How to Make PS4 Controller Vibrate Continuously (2022)

The PlayStation 4 or PS4 is still one of the most popular consoles today. Besides support for 3,000+ games, its variant, PS4 Pro, also supports 4K games and other media. Most PlayStation controllers use the DualShock controller.

How to Make PS4 Controller Vibrate Continuously (2022)

One distinct feature of DualShock controllers is their ability to vibrate at certain points in the game. Although it can cost more battery power, it gives you a more immersive feel when playing. In this guide, we’ll go over how to make your PS4 controller vibrate using simple methods.

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Common Reasons to Enable Vibration on a PS4 Controller

When playing your favorite games on a PS4, controllers play a huge role in providing an exceptional gaming experience. Besides executing basic commands, certain motions—such as vibrations—adds a unique feel to the game. Here are more reasons to enable vibration on a PS4 controller:

  • Improved Feedback – When going into obstacles or getting hit by a certain object in the game, the console can give off feedback by letting the controller vibrate. It’s another way of letting you know that your character (or its environment) is being affected.
  • Enhanced Game Sense – In some pressure situations—such as attempting a free throw in basketball, free kick in soccer, or other similar situations—a vibration in the controller can add urgency or focus on your part, therefore giving you a unique gaming experience.

How to Enable Vibration On Your PS4

Method #1: Via PS4 Settings

Before thinking about getting the controller to vibrate continuously, you’ll need to ensure that vibration is enabled on your PS4 console. Also, make sure that the DualShock controller is fully charged since its battery will be often used on vibrations.

To enable vibration on your PS4, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your PS4 and connect the DualShock controller to your console.
  2. Select Settings > Devices and choose Controllers.
  3. Ensure that the Enable Vibration option is checked.

Once it’s enabled, you can now enjoy vibrations when playing various games. However, it only vibrates based on certain situations in-game. What if you want it to vibrate continuously or you want to customize certain vibration patterns? Luckily, you can do this when you connect your controller to a Windows computer.

Method #2: Via the DS4Windows App

The DS4Windows app is a third-party application that allows you to connect and customize DualShock controllers on a Windows computer. Besides having less input latency or delay, you can also add custom vibration patterns.

Note: Ensure that you have Rocket League installed on your computer to make this method work.

To download and use the DS4Windows app, proceed to these steps:

  1. Download the DS4Windows app from their official website and install it on your computer. Once your computer runs in either Windows 10 or 11, it can install this app.
  2. Launch DS4Windows and set it up by following the on-screen steps.
  3. Next, you can connect the DualShock controller either via Bluetooth or USB. In this step, connect it first via Bluetooth.

To connect the controller via Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the controller. Then, press and hold the PS and Share buttons for three seconds until the lightbar flashes. The controller is now in pairing mode.
  • Next, use the Search menu on your computer and navigate to Bluetooth Settings.
  • Connect to the DualShock controller; it should be named “Wireless Controller”.
  • If asked, key in the pairing code: 0000. The controller will now be connected to your computer.
  1. Once it’s connected, you can see the DualShock controller and other information on the Controllers tab.
  2. Next, go to the Others tab and set the Rumble value to 100%.
  3. Then, launch Rocket League. Press the Center and Choices for Me buttons.
  4. Connect the controller via USB. The controller will now vibrate or rumble continuously.

Of course, if your controller is vibrating non-stop, then the battery is going to go flat quickly. If you are wondering How Long Does It Take A PS4 Controller To Charge? so you can be back to full charge, it should take between 1-2 hours.

Final Thoughts

To have an immersive gaming experience with your PS4 console, it’s recommended to have a DualShock controller. Besides doing basic commands with your character, it also lets you have a feel of the game by rumbles or vibrations. Hence, this article can hopefully guide you to enable continuous vibrations on your PS4 controller via a third-party app.