How To Extend PS5 Controller Battery Life (2023)

If you own a PS5 Dual Sense controller, you’ve probably experienced its superiority over the PS4 controller. It’s an elite gamepad with great haptic controls. However, despite being an exceptional console, the PS5 Dual Sense controller is still prone to battery drainage. The battery life depends on how efficiently you use the battery, therefore, it needs to be monitored at regular intervals. 

How To Check PS5 Controller Battery Life

If you want to know how to check your PS5 controller’s battery life, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled this intuitive guide to help you check the battery and prevent the controller from excessively draining its battery.


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How long Does the PS5 Controller Last?

A PS5 controller’s battery life should ideally last 12 hours in total. If you don’t play many games that require a lot of power, it can even go up to 15 hours. However, users have complained that the low battery mark shows up after a mere six hours. This is because some games drain more power than others, prompting you to charge again and again.

While the six-hour mark indicates that the battery is low, it does not mean it will power off at the moment. The PS5 DualSense controller can still give up to four more hours of gameplay. However, it is not recommended to keep playing on a low battery. 

The PlayStation5 is currently powered to last you a decade. If you take good care of the DualSense controller, you may not need to keep replacing it. It is thus vital to monitor battery life to prevent undue battery health depletion. 


Why Your PS5 Controller May Be Draining Quickly

There are a number of reasons why your Dual Sense PS5 controller batteries may be draining very fast. First, the batteries may have gotten old and may need replacement. You could also be charging the controller wrong. Following is an extensive list of reasons that this problem might be occurring. 


Reason #1) The Controller Did Not Charge Properly

Your PS5 controller may be dispensing battery quickly since it was not adequately charged. Not all USB chargers are compatible with the DualSense controller so purchase an appropriate cable  Ensure that the Type A end of the cable is firmly pressed into the charging port. If this does not enable charging, relocate it to another Type-A port on your PS5. 


Reason #2) Specific Games Drain More Battery

Some games put a heavy load on the controller, so it drains much more quickly. These games require you to press a lot more buttons than on average. They also cause the controller to vibrate more, thus resulting in a more significant battery drain. If you play such games often, it may drain your battery health overall. 


Reason #3) The Controller is Overcharged

Overcharging your PS5 controller causes its batteries to heat up. This can ruin your battery life for one sitting and may diminish battery health overall. A DualSense controller recharges a depleted battery fully in 3 hours. Make sure to take it off after the three-hour mark is over. 


Reason #4) The Controller Did Not Shut Down Properly

Whenever your controller is not in use, make sure to turn it off; otherwise, it will keep slowly discharging. Make sure it is properly disconnected from the PS5 and powered off after you finish gaming. 


How to Check PS5 Controller Battery Life

To stay on top of your controller’s battery health, it is recommended to monitor the battery levels regularly by checking the battery life. This can be displayed either on the PS5 or your PC. Both methods are listed below.


For PlayStation5

  1. Press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller. The Control Center will pop up.
  2. Navigate to the Accessories icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The display will tell you the battery levels on your DualSense controller.

The display tab will also tell you if your DualSense PS5 controller will soon be completely depleted. If this is the case, make sure you put it on charge before it discharges. 


For PCs

Checking the PS5 Controller’s battery life on a PC requires a few more steps than on the PlayStation5. There are two methods that you can use:

Method#1) Through the DS4Windows Software

  1. Connect the PS5 controller to your PC. 
  2. Prior to checking the battery life, download and install the DS4Windows Software. This software enables your controller to work smoothly with Windows.
  3. Navigate to the Battery heading. 
  4. The battery levels will be displayed and can be monitored. 

Method#2) Through Steam

  1. Connect the PS5 controller to your PC. 
  2. Locate the Steam icon and click on it. 
  3. In the top right corner, the battery indicator logo will display the amount of charge your controller has at that moment. 
  4. If you cannot see the icon, click the gear icon to go to Settings
  5. The controller batteries will be displayed and thus can be monitored. 


How to Charge the PS5 Controller’s Battery

If you find that your controller needs charging after monitoring its battery life, simply connect the USB cable of the controller to your PS5 console. It will now begin to charge, indicated by a small animated battery icon. 


How to Make the PS5 Controller Battery Last Longer

Intermittently getting up to charge your controller can be a hassle if you are immersed in gaming. So here are a few tips to ensure that the battery life lasts longer and you can enjoy longer uninterrupted sessions. 


Method #1) Reset the DualSense Controller

Resetting the controller removes any software glitches that it might be facing. You can reset your DualSense controller through the following steps:

  1. First, switch off the DualSense controller. 
  2. Next, locate the reset button at the back of the controller. It is next to the Sony logo.
  3. Using a thin object like a paperclip or a needle, press the reset button. 
  4. Release the button after holding it down for five to seven seconds.
  5. Switch the controller back on. This will now refresh your battery life. 


Method #2) Enable the Automatic Turn Off Option 

As we have previously established, leaving the controller on after you’re done with gaming can cause it to drain quickly. The PS5 has a built-in feature to combat this. 

  1. Click on the Settings icon. 
  2. Navigate to the System option. 
  3. Go to ‘Set Time Until Controller Powers Off’. Choose a suitable option from the list of 10, 30, and 60 minutes. Ten minutes are the most ideal. 
  4. Your controller will now power off after being idle for the set amount of time. 


Method #3) Use an Appropriate Charger

Always use chargers that come with the controller or the console itself. Lower-quality chargers can deplete battery health or charge the controller very slowly. You can also purchase the PlayStation DualSense Charging Station from Amazon. It enables you to charge two controllers at once.


Method #4) Reduce the Trigger and Vibration Intensity

The more trigger intensity and vibration intensity that your controller has, the more it will vibrate and drain the battery. Follow the steps below for an ideal gameplay experience with minimum interruptions to charge the controller. 

  1. Navigate to Settings and choose Accessories
  2. Click on the Controllers menu. 
  3. Select Trigger Intensity. Set it to weak or turn it off. 
  4. Select Vibration intensity. Set it to weak or turn it off. 

If you are playing a game where you do not want to experience vibrations, switch this option off altogether. 



To ensure your controller is charged and ready to take on a heavy gameplay session, you should check its battery life on the PC or your PlayStation5. The battery life can deplete intermittently, and monitoring it will help you keep it charged.  We hope this guide helped you navigate through the process and prepare you for smoother gameplay.