How To Connect Two JBL Speakers. Easy Steps (2022)

JBL speakers are loved for many reasons, such as incredible sound quality, sturdiness, battery life, and fast Bluetooth connection. However, one of these speakers’ best features is the ability to connect two or more devices for a surround sound experience. Gone are the days when you need an external device or another power source to amplify sound at parties and get-togethers. 

How To Connect Two JBL Speakers

If you’re looking for a quality sound experience and want to learn how to connect two JBL speakers, you’re in the right place. Keep reading our quick guide to learn everything there is to know about JBL speakers’ connectivity options.


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How Many JBL Speakers Can You Connect Simultaneously

This may come as a big surprise, but you can actually connect nearly 100 JBL speakers simultaneously! This incredibly high amount of connectivity options allow you to bring your speakers to a party and ask others to do so. This way, you’ll create an excellent sound system without the hassle of setting up and calling a technician to perfect your sound system. 


Which JBL Speakers Are Compatible?

Keep a few things in mind before connecting multiple JBL speakers. Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that your speakers are compatible with models. Secondly, they’ll need updated Connect+, Connect, and PartyBoost functions to connect simultaneously. 

JBL speakers that provide the Connect functions include Flip 3, Charge 3, Pulse 2, and Clip 2. 

JBL Speakers that provide Connect+ functions include Flip 4, Xtreme 2, Pulse 3, Charge 4, and Boombox.

JBL speakers that provide the PartyBoost functions include Flip 5 and Pulse 4.

If you do not see your model of JBL speakers in the list mentioned above, chances are you cannot connect multiple speakers simultaneously. 


How To Connect Two JBL Speakers

To connect your JBL speakers, you’ll have to follow the steps outlined in our guide below:

Step #1: Turn On The Power

If you have multiple speakers that you want to connect, you’ll have to ensure that all of those are on and functioning. When you turn your JBL speakers on, they’ll automatically connect to your chosen device. 

However, if you haven’t paired your device with your JBL speakers before, you’ll need to press the Bluetooth button once to trigger it into pairing mode. From here, you can connect your device to your speakers. 

Step #2: Device Bluetooth Settings

You’ll need to manually find the name of your JBL speakers and connect them to your device. Then, all you have to do is use the Bluetooth devices menu and click on your speakers. If you’re using your speakers for the first time, you’ll need to do it manually. However, they’ll pair automatically without confirmation if you’ve connected them all before. 

Step #3: Play the Audio Of Your Choice

You need to select an audio source and play it. This is to make sure your speakers are correctly connected. Don’t fret if the sound comes only from one of the paired speakers.

Step #4: Connect Button

You’ll find a ‘Connect’ button for your speakers to pair your JBL speakers with other JBL speakers. Press on it, allowing your speakers to sync with other devices and speakers in the given radius. 

The connect button is shaped like a lemniscate (∞), and you can find it near the speakers’ function buttons. 

Step #5: Sync The Rest Of Your Speakers

Repeat turning all your speakers on, connecting them to your device, and clicking the ‘Connect’ button. This will ensure that all your speakers are connected to your device and that the audio will play from your chosen device. Again, it’s crucial to remember that only a single device can control the audio that you’re playing. 

The audio will start playing on all your speakers, and you’re good to go! Every time you set up two or more JBL speakers, the pairing procedure might need to be repeated. 

If you want to combine various audio sources, JBL speakers also include a stereo capability where you may separate the left and right channels. For a party-like atmosphere, you may set your devices to play two songs simultaneously or one song and another song. Just make sure your devices have a Stereo setting to use this function.


How To Disconnect One Speakers From The Rest

You can follow two methods if you want to disconnect a singular speaker in Connect mode. One, you can click on the ‘Connect’ button on the speaker you want to disconnect; this disconnects its sync from the rest of the speakers. Two, you can turn off that speaker. Both methods are equally fruitful if you’re looking for a quick disconnect. 


What Is The Difference Between Connect And Connect+ Options?

These functions do the same thing; they pair your speaker with another speaker. This creates an incredible surround sound atmosphere. However, the Connect is available on older models. In addition, the Connect feature only allows you to pair up to two speakers. 

On the contrary, if you have the Connect+ feature, you can pair up to 100 speakers simultaneously. 


What is JBL PartyBoost?

This latest feature comes with the newest models of JBL speakers and replaces the Connect and Connect+ features. In addition, the PartyBoost option allows your speakers to connect like a stereo pair, and you can opt for this option for up to 100 speakers. 

Unfortunately, this feature is not backward compatible. To enjoy PartyBoost, you’ll need to have one of the aforementioned compatible models. 

There is also no Connect button on the newest devices, so you’ll have to use a USB cable. Once it’s plugged into the back of your speaker, press the PartyBoost button to pair it with other devices. 


5 Benefits of Pairing Two JBL Speakers

There are many advantages to pairing two JBL speakers together. Our list of pros lists down everything that this feature helps you with.

Benefit #1: Portable

Most people tend to move or travel a lot. Therefore, it takes up less space to carry two JBL speakers than to maintain an entire duffel bag with a surround sound system. In addition, JBL speakers do not weigh as much as a surround sound system, so you wouldn’t have to worry too much about baggage limitations while traveling.

Benefit #2: Home Theater Experience

If you’re fond of films, you can easily enjoy the incredible surround sound quality with two JBL speakers. In addition, it’s less expensive than the actual home theater system and is easier to set up with your TV or projector. 

Benefit #3: Quick Set Up

You’ll require various expensive and technical electronics with a surround sound system. These are ultimately harder to set up and can take longer, especially for beginners. However, with JBL speakers, it’s a swift and beginner-friendly process that anyone can do. 

Benefit #4: Surround Sound Quality

The most obvious pro to JBL speakers is getting the surround sound speaker without the hassle, money, or time. If you own these, you’ll be able to set up your listening experience on the go without any worry!

Benefit #4: Price

An actual surround system can cost thousands of dollars, which is sometimes the least feasible option for a lot of individuals. However, if you’re an audiophile who enjoys excellent sound quality at an affordable rate, JBL speakers are the perfect option. 


Final Thoughts

Since you don’t need to do any complicated technical steps to play on several JBL speakers at once, connecting your JBL speakers is simple. As a result, you can already improve your listening and musical experiences with only five simple actions. 

The “Connect” and “Connect+” features of JBL are helpful, especially for those with several JBL speakers who wish to make the most of their gear. Remember that only speakers using the same communication protocol can establish functional connections.