How To Get Paramount Plus On Samsung TV (2022)

You can stream Paramount Plus on Samsung smart TVs, but you’ll need to download the app first. Samsung TV owners who want to watch Paramount+ movies and series should know a few restrictions and caveats, such as the supported models and the sign-in process after installing the app.

The Paramount+ subscription service is a fantastic way to expand one’s streaming library to include CBS and Paramount films and TV shows.

In contrast to the Paramount Network, Paramount Plus offers subscriptions starting at just $4.99 a month and bundles together hit series and movies from various networks. A user must first verify service availability before beginning any streaming.

A wide variety of gadgets, including Samsung’s smart TVs, can connect to Paramount+. This does not, however, apply to every Samsung TV model. a TV must be manufactured in 2017 or later and have the Tizen operating system.

If consumers are unsure whether their specific Samsung TV is compatible, they may view a comprehensive list of compatible models on this Samsung page.

Paramount Plus on Samsung TV

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How To Get Paramount Plus On Samsung TV. Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Select the Home option.
  2. Select the “Apps” tab.
  3. Navigate to the Search tab (top right)
  4. Look for the name “Paramount Plus.”
  5. Open the Paramount+ app
  6. Hit the “Install” button.
  7. Hold off till the download is complete.

Ensure the TV is linked to the internet and that there are no mistakes in the search before downloading any apps since this will require using the home WiFi network.

If the Paramount+ app does not appear in the search results, your model Samsung smart TV isn’t yet compatible.

Steps to Follow After Installing Paramount+

After installing the app on a Samsung TV, there are a few more steps before watching content. The first step in watching Paramount Plus is signing up for one of the available subscription options.

If a user has an active subscription, they may begin streaming immediately by going to the website, clicking the “Sign In” button, then choosing the “On My TV” option and entering their Paramount+ account information.

New customers may begin the subscription process on the TV, but that’s where their convenience ends; they’ll still need a PC, laptop, or smartphone to finish the procedure. Start the procedure by selecting “Sign Up” from the Paramount+ app.

The next step is to open a web browser on a computer, laptop, or mobile device and navigate to, where they’ll be prompted to input the code displayed on the TV. The “Activate” button must be pressed once the code has been entered.

Samsung TV: How To Activate Paramount Plus

1. After installation, the first step is to access the Paramount+ app on your Samsung TV.

2. Click the login button.

3. Two methods to activate Paramount+

  • On my TV
  • On the Web

4. On my TV: To sign in to Paramount Plus, enter your login information and click the Sign in button.


  1. Record the screen’s activation code.
  2. Enter the activation code at the Paramount Plus website (
  3. Tap Activate and log into Paramount Plus.
  4. Restart Samsung’s Paramount+.

6. Choose your chosen choice and activate it.

7. After setting up the Paramount+ app, you may watch any available material on your Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung TV: How To Access Paramount Plus

The cast of Paramount Plus helps fund and maintain the program. Now it’s simple to cast media from your mobile device. Please download the Paramount Plus app from either the Play Store or the App Store.

  1. Get your Samsung TV and mobile device on the same WiFi network.
  2. Open the Paramount+ app on your iPhone or Android device.
  3. Access all of your Paramount stuff through your account.
  4. Navigate to the playback screen and select the Cast icon.
  5. If you want to cast to a Samsung TV, choose its name from the drop-down menu.
  6. Watch the Paramount Plus movie on your Samsung Smart TV and relax.

Problems With Setting Up Paramount Plus On A Samsung TV

A cold boot is a solution if Paramount Plus won’t install on your Samsung TV. The TV may be restarted by pressing and holding the power button on the remote control for 5-10 seconds while the TV is on.

Please search for the Paramount+ app in your device’s library; it should download and install without a hitch. If restarting from cold doesn’t work, plenty of alternative options exist.

The problem might be due to several factors, including incompatibility, corrupted cache files, a lack of available storage space, problems with the smart hub, an out-of-current version of the Tizen operating system, incorrect date, and time settings, or a malfunctioning server.

Guide to Setting Up Paramount Plus on Your Old Samsung TV

Do you recall me promising to demonstrate alternate options for watching Paramount Plus on your unsupported Samsung smart TV? Could you take a look at them with me?

Add A Streaming Device

All Samsung smart TV models do not support Paramount Plus. The good news is that in 2022, you may still use a streaming device that offers Paramount Plus to watch Netflix on your Samsung TV, provided that your smart TV is compatible with the service.

The Roku stick, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast are just a few streaming gadgets. Streaming gadgets like this could perhaps be already in your possession. That’s excellent news, by the way. It’s up to you to determine if the risk is worthwhile.

Connect your Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or other USB stick streaming device to your Samsung TV’s HDMI connection to watch your favorite shows and movies. Once the streaming device is connected and turned on, you may change the TV’s input to the HDMI cable.

Sync Your Device To The Samsung TV

Like the previous, this requires little effort to implement. If you don’t already have a streaming gadget, there’s no need to go out and buy one.

When using the Paramount Plus app, you can use screen sharing to send the action from your mobile device or computer to your Samsung TV. Both wired HDMI connections and wireless screen sharing are supported.

How To Get Paramount Plus On Samsung TV FAQs

Q1. Why can I not find Paramount Plus on my Samsung Smart TV?

Ans: Pressing the Home button on the TV remote will cause the Paramount Plus app to download on the TV. A selection menu containing all the apps and media you have installed should appear. Once you’ve located the row of apps, scroll to the left until you see the Search icon. To find Paramount Plus, click on it.

Q2. Why doesn’t my Smart TV show the Paramount App?

Ans: Paramount+ multimedia streaming is not compatible with Smart TV web browsers. However, users can access CBS programming on various additional devices and platforms.

Q3. How can I update my Samsung Smart TV?

Ans: Select Support from the Settings menu on your TV’s remote. Choose to update the software by clicking the Update Now button. Your TV will automatically download and install the latest available updates. A software update may take a few minutes to finish, so please refrain from turning off the TV during that time.

Q4. Is there a way to Cast Paramount Plus to my Smart TV?

Ans: Ascertain that the device you intend to cast from and the Chromecast are on the same WiFi network. Developers regularly release new versions of the Paramount+ app, so you must always have the most recent version installed to avoid issues with streaming content.


You’ll need to install the Paramount+ app on your Samsung smart TV to enjoy Paramount+ movies, TV series, and originals.

By now, you may have the answer to your question, “How To Get Paramount Plus On Samsung Tv.” I hope this article was of help to you. For more informative articles, Stay tuned!