How To Join Someone’s Live On TikTok – Full Explanation

Going live is no longer only an option for news organizations and TV productions because of smartphones and the sophisticated cameras they now come equipped with. You may broadcast your daily activities or anything else you wish to share by going live on any significant social media platform, and at this point, we’re all well aware that TikTok is an excellent platform for doing so. 

How To Join Someone’s Live On TikTok – Full Explanation

If TikTok is where you mainly connect with people, you may utilize the platform’s Live function to talk to your fans and other TikTok users by recording and posting material. To strengthen their bonds with their viewers and expand their fan bases, artists may use Live to co-host with friends, creators, and even creators. We’ve crafted the perfect guide if you’re wondering how to join someone else’s live video on TikTok. 


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Who Can Go Live On TikTok?

Like most social media applications, TikTok strictly monitors which creators share what content on their platforms. You’ll need to fit their criteria to go live on Tiktok without any restrictions. 

To ensure the safety of minors, TikTok requires you to be over the age of 16 to start a TikTok live. A live session comes with an age restriction, so if you’re younger than 16, TikTok may take your live session off the platform and suspend your account. 

Furthermore, you’ll need to garner at least 1000 followers before you initiate your first live session on TikTok. This requirement ensures that credible creators do live sessions with an adequate audience. 

Lastly, if you’re interested in the gift points system, you’ll need to be over the age of 18 to access gift points. Gift points are rewards given to you by your audience while you’re on a live session, and you’ll only be able to redeem those if you’re over 18. 


Can You Join Someone’s Live On TikTok?

Instagram and Facebook are some of the few social media platforms that allow you to join a pre-existing live. However, the same rule applies to TikTok as well. You may collaborate with a friend or another TikTok content creator by joining their Live session on the platform. 

Since the co-host must also be ‘Live’ on TikTok at the same time as you are, the aforementioned conditions apply to both accounts (you and your co-host) to be able to continue a successfully co-hosted live. 


How To Join Someone’s Live On TikTok?

Joining someone’s live on TikTok is extremely beneficial if you’re trying to partner up for a target audience. A co-hosted live session also allows an interactive live session with some company. If you’re trying to join a live, remember to follow our easy steps provided below:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your smartphone. 
  2. Once opened, select “Live” (you’ll be able to find it on the top left of the screen). 
  3. To join a stream, locate it first. You might need to visit the creator’s profile in order to access an active live. 
  4. Now select “Send A Guest Request” from the grey menu. 
  5. Additionally, you can make a remark using the pink and blue cross circles to the right. 
  6. By pressing it, a dialogue box containing the request choice will appear. 
  7. Wait for the message “Guest Request Submitted” to show on your screen before clicking it. 
  8. All that’s left to do is await the host’s acceptance of your request.
  9. Once the host accepts, you’re in, and you can access all live options.

However, remember that you may only join a live broadcast if you received an invite or the person streaming it has granted your request to do so. Continue regular interaction with your favorite TikTok content creator so they can invite you to join them in a live broadcast to ensure there aren’t any embarrassing mishaps along the way. 


What Are Some Other Ways To Join A TikTok Live?

The only other way you’ll be able to access another individual’s TikTok live is if they send you a request to join their TikTok. The individual streaming may send you a joining invitation. They only need to launch the live broadcast and click the identical pink and blue circles, which will now appear in the bottom left corner. They will see the contacts and others they may invite to broadcast with them.


Can Someone Remove You From TikTok Live?

Yes, people can remove you from TikTok Live. If you’re looking to remove someone from TikTok live, you’ll need to follow the guidelines provided below: 

  1. Open the TikTok application on your phone
  2. Click on the “Discover” option
  3. Input the username of the user you wish to ban
  4. As an alternative, open TikTok and click on the “Me” option 
  5. Open the “Following” menu 
  6. Type the username you wish to ban into the search window
  7. Open the user’s profile 
  8. Choose Block by tapping the horizontal three-dot symbol in the top-right corner

The person you’ve blocked won’t be able to join your TikTok live, view comments on TikToks, or even access any posted TikToks. If they use another account, they might be able to join your live. In that case, you can repeat the process of blocking. 


How To Hide Chat On TikTok Live?

If you’re the person streaming, you can minimize the chat bar but cannot close it fully. However, if you’re watching someone’s TikTok live, you can remove the chat box from your display. 

It’s simple to become sidetracked by the comments when viewing a TikTok Live. The comments come in so quickly that it can be challenging even to read them before the next one comes in, whether such comments are sincere queries, expressive compliments, presents, or spam. In order to remove the chat box, follow the simple instructions provided below:

  1. Hold down in the center of the screen 
  2. A menu slides up with the option “Clear Display” to only focus on the content creator
  3. It will eliminate any comments, presents, and other potential distractions from the live session 
  4. Hold the screen again and select “Show Display” to open the conversation window again 


How Does TikTok Live Pay?

Fans may thank their favorite content creators for broadcasting a TikTok live video by giving them TikTok live presents. Before individuals may send presents to streamers, they must turn on the TikTok live gifting feature. Additionally, Diamonds are collectible and may be exchanged for cash on TikTok.

TikTok emphasizes that Diamonds cannot be bought, transferred, or assigned to other users. However, a creator can check their account balance at any time. They can also withdraw Diamonds in return for actual money at a rate that TikTok determines based on several variables, including the user’s pre-existing Diamond balance. To withdraw money from TikTok, you must first link a PayPal account.


What Are Some Benefits Of Using TikTok Live?

There are several reasons why you should consider doing regular TikTok live sessions. Firstly, TikTok live allows you to build an audience and reach a more extensive community outside your content’s niche. 

Secondly, you can forgo TikTok’s time limitations on postable videos by doing TikTok lives. These allow you to interact with your audience for prolonged periods and have interactive discussions. 

Furthermore, you can monetize your content and get paid for your TikTok live. While this option is of little to no use for smaller content creators, you can still make a buck out of just interaction with your followers and become a recipient of gifts you can redeem for cash! 


Final Thoughts

Joining a TikTok live is relatively easy and can grant you access to a bigger audience. If you’re looking to find ways to join a live, we’ve specified all the necessary steps you should take. Our article has provided a thorough guide for everything a newbie needs to know about the world of TikTok lives!