How to Remove Reading List From Chrome (2023)

Google’s Chrome browser is arguably one of the most efficient and iconic internet browsers of the past decades. Among its interactive features is the Reading list; similar to the Bookmarks function, it allows you to save articles and webpages you might want to read later.


How to Remove Reading List From Chrome?

However, some users have wondered how to remove reading list from Chrome. This guide will show you various ways to Google Chrome reading list disable. Read on to learn more.


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How to Delete Reading List Chrome

While some users might find the Reading list feature on Chrome helpful, others want it removed to clear up their Bookmarks bar. Fortunately, Chrome remove reading list is easy and can be done in various ways.

Here are two main methods to remove reading list from Chrome. Remember to review each method and see which one you think is the most effective:


Method #1: Remove Reading List via Settings

The quickest way to remove the Reading list option on Chrome is via Settings. This removes its icon from the Bookmarks bar but retains all your saved readings or articles. To remove Reading list via Settings, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Chrome on your computer and right-click the Reading list icon on the rightmost part of the Bookmarks bar.
  2. Find the Show reading list option and uncheck it.
  3. The Reading list icon will now be removed from the Bookmarks bar.

If you want to add the Reading list icon back to the Bookmarks bar, follow the same steps above and re-check the Show reading list option.


Method #2: Disable Reading List Feature in Chrome

To add more web pages to your existing list, you can disable the Add to reading list option or temporarily turn off this feature on Chrome. To disable Reading list on Chrome, follow the steps below:

Note: After disabling the Reading list feature on Chrome, clicking the star icon on each web page will automatically be saved to your bookmarks.

  1. Select the address bar on the Chrome browser and type in chrome://flags/. Press Enter.
  2. You will now arrive at the Experiments page. Go to the Available tab and set the Reading List option to Disabled using the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Relaunch to confirm all changes.
  4. The reading list option will now be disabled on your Chrome browser.

Once you want to re-enable Reading list, navigate through the same steps above and set it to Enabled.


Final Thoughts

The Reading list feature on Chrome allows you to save web pages and articles you might want to read at a later time. However, if you want to optimize your browser and remove unnecessary icons on the Bookmark bar, you can disable it through two main methods.

Hopefully, this guide helps you know the steps for removing the Reading list function on Chrome.