How To Factory Reset Google WiFi (2022)

Google WiFi is becoming a more viable choice for those who want a reliable internet service provider. However, like with any technology, some kinks and issues need to be fixed. Resetting your Google WiFi to its factory settings is one of the simplest fixes.


The ideal choice for folks who are moderately tech-savvy is Google WiFi. Similar to how it is set up, factory resetting this gadget takes very little work. In this guide, we’ll show you how to factory reset Google WiFi and explain the circumstances under which you might need to completely reset this device.

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What Is A Factory Reset?

When user data is deleted from an electronic device and the device is reset to factory defaults, the process is known as a “factory reset.” However, it’s crucial to understand that all your previously customised settings will be immediately deleted. In most cases, you won’t be able to retrieve such data. 

One of the fortunate choices you’re offered as a Google WiFi owner is that if you perform a factory reset using a certain method, your settings will be kept in the app for 60 days. This implies that along with the factory reset, you will be able to restore any customised settings you may have accidentally erased.


Why Is Factory Reset Necessary?

There are multiple reasons why you might need to perform a factory reset on your Google WiFi. Some of these include: 

Faulty Internet Connection

A factory reset is an easy remedy for most connectivity problems. For example, if your Google WiFi is not operating, showing low strength, or malfunctioning – a factory reset is the first thing you should do. Factory resets can clear out any glitches and provide a clean slate for diagnosing connectivity problems for which your ISP cannot be blamed.

Persistent issues such as freezing, overheating, and complete shutdown require a factory reset. This is an extremely important troubleshooting measure that can be carried out at home if you cannot get in touch with Google’s customer support service.

Resetting Your Entire WiFi Network

If you need to remove devices or pair more, you might need to perform a factory reset to reset your WiFi network. For example, if your WiFi network isn’t showing up on your devices or is malfunctioning, a factory reset on your Google Nest is the way to go.

Furthermore, you might need to reset your entire WiFi network in cases where there’s a concern of malicious attacks on your network. This helps your device return to its default settings, and you can boot any unwanted devices off of your private network. 

Returning Your Google WiFi

If there are better devices than Google WiFi for you, you always have the option to return them under the given time restraints. However, Google employees urge users to do a factory reset before returning to avoid any exploitation of their saved user data. 

If you are considering changing your Google Wifi for another mesh network, check out our article on Amazon Eero vs Google WiFi to see how it compares.

Old Google Nest

Hard resets are crucial if you’re using an older version of Google WiFi. They free up space and work out any kinks in your outdated firmware to keep it running smoothly for as long as possible. 


How To Factory Reset Google WiFi?

There are five methods to go about this, and each offers its advantages. It’s recommended to carry out all if there’s a severe risk of a malicious attack on your private network. 

Method #1: Google Home Application

The Google Home app will reset all devices to their factory settings and delete all your data from all sources, including the Google Home app, Cloud services, and the underlying hardware. Below are the instructions on how to factory reset your WiFi network via the Google Home app:

  1. Open the Google Home app
  2. Click on the option that says ‘WiFi.’
  3. Select the button for ‘Settings.’ 
  4. Choose the option for ‘Factory Reset Settings
  5. Click on ‘OK’

Method #2: Google WiFi Application

Google offers a variety of applications that help you configure your WiFi settings, and the Google WiFi application is another suitable tool. In addition to a Google WiFi factory reset, the OnHub devices that are not configured in the Google Home app will also be reset via the Google WiFi app.

The factory reset button should only be used as a last resort because it will reset your device, not your online data. Each gadget has a unique version of this point.

With the instructions provided below, you can easily factory reset all and any network settings:

  1. Open the Google WiFi app on your device
  2. Enter ‘Settings And Actions’
  3. Click on ‘Network And General’
  4. Click on ‘Network’
  5. Choose the option of ‘WiFi Points’
  6. Click on ‘Factory Reset
  7. Tap ‘Factory Reset’ in the next menu to confirm your selection
  8. WiFi points will flash blue and then transition to a solid blue
  9. This process takes up to 10 minutes so ensure it’s not interrupted mid-process
  10. The ‘Reset Is Complete’ message indicates you’re good to go!

Method #3: Google Nest WiFi Router

You can always manually unplug the router and perform a proper factory reset if doing it via the app is not feasible. To do that, all you need to do is follow the guideline provided below:

  1. Look for a circle etched under the bottom of your device
  2. Press down on this button for 10-20 seconds 
  3. Google Nest emits a pulsating white light when the factory reset is complete
  4. This process can take about 10-15 minutes, so remain patient 

Method #4: Google Nest WiFi Point

Each Google WiFi access point is a router built to work with your current modem and ISP. Only Google Nest WiFi, Google WiFi, and OnHub routers and points may be used with Google WiFi to build a mesh network.

You can reset your WiFi point by following the instructions mentioned below:

  1. Look for a circle etched under the bottom of your device
  2. Press down on the button for 15-20 seconds
  3. A sound cue from your device will confirm when your factory reset is complete

This process can take up to 10-15 minutes, so remain patient. This security technique also applies to selling or giving your device to someone else. It’s always best to be cautious and do a factory reset to avoid any misuse of your personal settings and user data.

Method# 5: Google WiFi Reset

You can also opt to reset your Google WiFi router manually. This is one of the most common procedures for a successful factory reset and doesn’t require any specific knowledge of the device you’re using. To do so, follow our guide below:

  1. Find the factory reset button, which is located on either the bottom of your device or on the back
  2. Unplug your device from its power outlet
  3. Press down on the button 
  4. Plug your device back into the power outlet
  5. Hold down on the button for an additional 10-15 seconds
  6. The point should flash blue for about 45 seconds
  7. It should later return to a solid blue, indicating a successful factory reset
  8. Set up your device


Final Thoughts

There are multiple reasons why one would require a process as crucial as a factory reset. However, doing so is a quick and efficient fix for most router problems caused by your Google WiFi device. Therefore, we hope one of these factory reset methods quickly remedies your issues.

However, if your issue persists, we recommend contacting Google customer support and requesting a device replacement. Most devices can act out of order if they’re considerably aged.