Fix a Surface Pro That Won’t Turn On (2022)

The Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the most powerful devices developed by software giant Microsoft. It’s a two-in-one business laptop that can be transformed into a tablet with its detachable accessories. The latest model for the Surface Pro family is the Surface Pro 8, released in 2021.

Fix a Surface Pro That Won’t Turn On


Some users however reported that in some situations, their Microsoft Surface Pro won’t turn on. Whether it’s due to software problems or you left it somewhere extremely cold or hot, there’s a chance that your Surface Pro won’t boot. In this guide, we’ll show you the reasons why your Surface device won’t turn on and how to fix it.

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Common Reasons Why a Microsoft Surface Pro Cannot Boot

If you’re looking forward to completing your tasks on your Surface Pro 7 but it won’t turn on, it can be due to several factors. It’s also important to know that this is a common issue among Microsoft Surface devices, including the Surface Pro. Here are some common reasons why your Microsoft Surface Pro cannot boot properly.

  • Overheating – Your Surface Pro device can be prone to overheating after excessive use and also when left under direct sunlight. This shuts off the device temporarily, hence, your Surface Pro won’t turn on.

The same can also happen when your Surface Pro is left in extremely cold environments, like inside your car or anywhere that’s under freezing temperatures. It prompts your device to shut off until an optimal temperature is reached.

  • Faulty Charging Cable – If you’ve been charging your Surface Pro device for a while now and it still won’t turn on, chances are its charging cable is damaged or broken. You can try checking the charger for tears and other damage; when it’s broken, try replacing it with a new one and see if it solves the issue.


  • The Device is on Sleep Mode – Your Surface Pro may appear unresponsive when it’s on Sleep Mode. Besides pressing the Power button to wake it up, there are also other shortcuts to turn on your Surface Pro.


  • Faulty Accessories – What makes Surface Pro devices versatile is their accessories. But it can be a hassle once you have too many accessories attached and your device suddenly won’t turn on. Checking your attached accessories for damage will help in fixing this problem.


  • Battery or Hardware Issue – If you’re using your Surface Pro device for a while now, there’s a chance that it may have hardware issues due to age or wear and tear. A faulty battery is suspect for your device’s power issues, leading to it not turning on.

How to Fix Surface Pro That Won’t Turn On

Before going straight to the fixes below, we recommend that you first charge your device for at least fifteen minutes or until the Windows logo shows up on the screen. When doing this, ensure that you’re using the proper charger cable for your Surface Pro.

Also, some users reportedly fixed this problem by detaching and unplugging all accessories from your Surface Pro. This will help your device boot itself up properly and avoid dealing with faulty accessories that prevent your Surface Pro from turning on.

If your device is properly charged and has all its accessories unplugged, yet, it still won’t turn on, try these fixes below. Make sure to go through them individually to see which one works for you.

Fix #1: Keep your Device Charged

One method to try is to keep your device plugged in directly to a power source and see if it forces your Surface Pro to boot up. As mentioned earlier, make sure your charger cable is not damaged and is compatible with your device.

To turn on your Surface Pro while it’s charged to a power source, follow these steps:

  1. Plugin your Surface Pro device into its original charger and wait for fifteen minutes.
  2. After charging it for a while, press the Power button to turn it on and keep an eye on the power connector light.
  3. If it turns on, it means that your device will now boot up shortly. However, if it blinks a white light or doesn’t show light at all, there may be problems with your power supply. Getting it replaced will likely solve this problem.
  4. Also, check if the connection is secure and if no debris is inside your Surface Pro’s charging port. Dust and debris can easily clog up inside the charging port and will prevent your power supply from connecting to it properly. After cleaning, make sure that you hear a clicking sound to let you know that it’s securely connected.

Fix #2: Wake your Surface Pro Up Using Keyboard or Device Shortcuts

Your Surface Pro device tends to go into Sleep Mode or Power Saving Mode as a way to save energy. However, your device can be unresponsive while in either mode and will lead to it not turning on.

To wake your Surface Pro up using keyboard or device shortcuts, do the following:

  1. Connect an integrated keyboard to your Surface device and press the Windows Logo Key + Ctrl + Shift + B simultaneously.
  2. Then, wait for your device to turn on.
  3. Another tablet shortcut you can try is to quickly press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously three times. Once done correctly, your Surface Pro will soon be responsive.

Fix #3: Force Shutdown and Restart your Surface Pro

If all else fails, you can try to force a shutdown on your Surface Pro. This will be most effective when your device has been unresponsive for several minutes. To force a shutdown and restart your Surface Pro device, follow the steps below:

Important: The steps below apply only to Surface Pro devices fifth generation and greater. Indicated steps are provided below for devices Surface Pro 4 and lower and Surface RT.

  1. Press and hold the Power button of your device until it shuts down and restarts. You should see the Windows logo on your screen for about twenty seconds. Once the logo shows up, you can release the Power button.
  2. Your Surface Pro will now restart on its own.

For older devices, like the Surface Pro 4 and lower, Surface RT, Surface Book, and others, follow the steps below:

  1. Press and hold both Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously for fifteen seconds. The Windows logo will show up shortly, but continue pressing both buttons until the entire fifteen seconds has elapsed.
  2. After releasing both buttons, wait for another fifteen seconds.
  3. Next, turn on your Surface Pro normally by pressing the Power button.

Final Thoughts

Similar to other devices, your Surface Pro will encounter problems related to responsiveness and booting up. Hence, the solutions in this guide will hopefully help you in fixing your Microsoft Surface Pro when it won’t turn on. If all fixes didn’t solve your problem, try contacting Microsoft Support or submit a formal service order to their official website.