Spectrum Internet Keeps Dropping? FIXED (2023)

Many people experience issues when their spectrum internet keeps dropping. It can be irritating when your internet slows down or drops consistently.

Spectrum Internet

So, what to do? How to get rid of this issue? Well, good for you. One can follow some easy fixes to get rid of such problems for a more extended period.

By the methods I will discuss with you, you will easily be able to get rid of the internet dropping issue within minutes. So, let’s find out how we can eliminate Spectrum’s internet dropping.


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Spectrum Internet Keeps Dropping: Methods to Resolve the Issue

If your Spectrum connection fails, rebooting the route should fix the problem. Use an ethernet cable or move the router if the problem persists. If it keeps disconnecting, talk to customer service.


Method 1: Reboot Router and Modem

Whether your Spectrum Modem isn’t connecting to the internet or your router isn’t working, the first and most essential step in troubleshooting is always to restart the equipment.

Spectrum provides two distinct modem/router combinations. They utilize a standalone modem and router and a gateway, combined modem, and router.

I’ll explain how to reboot in both situations, although they’re a bit different. With a standalone modem and router configuration:

  1. Pull the power plug from the router.
  2. Turn off the modem and remove the batteries if necessary.
  3. Remove the modem’s power for at least a minute before reconnecting it.
  4. Let the modem boot up entirely before proceeding. Determine if the modem has powered on by verifying that all its indicators are glowing.
  5. To use a router, plug it in and let it boot up.
  6. To check if your connection to the internet is working again, open a web browser.

If you are using a gateway, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Cut the power to the gateway.
  2. You need to power on the gateway after waiting at least one minute after being plugged in.
  3. To check if your connection to the internet is working again, open a web browser.

If you notice the lights on your Spectrum router blinking blue, we have an article to help you troubleshoot that issue.


Method 2: Inspect the Cables

The cables connecting a router are a known weak point. Verify the integrity of all wires and check all plugs to guarantee a smooth operation. If the ethernet cables are damaged, you should purchase new ones.


Method 3: Check the Updates of Router Firmware

Make sure the firmware on your router is up-to-date if you’re using a different router than the one Spectrum supplied you with.

Routers purchased from Spectrum do not require manual installation of updated firmware because they are automatically updated. Changing the firmware on your router is as simple as:

  1. Enter in the Address Bar
  2. It’s time to enter the router’s login details. The router’s login credentials will be listed in the user guide or shown on a sticker on the device.
  3. You need to go to the area where you can update the firmware or software. You can typically find these in the Advanced, Step#4: Administration, or Management chapters. The answer to this question is model-specific.
  4. Visit the website of the router’s maker. If you know the model number of your router, you can use that to locate the site where you can get the firmware upgrade files.
  5. Save the file to your computer after downloading.
  6. Obtain the ZIP archive and open it.
  7. Click Choose File or Browse in the appropriate section to update.
  8. Choose the file that you separated earlier.
  9. Get the update going and settle in to wait for it.
  10. You must restart the router after completing the update.


Method 4: Try Changing the Location of the Router

If you are in a dead spot on a WiFi network, the problem could be with the connection to your device. A place in a wireless network where no data reaches is a “dead zone.”

The area is theoretically within the network’s range, but obstructions like massive metal items will make communication difficult.

If you have further connection drops after moving the router, try restarting it. You should not place the router near any heavy metal objects.


Method 5: Keep Dust Away from Modem and Router

Dust can cause the modem’s components to overheat, resulting in the components failing to function correctly. It is essential to clean the modem and router regularly and to position them in regions of the home where they will not get dirt and dust.


Method 6: Limit the Number of Users on the Network

Detach all devices not currently connected to the internet and reconnect them. If it becomes essential, you can always reconnect them later. Because of this, congestion on your WiFi network will be less, resulting in a more dependable experience.


Method 7: Try using an Ethernet Connection

If the problems caused by WiFi continue on your computer, you can try connecting it to the router or gateway via an ethernet cable. A cable connection is more dependable than a wireless connection and can give constant download and upload rates.

You need to disable the Green Ethernet setting if you are using a Windows computer. It is used to save power but may impact the network’s performance when using ethernet. To disable Green Ethernet:

  1. Launch the Network and Sharing Center by opening the Start menu and searching for it.
  2. Navigate to the Change Adapter Settings menu option and right-click on the Connection option.
  3. Click the Properties > Configure button to configure the properties.
  4. To disable Green Ethernet, navigate to the Advanced or Power Management tab.


Method 8: Try Using a WiFi Extender

You can increase the range of your WiFi network with the help of an extender. The elimination of dead spots is a bonus. Therefore, a WiFi extender may be the answer if you have a large house and experience dead spots.


Method 9: Use an Antivirus to Scan for Viruses

Many viruses can alter your connection preferences. Scanning using Malwarebytes or Windows Defender is a good idea. Paying for expensive anti-virus software is unnecessary when these free alternatives will do the job just fine.


Method 10: Contact Spectrum Support

If you’ve exhausted all options and still have issues with Spectrum, you should call them. Experts best address persistent problems like this; don’t hesitate to seek their counsel. You may even wish to terminate your Spectrum Internet service if you are tired of constantly adjusting your various electronic gadgets.



The post suggests that you can fix the “lost internet connection” problem on your own once you’ve determined the root cause of the problem.

By now, you might be able to know the answer to why your Spectrum Internet Keeps Dropping. Here, I conclude my article. I hope this article was of help to you. For more information, stay tuned.