How to Get Disposable Camera Pictures on Your Phone (2023)

Nowadays, smartphones are used in almost everything—including taking photos. But, if you love photography and use a disposable camera, you might be curious about how to get disposable camera pictures on your phone.

How to Get Disposable Camera Pictures on Your Phone

Unlike photos taken on a digital camera, a smartphone, or the famous digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR)—typically saved on storage devices and shared with ease—it’s more challenging to keep photos on a disposable camera in a digital format. This guide will show you some methods to get disposable camera pictures on your phone.

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How to Upload Disposable Camera Pictures on Phone

As its name suggests, a disposable camera is meant to be used only once and is popular amongst travelers and in some special events. But what if you wanted a copy of those photos on your smartphone?

Here are some workarounds that you can try to upload disposable camera pictures on your phone. Remember to review each method and check which one you think is the most effective:


Method #1: Transfer the Photos Using a Scanner

The quickest way to get disposable camera pictures on your phone is through a scanner. This device lets you have a digital copy of various documents, including photos. However, your images from the disposable camera must be already developed so you can scan them.


With a Developed Copy

Scanning a developed photo from a disposable camera is the same as scanning your typical documents. Just turn on your scanner that’s connected to your computer, place the picture on the glass surface, and press the Scan button to begin. Once successful, a digital copy of it will be saved to your computer.

If you have multiple photos and are planning on saving them on your phone, you’ll have to repeat this process for each photo. You can then transfer a copy of these photos to your phone.


With a Negative Copy

Once you only have a negative copy of photos from your disposable camera, you can still use them on your scanner to have a digital copy. However, you’ll need a flashlight or any light source and basic photo editing skills for this to be successful. 

To scan negative copies on your scanner, follow these steps:

  1. With your scanner switched on, place one negative copy in the center of the glass surface.
  2. Next, place a clean bond paper on top of it and point a flashlight, torch, or any light source at least 5 inches above it. Also, don’t close the lid during the scanning process.
  3. Press the Scan button and save it to your computer. You will now have an inverted version of the photo.
  4. To set it to its standard colors, edit the photo using Adobe Photoshop and apply the Positive Exposure tool. You can also use other photo editing tools as long as it has this feature.
  5. Save all changes and transfer the photo to your smartphone.


Method #2: Take Your Camera to a Photo Studio

If you find scanning individual photos too demanding, you can take your disposable camera to a photo studio or lab. Most studios have the right tools to develop your photos and save them digitally to your desired storage device—usually, it will be either a flash drive or a CD.

However, depending on the photo studio, asking for a digital copy can be expensive since they’ll quote this service as an additional fee.


Method #3: Scan the Photos Using a Photo Scanning App

Another method to get disposable camera pictures on your phone is using a photo scanning app. Similar to the first method, you’ll need a developed copy of your photo to do this successfully.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can scan photos and documents with ease using the Notes app. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your iPhone and open Notes.
  2. Tap the New Note icon (square with a pencil) on the bottom-left part of the screen.
  3. Next, select the Camera icon on the bottom and choose Scan Documents.
  4. Place your photo on a flat surface and capture it by tapping the white button.
  5. Then, to save the scan, tap the Keep Scan button and select Save.
  6. Once saved, open the note from your Mac and go to File > Export as PDF.
  7. Next, open the PDF version of the photo using the Preview app and go to File > Export…
  8. Set the Format to JPEG and click Save.
  9. You can now transfer the photo to your iPhone.


If you have an Android device, you can use various free and easy-to-use photo-scanning apps on the Google Play Store. Apps like CamScanner, Microsoft Lens, and Genius Scan are solid choices when picking a scanner tool for your phone.


Final Thoughts

One clever way of taking photos is using a disposable camera. They’re low-cost, easy to use, and can provide pictures with a unique aesthetic compared to most digital cameras. However, you might wonder how to get disposable camera pictures on your phone.

Hopefully, this guide helps you know the various methods to save images from your disposable camera to your smartphone.