How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord (2023)

Discord is a popular platform for gamers and other internet users in private communities called servers. It’s available on various devices, like macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows. However, some Discord users have wondered how to tell if someone blocked you on Discord.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord

Like any other platform, it’s also possible to get blocked by another user on Discord. This guide will show you how to tell if blocked on Discord using different methods. Read on to learn more.


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How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on Discord?

Whether it’s due to disagreements or misunderstandings with another user on Discord, you may be blocked by that user. Fortunately, there are several ways to tell if someone blocked you on the platform. Remember to review each method and see which one is the most effective for you:


Method #1: Send Them a Direct Message

The quickest way to check if someone blocked you on Discord is by sending them a Direct Message. If you’re sending a message to a user that has blocked you, Discord will prevent your message from being fully sent to the recipient, resulting in a Discord blocked message.

However, it can also mean that the user has just set message restrictions. If you’re blocked or restricted, Discord’s Clyde Bot will appear after your sent message, notifying you that your message cannot be delivered.


Method #2: React to Their Messages

If the Clyde Bot suddenly appeared after sending them a message, they might have unfriended you or disabled their Direct Messages option. Another way to tell if that user blocked you on Discord is by reacting to one of their messages. If the screen starts shaking, that user may have blocked you.


Method #3: Check Your Friends’ List

If someone on Discord blocked you, they wouldn’t appear on your Friends list. However, to further confirm that you were blocked and not just unfriended, you can try adding them back as a friend. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Discord on your computer and go to your friend’s shared server.
  2. Open the Member List and find their username.
  3. Right-click and choose Profile.
  4. On the next page, select Send Friend Request. Once a request is successfully sent, you are not blocked by that user. However, if Discord shows a popup indicating a “Friend Request Failed” error, there’s a high chance that the user has blocked you.


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Final Thoughts

Discord is a great platform to socialize with old and new friends by having the same interests. However, it’s possible to get blocked by someone on the platform for various reasons. Hopefully, this guide helps you to tell if someone blocked you on Discord through easy-to-do methods.