How to Turn Off Auto Renew PS4 for Playstation Plus (2023)

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is still one of the most popular consoles used by most PlayStation fans. However, some are subscribed to PlayStation Plus to get the most out of their console. It has perks like exclusive discounts, a range of free games, cloud storage, and more.

How to Turn Off Auto Renew PS4

But, some users have also asked how to turn off auto renew PS4. By default, auto renewal PS4 is enabled for all PS Plus subscribers. This guide will show you how to turn off auto renew PS4 using easy steps.

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How to Disable Auto Renew on PS4

Whether you’re on a budget or just not getting enough out of your PlayStation Plus subscription, you can disable the auto renewal feature on your PS4. This lets you opt out of your subscription once it expires and avoid renewing automatically.

To turn off auto renew on your PS4, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your PS4 console and navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Account Management and choose Account Information.
  3. Choose PlayStation Subscriptions and select PlayStation Plus.
  4. Select Turn Off Auto Renew and press X on your controller to confirm.

Once disabled, your PS Plus subscription will expire after its indicated expiry date and won’t renew unless you turn this feature back on. Meanwhile, you will continue to enjoy its privileges until your subscription ends.


Final Thoughts

Getting a PlayStation Plus subscription with your PS4 gives you various perks, which help you to get more out of your console. However, your subscription will automatically renew itself by default due to the auto renew feature on PlayStation consoles. Hopefully, this guide helps you to turn off the auto renew feature on PS4 for your PS Plus subscription.

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