TrueDepth Camera Not Working? 7 Fixes (2023)

TrueDepth is a camera feature that enables the Face ID on an Apple device. It makes use of facial recognition technology to authenticate a person’s identity. It’s an amalgamation of sensors, infrared projectors, and the Apple Device’s light. If you are unable to use FaceID to unlock your phone, there might be an underlying problem with the TrueDepth camera.

Fix: TrueDepth Camera Not Working

This issue is one of the top problems that owners of Apple Devices report. If the FaceID feature does not work, there may be an issue with the TrueDepth feature of your camera. If you see the message pop up saying that FaceID is disabled because of the TrueDepth feature not working, you can follow this guide to solve the issue.


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7 Reasons your TrueDepth Camera isn’t Working

 If you have an Apple Device that supports the TrueDepth feature and the FaceID still does not work,  there might be a problem with the software or the hardware.In some cases, the TrueDepth feature can face an issue while recognizing your appearance. However, there can be multiple other reasons why this feature may not work. We’ve listed these reasons in more detail below:

Prior to looking for troubleshooting techniques, make sure you’ve checked the following aspects.


Reason#1: FaceID isn’t enabled

Your face might not be set up. Go to settings and select FaceID and Password. Make sure it is enabled and all the features that you want to use with the FaceID are turned on. 


Reason#2: Something’s covering the camera

In many cases, there might be something that is obstructing the TrueDepth from recognizing your face. This could be dirt, the screen protector, the case, or even your finger. Make sure to thoroughly wipe the camera before you hold the phone to your face. If you are using the iPad in landscape orientation, an alert will inform you if the finger is covering your camera. If you would like to find out more about the various cameras, please read Which iPhone Has 3 Cameras?


Reason#3: Your face isn’t visible

Make sure all your facial features are uncovered. In case you are wearing a mask, enable FaceID with a mask and make sure that the eyes are not obstructed. The steps to enable this are similar to enabling a general FaceID; you just have to scan your face with a mask, and then without.  Do not wear sunglasses with your mask, as some sunglasses may block the infrared light from the TrueDepth camera.


Reason#4: The phone is oriented incorrectly

Make sure that your iPhone is in portrait mode when you face the camera. For an iPad, both the landscape and the portrait orientations will suffice. The device may also be upright or flat over a surface.


Reason#5: The device is too far away

The facial recognition feature will not work if you are holding your Apple device at a great distance from your face. Make sure it is at a distance of 10-20 inches, and not rotated at an angle.


Reason#6: The device hasn’t been unlocked for 48 Hours

If your Apple device has not been unlocked in over 48 hours, you will be required to manually enter your passcode since FaceID will not work.


Reason#7: Five unsuccessful attempts have been made

If you fail to unlock your phone after five consecutive unsuccessful attempts, the feature will be disabled. The passcode keyboard will once again pop up and you will have to enter it manually.


How to Fix the TrueDepth Camera: 7 Methods

If your TrueDepth camera isn’t working, there is no need to fret. You can still enter your passcode. However, this can become a nuisance, especially when you have to constantly re-enter the password to authenticate your purchases on the App Store or to even unlock your device. Follow the tips below so you can resolve this problem more efficiently.


Method#1: Update Your Device

Your Apple device might not be up to date. Before the update, back up all your data to iCloud. Check to see if any iOS updates are available. The method to do this is as follows.

  1. Go to Settings and tap on General.
  2. Tap on Software Update
  3. The screen will show the version that is currently installed and if any updates are available. If your software is not the latest version, update it.

This solves any software issues that might be occurring to prevent the TrueDepth feature from working correctly. 


Method#2: Restart Your Device

Restarting your iPhone or iPad might make the FaceID work correctly again. To restart your Apple Device, perform the following steps.

  1. Hold down the power button and either of the volume buttons.
  2. Wait for the power slider to appear. When it does, slide it to the right. 
  3. Let your phone shut down and wait 30 seconds.
  4. Press the power button again to restart.
  5. Wait 15-30 seconds.
  6. Hold the phone up to your face and look into the camera.

If the FaceID still is not enabled and the passcode keyboard shows up, move on to the next step.


Method#3: Reset FaceID

Reset your FaceID from the given steps below.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to FaceID and Passcode
  3. Select Reset FaceID and then follow the instructions on the screen
  4. Remove any obstructions from your nose, face, or mouth. The camera will scan your appearance and record it.


Method#4: Set Up an Alternate Appearance

If you often change appearances, it might be helpful to add all your appearances to FaceID. Follow the same steps as in the prior steps till Face ID and Passcode, and then click on Set Up an Alternate Appearance. Follow the on-screen instructions and then check if the problem has been resolved.


Method#5: Reset to Factory Settings

If none of the solutions listed above is working, you might have to reset the device to its factory settings. Before the reset, make sure all your data is backed up and stored in a separate location. Your device will be reset to its original factory settings. Preferences, Wi-Fi passwords, and Bluetooth connections will all have to be reconfigured again.

Here’s how you can reset your Apple device: 

  1. Go to the device settings and tap General.
  2. From the Transfer or Reset option, select Reset.
  3. Choose Reset All Settings.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the process.

With the default settings restored, the TrueDepth might work without any hindrances and you can get back to using it instead of reentering your passcode each time.


Method#6: Contact Customer Support

If you are still having trouble, consider contacting Apple Support. Do not take your device to an unregistered technician. Repairs made from products that are not genuine Apple components in the laser system might have harmful consequences such as dangerous exposure to the skin and the eyes.



The TrueDepth camera not working is an issue that hinders many people’s daily lives. However, more often than not the problem can be resolved by a simple update or a reset. We hope this guide has helped you deal with this issue. But if none of the aforementioned processes have worked, the problem might exist within your iPhone’s hardware components. Consider taking it to your nearest Apple Store for technical repairs.