How To Copy And Paste On Procreate (2022)

Procreate is a beneficial application, especially if you’re an artist or a graphic designer. This helpful drawing tool has a user-friendly interface that helps those relatively new to digital artistry. It also equips new artists with handy internal guides to manoeuvre their way around the app. However, you might need to learn a few tricks before you’re fully skilled at using Procreate. 

How To Copy And Paste On Procreate

We have the perfect guide for you if you want to learn how to copy and paste on Procreate. Our guide will outline all the easy tips and tricks you need to know to use Procreate for your benefit and create beautiful pieces in minutes. 


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Features of Procreate

Procreate is a digital illustration application famously used on an iPad with an Apple Pencil. It has advanced options for drawing and makes for an excellent portable solution for illustrators and artists that need their ideas on the go. The best feature of Procreate is that you can replicate the feel of using pen and paper for your drawings, alongside offering all the pros of digital creation. 


Pros of Procreate


Procreate is extremely easy to use. If you’re a beginner, Procreate is perfect for you as you can learn how to use the tools efficiently and quickly. The user interface is made for ease and convenience; therefore, the advanced options are relatively easier to master. Compared to other digital illustration tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Sketchbook, and Krita, Procreate is the most beginner-friendly. You’re offered a digital handbook when you first sign-up, and you won’t have to hunt down the application for the simplest tasks.


Low cost

Procreate is cheap and costs only $9.99. This is a fair investment for those looking to jumpstart their artistic career without spending too much. There are no hidden costs charged for upgrades or improvements. In this one-time fee, you’re offered all features with no restrictions whatsoever. 


Provides multiple animation tools

Procreate offers what many other digital illustration programs do not: animation. You can quickly learn how to bring your illustrations to life with simple animation tools, and it’s built directly into the Procreate user interface for accessibility. 


Amazing customizability

You can create and experiment with a new array of brushes. This is perfect for digital art from traditional pen and paper. You can control your brushes’ pressure sensitivity, blending, and taper – it’s completely customizable. If you have a physical disability or shaky hands, you can create a brush that caters to your needs. 


Multiple color palettes

Color palettes are not only endlessly customizable but also savable. This means you can save a specific color palette designed by you for later use. You can illustrate faster, more efficiently, and with no hassle. 


Duplicating A Layer On Procreate

Duplicating your layers can save time and hassle in digital illustration. Duplicating or copying a layer from your art is reasonably straightforward in Procreate; all you have to do is follow the instructions provided below:


Step #1: Layers Panel

By pressing the symbol that resembles two squares piled on top of one another in the upper left corner of your Procreate toolbar, you may access the layer panel. This panel houses every layer you make for your project. So, if you need to select a specific layer, you have to click again, and you’re good to go!


Step #2: Layer Selection

The layer you want to eliminate or duplicate should be selected using your pointer finger or an Apple pencil. Once chosen, it will turn blue. A blue layer indicates which layer you’re working with, so be mindful while deleting quickly. 


Step #3: Swipe Left

Swipe left with your pointer finger on the layer with the blue selection. Lock, Duplicate, and Delete buttons will appear.


Step #4: Duplicate Option

Press “Duplicate” to copy the layer you’ve chosen. There’s no need to fret if you’ve selected the wrong layer, just press ‘undo’ immediately. You’ve successfully duplicated or copied a layer of your art in no time!


Copying And Pasting A Selection On Procreate

You might need to copy and paste an entire drawing, object, or background. When choosing a specific area, you can make it a selection. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined below to copy and paste on Procreate effectively:


Step #1: S Tool 

On the Procreate screen, select the “S” tool from the top menu bar. This reveals the Selection options and provides a few methods for choosing a particular element or region in your artwork. The selection option can also be used for many other things, such as modifying specific areas and using various tools on a particular element. 

You’ll find three options: Automatic, Ellipse, Rectangle, and Freehand. The Automatic selection allows the internally built detection system to select the object of your choice. With the Freehand option, you can use your Apple Pencil or finger to draw around the element you want to copy.

Rectangle and Ellipse are more or less the same; the Rectangle option allows you to make rectangular-shaped selections, and the Ellipse option will enable you to make oval-shaped selections in your artwork. 


Step #2: Draw

If you’ve chosen the Freehand option, which is the most efficient, all you have to do is draw around the element of your choice. If not, you can move to the next step. 


Step #3: Select ‘Copy And Paste’

The floating Selections menu’s “Copy & Paste” option may be at the bottom. Your particular piece will be immediately copied and pasted as a result. Another way to accomplish this is to click the ‘wrench’ icon in the top menu of the Procreate screen after you’ve drawn a shape around the object you want to choose. 

Ensure that “add” is chosen on the first tab. The copied layer will be pasted into your layer menu when you select “paste”. It’s crucial to remember that once you copy and paste a selection, it will be added on top of the original element by default. Therefore, it might not be evident that it’s been copied and pasted, so select and tamper with it to ensure it’s pasted. 


Copying And Pasting With Procreate Shortcut

The Procreate shortcut for copy and paste will be handy if you like getting things done efficiently. Just follow the simple steps below to remember this helpful shortcut:


First, you must select the element of your choice to ensure it’s ready to be copied and pasted elsewhere. You can choose one aspect or multiple; that’s up to you. To confirm you’ve selected all appropriate objects, you can use the Layers menu to see which are chosen currently. 


Swipe Down

Place three fingers on your device’s screen and make a swipe-down motion. It’s tricky to do this constantly at first; however, it gets easier once you master it. 


Select Copy

You must copy that active layer by clicking on the ‘copy’ option. Then, you can select the copy all’ option if you wish to copy multiple elements simultaneously. The ‘copy all’ option merges everything into one cohesive layer once you’ve pasted it, so keep that in mind. 



Bring back the copy and paste menu by making the three-fingers swipe-down motion, and you’ll find an option for ‘paste.’ Click on it, and you’ve successfully copied and pasted using the Procreate shortcut method! 


Final Thoughts

Copying and pasting is an excellent Procreate feature, one of the great perks of digital art versus traditional art. If you use it correctly, you’ll unlock many ways to improve the efficiency of creating your art. In our guide, we’ve mentioned multiple methods to do so, and they’ll prove fruitful in your future art pieces.