo laptop Bluetooth issues.


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Can you connect AirPods to a Lenovo Laptop?

While you’ll get the best audio quality when you connect your AirPods to another Apple device, your Lenovo laptop will still offer good performance. 

You can connect your AirPods with any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity. That includes your Lenovo laptop.

If you have an older Lenovo laptop without a Bluetooth connection, you may need to get a  USB Bluetooth dongle.

You can also learn how to connect Powerbeats Pro.


How to Pair AirPods to a Lenovo Laptop

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to connect your AirPods to a Lenovo PC.


Step 1: Prepare your AirPods and Charging Case.

Before anything else, make sure that your AirPods are fully charged, or else you’ll get bad audio quality or no Bluetooth connection at all. 

Place your AirPods back in the charging case.

AirPods take about 20 minutes to fully charge, while Apple charging cases take about an hour to charge.

You can use charging cases up to four times before the batteries run out.

Step 2: Toggle on Bluetooth in Action Center.

Navigate to the Windows Action Center by pressing Windows + A keys. Right-click Bluetooth and click Go to Settings.

You can also go to the Settings menu by pressing Windows + I keys. Click Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.

Toggle on Bluetooth on your Lenovo laptop. 

A message will appear “Now Discoverable as (your laptop name”).

Step 3: Enable AirPods Pairing Mode.

While the Airpods are still in the charging case, press the small button on the charging case until the lights flash white. This will engage Pairing mode.

Airpods Case Back Button

Your AirPods will now be recognized by other Bluetooth devices, including your Lenovo laptop.

Step 4: Pair your AirPods with your Lenovo laptop.

Return to the Bluetooth & other devices page on your Lenovo laptop. 

Click Add Bluetooth & other devices. You should find this above the Bluetooth toggle and beside the (+) sign.

You will see a list of all the available Bluetooth devices within range. 

Look for your Apple AirPods from the list and click Pair devices.

You will hear a small beep sound from your AirPods after they connect to your Lenovo laptop.

Step 5: Adjust Audio Input Settings.

If no sound is coming from your AirPods, you need to switch the audio input settings from Speakers to Headphones. 

Go to the taskbar and click the speaker icon. This will launch the Sound Control Panel. Choose Headphones instead of Speakers as the default audio device.


FAQ – AirPods and Lenovo Laptop Connection Issues

Connecting your AirPods to a Windows computer via Bluetooth is relatively easy. However, there are cases when Bluetooth fails or when AirPods aren’t recognized by the laptop.


Why is there no sound from my AirPods?

If you already paired your AirPods with your Lenovo laptop but there’s no sound, there may be a problem with your laptop’s settings or drivers, or either device’s Bluetooth functionality.

  • Incorrect audio input settings: Even after your AirPods and Lenovo have paired up, you won’t hear audio from your AirPods if audio input settings are set to Speakers. Switch audio input to Headphones (AirPods Stereo) to fix this problem.
  • Reset Bluetooth connection: There are some cases wherein you have to reset the Bluetooth connection on your AirPods and Lenovo laptop. Switch Bluetooth on/off to reset the connection. Pair the devices again.
  • Outdated Lenovo drivers: If you have outdated drivers on your laptop, programs, and software will not work properly. Make sure to download and install the latest drivers on the Lenovo support page to avoid Bluetooth connection issues.


Why is the audio quality between my AirPods and Lenovo laptop bad?

There are several possible reasons why the Bluetooth connection between your Lenovo laptop and AirPods is unstable. You may experience stuttering audio quality or even a cut connection.

  • Out of range: If you’re too far away from your Lenovo laptop, you’ll get an unstable Bluetooth connection with your AirPods. For the best audio quality from your AirPods, stay within 30 to 60 feet away from your Lenovo laptop (source device).
  • Drained AirPods batteries: If your AirPods is about to lose power, you’ll get bad audio quality. Replace your AirPods back in the charging case for about 20 minutes to fully charge them.

If these two troubleshooting tips don’t work, try resetting the Bluetooth connection by enabling/disabling Bluetooth on your laptop. Turn pairing mode on/off on your AirPods and place them back in the charging case.

Turn on Bluetooth and pairing mode and test if the audio quality is better. If it’s still bad, get in touch with Lenovo support or Apple support. There may be a hardware/software issue with your devices.



The steps to connecting AirPods to your Lenovo laptop are relatively straightforward.

You need to enable Bluetooth on your Lenovo laptop, then press the button on your AirPods charging case to enable Pairing mode.

Scan the available Bluetooth devices on your Lenovo laptop and look for AirPods. Select Pair devices to establish a connection.