Roku Audio Out of Sync: Fix In Seconds (2022)

It’s not just you if you’ve ever settled in for an excellent streaming session only to see that the audio isn’t in time with the video; the question is, how can you repair it?

 Over the years, Roku has earned a good reputation for offering its clients a fantastic service through which they can access information and enjoyment. Some users have complained about their audio being out of sync with their videos.

Roku Audio Out of Sync


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Roku Audio Out Of Sync: What to do?

If the audio on your Roku device isn’t in sync, try restarting it, checking the cables, switching to Stereo mode, turning off the volume equalizer, and clearing the cache. Do a factory reset on your Roku if the audio is still not working.

Thanks to streaming services, viewing television has become more convenient than ever. Turning on a Roku and linking it to your preferred applications now provides access to various media, including TV episodes, movies, and music.

However, it’s worth noting that, as is the case with any piece of technology, your Roku may occasionally malfunction.


Roku Device Restart: How to Do It?

When I have problems with my Roku, the easiest solution usually resolves the issue. Try restarting the device to see if it fixes the out-of-sync sounds before diving into any complicated technical fixes.

Most software and hardware problems may be fixed by restarting the device. There might be a lot of causes for your audio to be out of sync, but if restarting the device solves the problem, there’s no reason to dive deeper into the issue. Here’s how to power cycle your Roku:

  • Start button (Roku remote)
  • Settings
  • System
  • Power
  • System Restart

Sometimes, a simple reset of your Roku device might cure any audio issues. A soft reset of the device is the next step to take if this doesn’t fix the problem.


Double-Check The Cables

A problem with a cable connection might cause your Roku’s out-of-sync audio. If you want your Roku to work, you need to make sure that every cable is firmly attached where it should be.

Check if any Roku cables have come loose by going over to the device and inspecting them. You should also unplug your stereo or soundbar and your television if they are connected.

In all likelihood, the problem may be solved simply by checking for and re-plugging any loose components. However, if you do not notice anything out of place, you should try unplugging all your connections and reconnecting them.


Be Sure To Inspect the Cables

Even if you haven’t detected any issues with your wiring connections, they may be the root of the problem. Your cords must be complete and in excellent condition for the device to function correctly. When they’re damaged, your Roku could not get any sound at all.

In most cases, an HDMI cable is at blame when Roku audio is out of sync. Examine your HDMI cable closely for any exposed or ragged parts; these are sure signs of a faulty connection. Additionally, unplugging the HDMI cable and inspecting its terminals are recommended.

Verify that each pin is in a straight and unbent position and is free of any dirt or debris. If everything appears in working order with the HDMI cable, you may continue checking the other cords, such as those powering your Roku and television.

There should be no broken or frayed cords. Finally, damage may not be immediately apparent; testing an alternative cable for each connection is a good idea.


Modify Roku Sound Options

When the audio settings on a Roku are incorrect, the device frequently has sound problems. If you have recently installed your Roku device, this is probably the cause of the asynchronous audio.

It’s also possible that you merely toggled your volume knob by accident. Roku audio setup might vary slightly depending on the method you use. This is how you can use your TV’s internal speakers:

  1. The Start Button (Roku remote)
  2. Settings
  3. Audio
  4. ‘Stereo’
  5. 5 Change Your HDMI Settings
  6. Select “Stereo” as the new mode (PCM)

Make sure your Roku and TV are in the same stereo mode by configuring them together, as this is a feature found on virtually every TV. Audio sync issues might occur if the ‘Stereo’ option is not on both the Roku and the television.

If you’re using a different audio system, you may need to adjust your Roku and TV settings. Then, you’ll need to adjust the Roku’s sound settings to match those of your home theater.


Turn off Volume Leveling on Roku

You will find an automated volume leveler in Roku devices. Audio leveling enabled on your device is invaluable if you’ve ever watched television and noticed that the sound either goes very loud or very quiet when a commercial break comes on.

However, audio leveling can occasionally misfire, resulting in various issues, one of which is audio that is out of sync. The audio leveling option on the Roku might cause the issue, so you should temporarily disable it and see what happens.

Follow these steps to disable the volume adjustment feature on your Roku:

  1. Hold the Roku remote’s (*) asterisk button.
  2. Await the Roku’s volume controls to load.
  3. Navigate to the option labeled “Audio Leveling.”
  4. Uncheck ‘Audio Leveling.’

This method resolved many cases of out-of-sync audio. Try solving the issue by closing Roku’s volume settings. If it happened, you’ve got your answer.

If it didn’t, you might turn on audio leveling again by reversing the instructions above, and then you can try again.



Roku’s incredible array of devices provides an affordable and convenient way for people to watch media.

If you’re willing to overlook the occasional significant problems, like the audio desync issue, it’s a safe buy for anybody thinking about integrating innovative home technology into their lives.

By now, I hope you know how to fix Roku Audio Out of Sync. I hope this article was of help to you. Stay tuned for more informative articles.