How to Reset Astro A50. Easy Method (2022)

The Astro A50 is a premium wireless headset and is the primary gadget for many gamers. Its ergonomic form, durable exterior, unmatched sound, and many other features make it easily the best of all headsets. 


However, the Astro A50 doesn’t come without its own share of problems. One primary concern regarding this headset is that it often shuts down without warning. While this is quite frustrating, it has an easy fix; all you have to do is reset the device and get it back up and running.  

If your Astro A50 is acting up, we have the solution for you. Keep reading to learn how to reset an Astro A50 and get back to gaming. 


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When to Reset your Astro A50

Astros are usually programmed to switch off if the sensors do not detect any activity, putting them in standby mode. If this is the case, simply moving it around will be enough to power it back on.

If this is not the case, there might be a need for a reset. Pay little heed to why it has occurred; all Astro A50s experience this at least once in their lifetime. The reasons warranting resetting could be numerous, as listed below.


1. Audio Issues

Consider a reset if the sound coming from your headset is distorted or if there seems to be no sound. Connecting your headset to another computer can help you identify whether the underlying problem is with the headset or something else. For example, your speakers might be blown out. 

There could also be an audio issue with a particular application or game, so we recommend you configure your settings accordingly before resetting the device.


2. Connectivity Issues

Your headset is not connecting to your computer or any other devices. The PC or console might keep prompting you to connect to a device while the headset has all the appropriate settings. This problem persists even if you bring the headset closer to the base station. 


3. Unable to Power On

Your headset does not power on or display the orangish-red light. While it may also indicate that the Astro A50 is not charged, persistence in this regard is problematic. If this recurs even after the headset charges completely, a reset may be required. 


4. Microphone Issues

Your microphone keeps sending distorted signals, and the other players need help hearing you correctly. The microphone may also not pick up your voice at all. Double-check if the mic is enabled and set it as the default input device on your PC.


5. Command Center not Detecting Headset

The Astro Command Center holds the details about the firmware and configures the parameters for a particular setup. To do this, it needs to detect the headset’s presence. If the system files are not corrupted and working fine, the problem could be with the headset.


How to Reset Astro A50: Step-by-Step Solution

Before you take your Astro to the local repair shop, it’s best to do a hard reset. The process is relatively simple; you must hold down the Dolby and Game buttons for 15 seconds. The reset will send the headset back to its original factory settings. Unfortunately, such devices often encounter systematic errors that are wiped out after you perform a reset.

Before this process, one thing to remember is that any saved custom presets will be lost, but this is much better than acquiring a new headset. So take a screenshot of your presets before beginning, and emulate these settings after your headset is up and running again. After screenshotting, follow the steps given below.  


1. Charge the Headsets

Put the headsets on charge. Make sure you see the charging light turn on. If not, they may be plugged in incorrectly. Move them around until the charging light turns on the docks. 


2. Power them On

To perform the reset, the headsets need to be turned on. Power on the headset. Then, remove the headset from the charging dock. You need to ensure the headsets are somewhat charged before you proceed.


3. Locate the Buttons

Locate the two buttons which will perform the reset. These buttons are labelled ‘Dolby’ and ‘Game’, respectively. The Dolby button is the one in the middle, and the Game button is on the exterior of the right earcup. 


4. Press the Buttons

Press both of these buttons firmly and hold them down for 15 seconds. Make sure you press both buttons together. If you press either one first and the other later, the reset will not occur. Once the orangish-red light comes into view, release the buttons. Place the headset on the charging dock once more.


5. Verify Whether the Headset has been Reset

The headset reboots after you release the buttons, indicating that your headsets have been successfully reset. To check, connect it to your console or PC. The base station will let you know if it has been done. If the problem recurs, you can use this method to reset it again.  


Troubleshooting Methods for Astro A50

If you’re still facing trouble after resetting the headset, something might be wrong with your headset’s hardware. Due to the uneven surface of the game button, gamers often report a human error while performing a reset. So first, ensure that the buttons are pressed correctly. But if that’s not the case, you can consider the following methods to ensure your headset is in good condition.

Method#1: Contacting Customer Support

If resetting the headsets did not work, contact Astro customer support. They are readily available and give detailed instructions to fix any particular problem you have. You are eligible for repairs if it has been one year since the purchase of your headset. 

Method#2: Checking for Hardware Damage

If your Astro A50 consistently powers off, it may need to be fixed. In that case, check for any hardware damage that might have occurred or take it to the repair store to see if it was initially faulty. You might be eligible for a replacement under the warranty if that is the case. However, you do not qualify if you damaged the headsets by accident or misuse.

Method#3: Rule Out Power Source Issues

Change the power source for the base station in case of an issue. Try recharging the headset after you’ve changed it. If the base station lights don’t turn on, the batteries may be damaged. Take note of the condition of the charging pins as well, and make sure that they’re undamaged.

Method#4: Updating Firmware

Outdated firmware may be causing problems in connectivity. Open the Astro Command Center on your console store or PC and check if it is updated to the latest format. If not, then update it. Your headset will pick up the signals once more. 

Method#5: Check out The Forums

Sometimes the cheaper solution before you make a new purchase or head to the local repair shop is to check if your problem has answers on a local internet forum. Many online communities, like Reddit, have troubleshooting techniques tailored to a specific problem which might save you a hefty sum!



An Astro A50 is an excellent investment due to its acoustics, durability, and ergonomics. However, like all technology, it is prone to erratic changes. This, however, is normal and can be solved by resetting the device, as detailed in the guide above. 

If none of the steps works, consider taking your headset to the repair store or invest in a new one, considering the possibility that it has lived out its duration.