How to Fix HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking (2022)

HP laptops are known to be one of the most easy-to-use and portable laptops available on the market. Whether you’ll use it casually or for work, it has all the needed tools and features for you to do basic or more advanced tasks. It is also affordable and has a durable exterior build, compared to other laptops.

HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking


However, you might come across some hardware problems, including when the caps lock key on your HP laptop is flashing abruptly. There are several reasons for this problem and it can be quite hard to fix. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix the HP caps lock blinking problem on your HP laptop. Read on to learn more.


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Reasons Behind The HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Issue

When facing this problem, these are the few things that might cause this problem:

  • Incorrect BIOS Settings BIOS or Basic Input/Output System is a program that is responsible for performing start-up procedures when your computer is turned on. Improper setup of BIOS can cause power problems, including the HP Caps Lock Blinking issue.
  • Ventilation Issues – If you just used your laptop for a long time, debris such as dirt and dust can clog up the interior parts and air vents of your HP laptop. Vents are critical to release hot air and keep the laptop at its optimal temperature.

Dust can also affect some critical parts of your computer; for instance, the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) cannot be detected when it is surrounded by dust which can lead to overheating.

  • Broken Laptop Charger – A broken charger will send incorrect amounts of voltage to your HP laptop, causing it to have power issues. If it is outdated or has some wear and tear, you should consider replacing it with a new one.


How to Fix the “HP Laptop Screen Won’t Turn On Caps Lock Blinking” Issue

Before heading to your nearest HP service center and spending some huge bucks, here are some fixes that you can try. They will require little technical knowledge and will be easy to do.


Fix #1: Clean your Laptop’s Air Vents and Hardware

If you just used your laptop after a long time, chances are it might have dust build-up on its internal components. The air vents could also be blocked by cluttered debris, causing the laptop to overheat and have power issues.

Important: Before doing these steps, we advise that you backup your data to avoid chances of data loss. 

To clean your laptop’s air vents and internal components, follow these steps:

  1. As a safety precaution, unplug the laptop charger from the outlet.
  2. Remove the laptop’s battery and use compressed air for the air vents to dislodge any clogged-up dust.
  3. Next, unscrew the cover that holds the RAM chips. Remove them and clean the dust with a soft microfiber towel.
  4. Plugin the RAM chips back in along with the laptop battery.
  5. Turn on your HP laptop and see if it solves the issue.

If the RAM chips are damaged, you can easily replace them by buying a brand new one that’s compatible with your HP laptop.


Fix #2: Perform a Hard Reset

One of the best things that you can do when facing the HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking problem is to do a hard reset. It drains all the remaining power contained in the HP laptop’s system and resets all components. 

To perform a hard reset with your HP laptop, do the following:

  1. Turn off your HP laptop and remove its battery and charger if it is plugged in.
  2. Remove your laptop’s RAM chips; if you have more than one, remove them all and set them aside.
  3. Detach the Wi-Fi cables of your laptop and hold the Power Button for forty seconds. This will force your laptop to a hard reset.
  4. Once forty seconds have elapsed, release the Power Button and plug in the RAM chips and Wi-Fi cables back to their slots.
  5. Plugin the laptop battery and turn your laptop on.
  6. Check if it boots up normally and if the HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking issue is solved.


Fix #3: Reset the Laptop’s BIOS

Another method that you can try is to remove your laptop’s BIOS battery or CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). It is responsible for powering up the BIOS firmware of your HP laptop.

To remove it, follow the steps above (up until detaching the Wi-Fi cables) and remove the BIOS battery that’s found near the motherboard. Hold the Power button for thirty seconds and plug the battery back in.

Once that’s done, insert all the parts back to their respective ports and turn your laptop back on. Check if your HP laptop boots normally and if the Caps Lock indicator light is not blinking.


Final Thoughts

HP laptops are one of the most durable and easy-to-use laptops compared with other brands. But it is also possible to face some hardware problems, including the HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking issue. Hopefully, this guide can help you in solving this problem with methods that you can do at home.

If you tried all the fixes above, it’s best to consult your nearest HP service center for any severe hardware damage. Although it can cost you a lot more, rest assured that their trained professionals can help you with your HP laptop’s power problems.