How to Watch Private YouTube Videos (2023)

YouTube contains a vast library of creator-generated content of different genres. While you can watch most of them freely, some videos are private. Some users have also asked how to watch private YouTube videos.

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos

Creators on YouTube can decide to put their videos private due to various reasons. This guide will show you effective steps to watch private video YouTube. Read this guide to know more.


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What is a “Private” YouTube Video?

Private videos on YouTube are put in place by the platform to let creators share their video with a select number of users or hide it from all users. Users that don’t have access to the video cannot see it from Google and YouTube’s search results. This differs from unlisted videos, where authorized users can view the video via a shareable URL.

Creators can change the visibility status of their videos quickly. This happens when you just saw a video a few hours ago, and then it’s now unavailable due to the creator immediately setting it to private. Subscribers won’t also be notified once a video is set to private.


How to Watch Private Videos on YouTube

Here are some effective steps to help you watch private YouTube videos. Remember to follow each step carefully and check if it’s effective for you:


Method #1: Request Permission From the Creator to Gain Access

The most recommended way to watch private YouTube videos is by requesting permission from the YouTube creator. Since this feature lets only a few users gain viewing access, you’ll need to belong to that video’s Invitees list. This is under the Share video privately window, which creators will only have exclusive access to.

To be included in that list, you can contact that video’s creator via their email address (on their channel’s About page) or their various social media accounts. You can also comment on their recently uploaded videos or community posts. Once they agree, you’ll need to send your valid email address—preferably the one you’re actively using on your YouTube account

Then, follow these steps to watch the private YouTube video:

  1. Open your email account and wait for an email from YouTube notifying you that the creator has shared the private video.
  2. Once you’ve received it, click the email message and select the thumbnail (red icon with three dots) to view the private video.
  3. If you’re viewing it using another computer or device, remember to log in on YouTube with the same email account where you’ve received the message to avoid losing access.

If the creator removes the videos from Youtube, we also have a guide on how to How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos.


Final Thoughts

As a part of YouTube’s privacy features for its creators, they can easily change the visibility status of their videos from public to private. However, some users are also curious about how to watch private videos on YouTube. This especially applies to recently uploaded videos that were suddenly changed to private, showing a “Video unavailable” thumbnail.

Hopefully, this guide helps you know what private videos are on YouTube and how you can watch them through working steps. If you still cannot watch the private video, contact YouTube Help for further assistance.