How to Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iPhone (2023)

Deliver Quietly is effective for when you don’t want your phone notifications to distract you but what if an alert is too important? If you want to disable Deliver Quietly on an app’s notification on your iPhone but struggling to do so, you’ve landed at the right place.

how to turn off deliver quietly on iphone

This guide will walk you through easy-to-follow steps on turning off Deliver Quietly on iPhone. Following these steps, you can ensure you never miss out on important alerts. With that out of the way, let’s dive in.


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Deliver Quietly: Quick Overview

Deliver Quietly is a widely used iPhone feature that was introduced with the iOS 12 updates. So, it’s unavailable in iPhones running an older iOS version. As you enable Deliver Quietly on an iMessage chat or an app, its notifications will appear in the Notification centre but they won’t make a sound or vibration.

You may enable this feature whenever you feel an app or iMessage chat has been disturbing you too much but keeping an eye on its alerts is important too. The other options you get within iPhone’s Notification settings are Deliver Prominently and Turn Off. The former shows notifications of the selected app properly with sound, while the latter doesn’t show any notifications at all. So, Deliver Quietly is a stepping stone between these two.


How to Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iPhone

To turn off Deliver Quietly on your iPhone, open the Notification center on it and swipe left on the notification from the app that you want to disable it for.

Swipe left, navigate to Notifications, and select Deliver Prominently. As you follow these steps for an app, you’ll receive its notifications prominently on your iPhone, rather than silently. Also, do the same for all apps that you want to turn off Deliver Quietly for.

Tip: Swipe down from the top end of your iPhone to open the Notification center.


Turning Off Deliver Quietly From Settings

What if your Notification center has no notifications from the app you want to disable Deliver Quietly for? How will you open its notification settings? Well, the following steps will be useful in this regard:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to Notifications and tap the desired app.
  3. Turn on Allow Notifications and Allow Sounds features.

That’s it – as you follow these steps, Deliver Quietly will be turned off for the app you choose. You may repeat this process for disabling it on other apps too.


Disabling Deliver Quietly on iOS 15 and Newer iOS Phones

If you’ve updated to the iOS 15 or newer iOS version, don’t get confused as the above steps might be a bit different for your iPhone.

To disable Deliver Quietly on your iPhone running a recent iOS version, navigate to Settings > Notifications and tap the desired app. Next, enable all of the Sounds, Badges, Lockscreen, and Banners to ensure you’re effectively notified of any updates from the chosen app.


How to Turn on Deliver Quietly on an iPhone

Turning on Deliver Quietly on an iPhone is as simple as turning it off. Simply open the Notifications center on your phone, find a notification from the desired app, and swipe left to access its notification settings.

Now, tap Manage and choose Deliver Quietly so notifications from the app in question appear but don’t make a sound.

Repeat this process on all apps you want to get silenced notifications from to enable Deliver Quietly on them.


Turning On Deliver Quietly on iOS 15 and Newer iOS Phones

If your phone is running iOS 15 or newer, turning on Deliver Quietly on it will require a slightly different procedure.

First, open Settings and navigate to Notifications > app in question. Now, disable the Sounds function and uncheck Lock screen and Banners from the Alerts section. That’s it – Deliver Quietly will be enabled on your newer iOS by following these steps.


Retain Your Focus With the Do Not Disturb Mode Instead

The majority of iPhone users who use Deliver Quietly do it to minimize notification clutter and help them remain focused on the important tasks at hand.

It’s an effective way of ensuring certain apps don’t disturb you but it doesn’t necessarily keep you away from your phone. For instance, you’ll likely only enable Deliver Quietly on a few apps. So, the notification sounds from others might still distract you.

With that at hand, the Do Not Disturb mode is a much better alternative to Deliver Quietly mode. The former lets you silence all your phone’s notifications at once, ensuring you can stay productive in a focused environment.

To enable Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone, open the Settings app and select Focus. Next, turn on Do Not Disturb mode. That’s it – the Do Not Disturb mode will be enabled on your iPhone as you follow these steps.


Schedule Do Not Disturb Mode to Make the Most of it

iPhones let you schedule Do Not Disturb mode so it automatically turns on at pre-defined times, without you needing to turn it on each time. For instance, you can set it to turn on during your sleep time each day to help you enjoy a disturbance-free sleep.

To use this feature, navigate to Do Not Disturb settings on your iPhone and enable the Scheduled feature. Now, configure the given automation options to select when this mode should enable and when it should disable.


Wrapping Up

Deliver Quietly is a useful iPhone feature that lets you make an app’s notifications appear without making a sound. But it can be ineffective when you don’t want any notification from your phone at all as it requires enabling it on each app manually.

If you wish to disable Deliver Quietly on your iPhone, this guide lays down everything you need to know. We also dived into how to turn it back on as needed. Further, we believe the Do Not Disturb mode is a better alternative to the Deliver Quietly feature when you don’t want your phone to disturb you at all.