Motorola Modem Lights, What do they Mean? (2022)

Motorola Surfboard modems are among the most used cable modems in the US. It’s mainly used to connect your devices to the internet. Most Surfboard modems are now sold under the Arris brand but are still under the Surfboard name.

Motorola Modem Lights

However, most Motorola Surfboard cable modem users have issues with their Motorola modem lights blinking. This guide will show you the meaning of Motorola modem lights on your Surfboard modem and Motorola modem troubleshooting methods.

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Motorola Modem Lights Meaning

Like other cable modem devices, your Motorola Surfboard cable modem will display LED lights to indicate its current state. Depending on its status, your Surfboard modem may display blinking lights or a LED with a different color. So, if you’re wondering what the Motorola Surfboard SB6121 lights mean on your cable modem, refer to the table below:

LED Light
POWER Light is Green
A solid green light indicates that your Motorola Surfboard modem is powered on.
RECEIVE Light is Green
If the RECEIVE light is flashing green, it is currently scanning for a channel connection.

A solid green light means that your modem has acquired a connection.

SEND Light is Green
When the SEND light is flashing, the Surfboard modem is now searching for a nearby SEND channel connection.

A solid green light indicates that a connection is established.

ONLINE Light is Green
A flashing light on the ONLINE LED indicates that the modem is scanning for a network configuration server connection.

The modem has now established a connection if you see a solid green.

PC/Activity Light is Orange 
When you see a flashing orange light on the PC/Activity light, the modem is now transmitting data.

This light will be off once there’s no data being transmitted.

Stand-by LED & Button is Orange
You can press the Stand-by button (located on the top of the modem) to disable all USB and Ethernet ports on the modem. Also, no data will be sent or received.

If you press the Stand-by button again, the modem will receive and transmit data. All cable modem lights will be switched off when the stand-by button is activated.


Motorola Modem Troubleshooting Methods

When facing issues with your Motorola Surfboard cable modem, it can be caused by various reasons. However, keeping an eye on its LED indicator lights will be a great tool since it helps display the modem’s current status

Below are some of the most common issues you can face on your Motorola Surfboard cable modem and how to troubleshoot them. Depending on the problem, follow each step below and see if your modem runs back to normal.


Cannot Send or Receive Data

This happens when the light on the SEND or RECEIVE LED indicators blinks. You can first check all cable connections on your Surfboard modem. See if all cables are connected to the proper ports and are in good condition.

Wires such as the Ethernet and coaxial cables can be damaged over time due to wear and tear. If these are damaged, replace them immediately and check if the issue is solved.

If all cables are connected securely and have no damage, the next thing that you can do is power cycle your Motorola Surfboard cable modem. This re-initializes all of the modem’s internal components and solves most bugs that might be causing this problem.

To power cycle your Motorola Surfboard cable modem, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your Surfboard cable modem and unplug its power cable from the socket.
  2. Wait for two minutes to drain the power.
  3. Plug the power cable back in and turn on the modem. Check if it now works properly.


Green Power Light is Off

When you turn on your Motorola Surfboard cable modem, the green power light must be lit up. When it doesn’t light up, check if the power cable is connected properly to the outlet and the modem. Also, check if the electrical outlet is working by plugging in other devices and checking if they’re powered up.

Once your modem is still not powering up despite the outlet being operational, try changing your power cable. If the Standby LED is lit up, the modem might be on Standby mode. Press the Standby button at the top of the modem and check if it turns on.


Online LED is Off or Flashing

This happens when your Motorola Surfboard cable modem is not yet registered with CableAmerica’s servers. You can contact CableAmerica Help Desk or Motorola Modem Support to help solve this problem.


PC/Activity LED is Off

When experiencing this problem, first check if the Ethernet or USB connection between your computer and the modem if they’re securely connected. Also, try power cycling your modem and restarting your computer. Then, check if the PC/Activity LED lights up.


Send LED is Off

The Send LED light on your Motorola modem is switched off once the connection on the SEND channel is lost. Contact Motorola Modem Support for further assistance if you’ve recently moved the modem to a different electrical outlet. 

Also, if you have a splitter feeding the TV connected to the modem simultaneously, try removing the splitter and connecting the coaxial cable directly to your Surfboard modem.


Final Thoughts

Your Motorola Surfboard cable modem can have issues that prevent you from connecting to the internet. This can vary from your modem not turning on, not receiving or sending connections, and a few more. 

Hopefully, this guide helps you troubleshoot the most common problems on your Motorola Surfboard cable modem. If these methods were ineffective, try contacting Motorola Modem Support for further help.