How to Fix Samsung TV Lines on Screen (Horizontal or Vertical) 2022

Samsung TVs are superb devices when streaming movies either from streaming apps, live TV, or your local cable provider. It features a variety of models, including OLED, LED, 4K, Crystal UHD, and more. However, Samsung TV users have wondered how to fix the vertical lines on Samsung TVs.

How to Fix Samsung TV Lines on Screen (Horizontal or Vertical) 2022

The Samsung TV black line on screen issue is due to a bad TV component or faulty internal wiring. These lines can also vary from vertical lines or horizontal lines. This guide will show you how to fix the Samsung TV horizontal lines on screen issue.

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Most Common Reasons for Samsung TV Lines on Screen

Lines can appear on your Samsung TV once it has a bad connection and faulty internal components. Faulty connections from cables such as the HDMI and antenna can cause your Samsung TV to display steady horizontal or vertical lines. 

When images on the smart TV start to stack on one another, it can be caused by a faulty connection on the TV’s internal parts, or one of them might be broken. If your TV has faulty hardware or internal cable connections, try contacting Samsung Support—especially when the TV is still under warranty.


How to Fix Samsung TV Lines on Screen Issue

Before thinking about opening the back case of your Samsung TV, you’ll first need to check if your smart TV’s still under warranty. Any unauthorized changes to your Samsung TV will void its warranty and will not be recognized by Samsung as an official device.

However, you can start troubleshooting by trying out the fixes below. Remember to review each fix and see which solved the issue for your smart TV.


Fix #1: Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

Power cycling is an effective fix to most TV problems. It works by re-initializing the TV’s components to help solve the Samsung TV lines on screen issue. To power cycle your smart TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your Samsung TV and unplug its power cable from the socket.
  2. Wait for one minute to help drain power. You can also press the Power button for 30 seconds.
  3. Turn on your smart TV and plug in the power cable. Check if there are still lines on the screen.


Fix #2: Reconnect All Cable Connections

Another effective fix for the Samsung TV lines issue is reconnecting all cable connections on your smart TV. Check the ports on your smart TV to see if they’re blocked by dust or corroded. Also, check the cables—and their connectors—on your Samsung TV and check if they’re still in good condition, especially the HDMI and antenna cables.

After checking the ports and cables, you can start reconnecting them all and see if the display is back to normal.


Fix #3: Tap the Back of Your Samsung TV

One odd trick you can try is to tap the back of your Samsung TV. If you can find a spot where the lines would disappear, there’s a high chance of a faulty connection inside the TV’s components. 

However, this is considered a temporary fix since you’ll need to open the back casing of your smart TV to fix the issue entirely. As mentioned earlier, you’ll void your warranty unless you let Samsung Support handle the problem.


Fix #4: Do a Picture Test

Doing a picture test is another way to diagnose display issues. It works by displaying a series of photos where you can self-diagnose picture problems. To do a picture test on your Samsung TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Switch on your Samsung TV and press the Menu button on the remote.
  2. Go to Support > Self Diagnosis and select Picture Test.
  3. Various pictures will now be shown on the TV screen. You’ll be given a series of troubleshooting steps depending on the results. Follow them and check if the issue is solved.


Fix #5: Update Your Samsung TV

Picture problems can occur once your Samsung TV is outdated. Specific updates can contain bug fixes to help solve the Samsung TV lines on screen issue. To update your Samsung TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV and go to Settings > Support.
  2. Select Software Update and choose Update Now. Your smart TV will now find the latest updates available.
  3. Wait for the installation to be finished. Then, wait for your Samsung TV to reboot and check if the issue is solved.


Fix #6: Factory Reset Your Samsung TV

One of the final fixes that you can try is to factory reset your Samsung TV. This effectively puts your smart TV to its factory version and deletes all installed apps, user accounts, passwords, and custom settings. To factory reset your Samsung TV, proceed to the steps below:

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV and go to Settings > General.
  2. Choose Reset. Enter your PIN—if you haven’t changed your PIN yet, your default PIN should be 0000.
  3. Wait for the reset to finish. 
  4. Next, set up your smart TV and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Check if the screen works well.


Fix #7: Contact Samsung Support

If none of the other fixes have worked, please refer to our article which investigates What Causes Horizontal Lines On TV Screens? and has several fixes.

If all else fails, you can try contacting Samsung Support to help solve the Samsung TV lines on screen problem. Their trained technicians are more than capable of solving this issue and can fix it for free if your TV is still under warranty

However, if the issue is caused by physical damage or other scenarios that are not covered by warranty, the repair will come at a cost. Typically, Samsung TV warranties only last one year.


Final Thoughts

Samsung TVs are one of the most dependable and high-quality smart TVs today. They have TVs with superb image quality and support on various streaming apps. However, you might experience lines on your TV while watching your favorite movie.

Hence, this guide hopefully helps you to solve the Samsung TV lines on screen problem. As mentioned earlier, you can contact Samsung Support and schedule a repair request.