How to Rotate Screen on Dell Laptop (2022)

Dell laptops are known to be one of the most budget-friendly and durable devices on the market. They have a clean and modern design that fits professional and student use. Among its features are screen flipping, which allows you to turn your laptop’s orientation from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

How to Rotate Screen on Dell Laptop

However, you might be surprised if your screen abruptly flips and you don’t know how to bring it back. Suddenly, it’s impossible to use if you don’t lean your head sideways, and won’t be ideal in the long run.

In this guide, we’ll go over ways how to rotate your Dell computer screen. So, if you’re wondering how to rotate your Dell laptop screen after it accidentally flips or you just want it to be flipped, read on to learn more.

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Reasons to Rotate the Screen on a Dell Laptop

In most Windows laptops, you’ll be allowed to flip your screen for various purposes. Although it doesn’t make too much sense on a laptop, you can still apply this feature to your presentations. 

Here are other reasons for rotating your screen on a Dell Laptop:

  • For Work – Some tasks in popular fields such as programming or design are better on a portrait orientation than landscape. It gives them a more immersive and productive workstation.
  • Better Perspective – Column pages in a portrait form are sometimes more clear and will prevent you to make accidental changes to the column’s format. Flipping your computer’s screen in portrait orientation can appear more precise and convenient.
  • For Presentations – High-quality image designs that contain detailed buildings and structures are sometimes more suited for a portrait or upright perspective. This also applies to full-body pictures of models to get a better view of the subjects. If you have a presentation during the day, you may be interested in our guide on how to make your laptop screen brighter than max.
  • Gaming and Media – If you’re playing on an emulator and come across games that are meant to be played in portrait mode, you can use this feature to flip or rotate the screen. Similarly, you can also rotate your screen to have a clear view of videos that are blurred on the default horizontal view.

How to Flip Screen on a Dell Laptop

Whether you’re doing this for the above reasons or you were just clueless about why your screen was suddenly flipped, it’s surprisingly easy to flip it back to its original orientation. This article will cover the two most common fixes to revert your Dell laptop’s view to normal.

Fix #1: Thru Keyboard Shortcuts

When facing this issue, the best and most easy solution is to use your Dell laptop’s keyboard shortcuts. To bring it back to the default landscape orientation, press the CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow keys simultaneously.

If it’s rotated to any other direction, you can use CTRL + ALT + Arrow Keys to rotate the view until it goes back to landscape.

Fix #2: Thru Display Settings Menu

If the keyboard shortcuts method didn’t work for some reason, you’ll need to flip your Dell laptop’s screen via its display settings. You can access this setting through the laptop’s desktop.

To access the laptop’s display settings and flip your screen back to default, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the desktop window and select Display Settings from the dropdown menu.
  2. Since your Dell laptop only has one display, it will be selected by default.
  3. Under the Display Orientation menu, select Landscape.
  4. Next, click Apply and save all changes.
  5. Your laptop should now return to its default view.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been busy with your Dell laptop for a while, you might come across new features, such as screen flipping. It’s a great feature that can be used for several tasks, but sometimes it can be a huge distraction which leads to an unusable laptop.

Whether you’re flipping your laptop’s screen on purpose or to fix it, this guide can easily help you—either through keyboard shortcuts or the laptop’s display settings.