How to Remove Scratches From Apple Watch (2023)

Unlike typical watches, smartwatches like the Apple Watch are one of Apple’s most popular and recent innovations. It enables users to monitor their health, read messages, answer calls, and many more features. However, some Apple Watch users are curious about how to remove scratches from Apple Watch.

How to Remove Scratches From Apple Watch?

Since most of the watch’s touchscreen surface is made of glass, it’s prone to scratches due to wear and tear. This guide will show you various methods to remove scratches from Apple Watch. Read on to learn more.


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How to Fix Scratch on Apple Watch

Having scratches on your Apple Watch ruins its look; even worse, it can affect its usability once the scratches are severe. Below are some methods for removing scratch from Apple Watch, which you can also use to remove iPhone scratches. Remember to review each trick and check which one is the most effective for your smartwatch:


Method #1: Using a Home Remedy

The first method you can try to fix scratches on your Apple Watch is by using this home remedy. Before following the steps below, here are a few items that you’ll need to prepare:

  • Non-gel Toothpaste
  • Disinfecting Wipes (preferably Lysol)
  • Bottled Water (avoid tap water)
  • Silk and Cotton Cloths
  • Q-tips

After preparing the items listed above, proceed to follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by disinfecting your Apple Watch’s screen using the Lysol wipes. Rub the screen slowly in a circular motion. You can apply more pressure when rubbing using your nails for better results.
  2. Put a small amount of the toothpaste on a Q-tip and rub it into the screen in a circular motion for about a minute or until it gets hard to wipe.
  3. Dampen your silk cloth with bottled water and wipe the toothpaste-filled screen. Make sure to get all the toothpaste out.
  4. Then, clean the screen with the Lysol wipes and dry it with your fabric cloth. Your Apple Watch’s screen should look much clearer, with all scratches buffed up.


Method #2: Using a Scratch Remover Product

An alternative way to clear up the scratches on your Apple Watch’s touchscreen is a scratch remover tool. Fortunately, you can choose from various products that specialize in removing scratches on the glass screens of Apple products.

One of which is Eurotool’s Plastic Watch Crystal Scratch Remover. It is a specialized polishing compound designed for buffing up scratches from plastic crystals. Another popular scratch remover that you can use is PolyWatch’s Glass Scratch Remover. 

It uses a two-component formula that removes scratches using a high-tech diamond polish in its first step and a fine polish in the second step, which polishes the glass on your Apple Watch to an excellent finish.


Does My Apple Watch Need a Screen Protector?

Yes. Since your Apple Watch is an expensive device, any form of protection for its screen is always recommended. It’s also ideal to invest in a durable screen protector to keep your Apple Watch’s touchscreen looking new and to avoid spending too much on repair costs.


Final Thoughts

Getting scratches on your Apple Watch is unavoidable for most users, especially when using it as an everyday watch. However, it might ruin its touchscreen’s performance and can affect your device in the long run.

Hopefully, this guide helps you know more about removing scratches from your Apple Watch and iPhone. If the steps above didn’t work or the scratch is already deep enough, contact Apple Watch Support to request a repair.