How To Get Spotify On Macbook (2023)

Spotify is an online audio streaming application loved by millions of users across the globe. It offers a variety of benefits, such as the option to remove ads, high-quality audio, an extensive catalog of music and podcasts, and offline streaming/downloads. The best way to get the most out of your Spotify account is to download it on your laptop. This way, you can have your music while you work. 

Look no further if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to get Spotify on Macbook. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to listen to your music on your Macbook without hassle. 


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Is Spotify Available On Apple Store?

Having Spotify on every device you own is beneficial, as you can play music whenever necessary. Spotify’s accessibility is what makes your Premium Spotify account such a wise investment. 

You can find the Spotify application if you search for it on your iOS devices, such as the iPad and iPhone. However, you will not find an application for Spotify on the macOS App Store. This is because Spotify only offers an iOS application and not one for macOS. 

To download Spotify on your Macbook, you’ll need to do it manually via their website. Their website offers multiple download links for the operating software of the device you require the application on. 


Is Spotify Free?

Spotify is a free application. You do not need to pay to make an account, nor do you need to pay for the installation of the application. However, Spotify is one app that requires you to buy a Premium subscription to enjoy its full features. 

According to many users, free Spotify is pretty inefficient. For example, you’ll have limited skips and cannot play individual songs outside of shuffled playlists. In addition, you’ll also get somewhat irritable and consistent ads that cannot be skipped. 

You’ll need to invest in Spotify’s monthly subscription to overcome these hindrances and get a Premium account. Fortunately, Spotify offers these accounts at a low cost and has special prices for students, families, and duos. This way, you’ll pay less for an individual account and make the most of your Premium subscription. 


How To Get Spotify On Macbook? 

In order to install Spotify on macOS, you’ll need to do so manually via Spotify’s own website. 


Step #1: Head To Spotify’s Website

On Spotify’s website, you’ll find a Downloads page. Once you’re redirected, all you need to do is click on the ‘Download’ option


Step #2: macOS Confirmation

Ensure that you’re using the correct download link for macOS installations. You’ll find various links, but you need to click on the one that states it’s meant for Macbook. 


Step #3: Downloads Folder 

If you’re using Safari, you can find the Downloads folder on your web browser in the top right menu. Find the Downloads catalog in the menu if you’re on Chrome or other web browsers. Click on it and open the Zip Spotify installation file. If it’s still showing a loading bar underneath the file, wait until it fully downloads and then click on it. 


Step #4: Unzip File 

Your file will unzip once you click on it, and a convenient Spotify Installer icon will appear in your Finder. Click on the Install Spotify file to start the installation process. 


Step #5: Confirmation

A pop-up message will show asking if you’re willing to open an application downloaded from the internet. Press the ‘Open’ option to continue. 


Step #6: Progress Bar

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Open,’ a progress bar will pop on your screen. Please do not shut down your computer while it’s loading, and wait till your download is complete before you make any changes. 

You can minimize the progress bar and open other applications in the meanwhile; the application will continue to install in the background. Ensure you have a stable internet connection to ensure your download doesn’t crash midway. 


Save #7: Log In

Once the progress bar loads fully, the Spotify application will open. All you need to do now is create a new Spotify account or log into your existing Spotify account. 

Unfortunately, if you’re trying to get Premium, you cannot do so via any application. Instead, you’ll have to head back to the website to sign up for the monthly subscription. 


Save #8: Applications Folder

Another folder will open when Spotify is installed, urging you to drag the Spotify icon into the Applications folder. Doing this will make sure you can access the application easily for future use. You can also long-press and add the Spotify application to the dock for accessibility. If you are uncertain how to find the Applications folder, please read our article on the Applications Folder on Mac.

That’s it – your Spotify application is installed and ready to go! 

If you would like more Spotify tips, please read How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify.


Why Won’t Spotify Install On My Laptop?

A few reasons can cause this particular issue of Spotify Installer malfunctioning. You can follow our comprehensive guide one by one until this issue is resolved. The most common cause for your concern is an unstable internet connection or residual Spotify files from a previous installation attempt. 


Fix #1: Deleting Residual Files

If you’ve tried to install Spotify before, the residual files might conflict with the new ones you’re trying to install. The best solution would be to go to Finder and search ‘Spotify.’ Then, delete any files that show up. If there’s already an application, long-press on it and click on uninstall. Lastly, reinstall Spotify from the website and see if the issue is resolved. 

You can also head to the AppData directory to repeat this process for a more thorough clean-up. 


Fix #2: Conflicting Applications

Numerous users complain about Steam, iTunes, and Comodo interfering with the Spotify installation. Make sure to quit these apps altogether and try installing the Spotify application again. 


Fix #3: Error Code 18

If Error Code 18 pops up, you might have Spotify processes running from different applications simultaneously. To eliminate this issue, you’ll need to open Task Manager on your Macbook. You can also press the Alt + Ctrl + Esc keys on your keyboard to open Task Manager. 

Once it’s opened, click on ‘More Details’ for a full report on background processes. Furthermore, choose any and all Spotify processes running on your computer and choose the ‘End Task’ option to exit those processes. 


How To Uninstall Spotify From Macbook?

If you need to uninstall Spotify to make up space or for some other reason, it’s pretty simple. To uninstall Spotify from your Macbook, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step guide outlined below:


Step #1: Quit The App

Long-press on the Spotify icon in your Applications folder and hit ‘Quit.’ This will allow background processes not to interrupt your uninstallation process. 


Step #2: Trash

Choose the Spotify icon and drag it to Bin. Next, empty the Bin by long-pressing on the Bin icon and clicking on the ‘Empty Bin’ option. 


Step #3: Residual Files

Go to the ‘Preferences’ folder and search for any files related to Spotify. Watch out for files associated with Spotify that have a .plist extension in front of their name and ensure that they’re deleted. 


Step #4: Delete

Drag all of these residual files to the Bin, empty the Bin, and you’ve uninstalled Spotify from your Macbook completely!


Third-Party Uninstaller 

If you want to find a shortcut instead of manual deletion, you can do so via apps like CleanMyMac. However, there are cases where malware can interrupt the uninstallation process, or you might have accidentally removed Spotify’s uninstaller. 

However, these apps are not free. You can always use a free trial to evaluate your situation and uninstall Spotify as thoroughly as you can. 


Final Thoughts

It’s relatively easy to get Spotify on Macbook and uninstall it. In our guide, as mentioned earlier, we’ve provided all the steps you can take to ensure your listening experience is never interrupted. If you’re facing difficulties during installation, take all the steps to clean out unneeded files, and you’re good to go!