How to See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers on iPhone (2023)

Your iPhone is great for receiving and making calls to other users. Typically, you can access all your recent call history through the Recents page in the Phone app. However, some users have asked how to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone.

How to See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers on iPhone

Calls from blocked users won’t be accepted on your iPhone to avoid further contact with that number. This guide will show you whether it’s possible to check blocked calls and how to see missed calls from blocked numbers on your iPhone. Read on to learn more.


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Can You See Blocked Calls on iPhone?

No. As mentioned earlier, adding a number to your iPhone’s blocked list will avoid further contact with that user. Your phone won’t notify you about calls, messages, and voicemails from that blocked number. Also, Apple has yet to create a feature that would allow users to check call history from blocked contacts.

So, if you’re wondering, “how to see blocked callers on iPhone?” It won’t work directly on your iPhone; however, there are some workarounds that you can try to achieve this.


How to See Blocked Calls on iPhone

If you’re eager to know if someone you just blocked has recently called you on your iPhone, here are some methods you can try. Remember to try out each method and check which one you think is the most effective:


Method #1: Remove the Number From Your iPhone’s Blocked List

While unblocking a number seems ironic—especially for unknown contacts who tend to spam calls to your number—it’s the only way to clearly determine if that number has called you. You’ll also be notified about missed calls from that number since your iPhone will treat it as a regular number.

Important: Only consider this if you know the person behind the number you’ve blocked. If it’s from scammers or someone infiltrating your privacy, this method might not be worth it.

To remove a number from your iPhone’s blocked list, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your iPhone and go to Settings > Phone.
  2. Select Blocked Contacts and tap the Edit button on the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Find the number you want to remove from the list and select the red icon on the left side of that number to unblock it. Alternatively, you can also swipe left on that number and tap Unblock.
  4. Next, launch the Phone app and select the Recents tab.
  5. Check if you have missed calls from that number.


Method #2: Check Your Voicemail

Another way to see if a blocked number still contacts you is by checking your voicemail. Remember that this would only work if you have enabled voicemails on your iPhone and your carrier supports it.

To check voicemails from blocked numbers, proceed to these steps:

  1. Launch the Phone app and go to the Voicemail tab.
  2. Choose Blocked Messages and check if you’ve received voicemail messages from that blocked number.


Final Thoughts

If you’re using your iPhone as a main way to contact others, chances are you might’ve already blocked various unknown numbers. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t yet released a feature allowing you to check if you have missed calls from a blocked number. However, you can still follow the steps above to see if a blocked number calls you on your iPhone.

If the methods above were ineffective, you could contact your network carrier to check if you’ve received calls from a specific blocked number.