How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously Without Them Knowing (2022)

Facebook Stories are shared content—photos, videos, and other forms of media—that last for 24 hours. This feature acts as another news feed, focusing on visual updates instead of text updates—which are seen in posts. Facebook Stories usually appear at the top of your News Feed and on the Stories section in the Messenger app.

How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously Without Them Knowing (2022)

But, some Facebook users have wondered if it’s possible to see a Story as an anonymous Facebook Story viewer, and “can you view a Facebook Story without them knowing?”. In this guide, we’ll show you methods to view a user’s Story anonymously.

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Methods to View a Facebook Story Anonymously

When viewing a Story of your friend or another user, they can view your profile name via the Viewers icon (bottom left corner) on that Story. However, you can bypass this by following the methods below. Remember to review each method and check which is the most effective.


Method #1: View a Story While in Airplane Mode

One effective trick you can try to view a story anonymously is viewing the Story while in Airplane mode. This way, you can see a pre-loaded version of the Story without being online on Facebook; hence, you won’t belong on the Viewers list. However, this only works in the Facebook app for Android and iOS devices.

Note: This method might not work for all stories. So, try repeating the steps until you can view your desired Story.

  1. Turn on your smartphone and launch the Facebook app.
  2. Log in to your account and make sure that all stories are loaded on the top of the screen.
  3. Next, turn on Airplane mode on your phone. Here are the steps to do this on Android and iOS:
  • On Android: Swipe down to open the notification panel and tap Airplane mode.
  • On iOS: Swipe from the bottom up and tap Airplane mode in the control center.
  1. Go back to the Facebook app and view your desired story.
  2. Once done, force close the app on your phone. This will avoid any chances of the app running in the background.
  3. Then, you can now disable Airplane mode and connect to your Wi-Fi network.


Method #2: Half-swipe When Viewing a Story

Another trick to view a Story without them knowing is through half-swiping. This method allows you to view a preview of the Story instead of its full version. It’s effective for photo stories and Q&As. However, it will only show the video thumbnails for video stories.

To do a half-swipe when viewing a story, proceed to the steps below:

  1. Open the Facebook app and navigate to your desired Story.
  2. Once found, tap a Story before or after the Story you want to view.
  3. Next, hold your finger on either the screen’s left or right side, depending on where the Story is located.
  4. You will now see a preview of the Story, which will only show on the first screen.

Also, if the Story has multiple screens, you cannot view them all using this method since only a half-swipe only shows previews. However, you won’t get caught viewing your friend’s Story using this method.


Method #3: View the Story Just Before it Expires

To view a story without getting caught, you can view it the moment before it expires. While this method is quite challenging compared to the other ones, it can work once you do it correctly. Also, timing is critical for this method for it to be effective.

First, you’ll need to know the approximate time when the Story went online and subtract 24 hours to it—you can know this by first half-swiping the Story. Next, wait for the time that the Story will soon expire, and you can view it fully. This way, there’s a low chance that they’ll notice you as a viewer since you viewed it at the last minute.


Method #4: View the Story as a Highlight

When your friend’s Story expires, they can show it again publicly as a highlight. It’s an excellent way to view your desired Story since Stoy highlights keep its viewers anonymous. This way, you can view it safely and without getting caught.

However, if your friend doesn’t show Story highlights, you can resort to the other methods on this list.


Method #4: Temporarily Block Them After Viewing Their Story

Another method that you can try to avoid being listed in the Story Viewers list is by temporarily blocking them after viewing their Story. However, this method has certain risks—for instance, they cannot message you until you unblock them after 24 hours. But, it’s still worth trying if you want to view a Story anonymously.

To block a user on Facebook after viewing their Story, navigate to the user’s profile page, select the Menu (three dots) button, and choose Block. Once you’ve successfully blocked them, you’ll need to wait 24 hours to unblock the user.


Method #5: Ask a Friend What Was on Their Story

If you have a friend that can also view your desired Facebook Story, you can ask them what was on their Story. Also, it’s much better if your friend’s willing to lend their account to view your desired Story. This way, the user won’t know that you saw their Story since you’re viewing it safely via your friend’s account.


Method #6: Use Chrome Extensions

Certain apps and extensions on the Chrome browser can help you view a Story on Facebook anonymously. Chrome extensions such as Chrome FB Story, Story Ghost, and Save Story are all useful apps capable of viewing and downloading a story on your computer without them knowing. 

After installing one of these extensions, go to your desired Story and follow the on-screen steps provided on the app.


Final Thoughts

Facebook Stories are one of the most popular features on Facebook. It allows users to share photos, videos, and other types of content that will expire after 24 hours. When viewing a Story of a friend or another user, you’ll be listed on the Viewers page of that Story.

Hopefully, these easy-to-do methods help you view a user’s story anonymously.