PS4 Won’t Turn On But Beeps FIXED (2022)

PS4s are one of the most powerful consoles available in the market. Besides access to its vast game library, you’re also able to browse the internet and have your own PlayStation Network account. It’s also known for its durability and superb controller support.

PS4 Won’t Turn On But Beeps FIXED (2022)

That being said, you’ll still face hardware problems on your console. Some users reportedly have faced that their PS4 beeps but won’t turn on, or their PS4 won’t turn on entirely. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix your PS4 when it beeps and then turns off.

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How to Fix PS4 Won’t Turn On But Beeps Issue

Several factors can contribute to this problem. The worst-case scenario is that your console’s power supply is failing; but besides that, this problem is fixable using easy-to-do troubleshooting methods.

Make sure to follow each one and see which works best for your PS4.

Fix #1: Power Cycle the PS4

Power cycling your PS4 re-initializes its components and temporarily drains all power on its power supply. It’s an effective way to also cool down the console in case it experiences overheating.

To power cycle your PS4, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your console and unplug its power cable from the socket.
  2. Wait for a few minutes to help the console cool off. Then, press the Power button a few times to drain the remaining power.
  3. Next, plug it in and try turning it on for a while. Check if the issue is solved.

Fix #2: Turn the PS4 on its Side

Another solution that you can try is turning on your PS4 console on its side. Although it may seem weird initially, this has helped some users who experienced this issue. Make sure to do this on a flat surface to keep your console balanced. Then, try turning it on and see if it solved the PS4 won’t turn on but beeps issue.

Another trick is to gently tap the console near its power connection. It can sometimes work since it can sometimes be blocked or can be full of dust and other debris, especially when it was not used for a while.

Fix #3: Clean the Console’s Air Vents

If you have just used your console after a while, there’s a great chance that it has accumulated a decent amount of dust. After cleaning it externally, check its air vents and ensure that it’s not blocked by dust or debris. Dust can easily cause overheating since cold air is not circulated enough in its system.

You can use a soft brush and compressed air to dislodge dust that’s stuck on the air vents. After cleaning, turn on the console and see if it now boots up normally.

Fix #4: Connect your PS4 Controller via USB and Press the PS Button

If you’re using your DualShock controller wirelessly, you can temporarily connect it using a USB cable to turn your PS4 on. When it’s connected, press the PS button on the controller and see if the console turns on.

Fix #5: Plug its Power Cord Directly into a Wall Outlet

This issue can happen when your PS4 doesn’t receive enough power to turn itself on. Besides that, outlets can provide more power compared to a power strip, especially when it’s connected to several appliances. Also, ensure that its cord is plugged all the way in so it receives a consistent power supply.

Fix #6: Contact PlayStation Support

The last resort that you can try is to contact PlayStation Support to get your PS4 fixed. Although it can cost you a lot compared to fixing it by yourself, their trained professionals are equipped to diagnose the problem and fix it effectively. To contact PlayStation Support, click this link.

Final Thoughts

Buying a PS4 can be a great investment since it supports various games and is durable compared to other console brands. However, it’s also prone to hardware issues, especially when it has not been used for a while.

Hopefully, these fixes can help you solve the PS4 won’t turn on but beeps issue. As mentioned earlier, you can contact Sony Support if the fixes don’t help and ask for further assistance from their trained technicians.