What is ANT Radio Service? Explained (2023)

If you own an Android device, notably Samsung and other smartphone brands that use the Android OS, it will have the ANT Radio Service preinstalled. However, you may wonder what is ANT Radio Service and what it does.

What is ANT Radio Service?

It’s one of the many built-in apps on your smartphone that’s critical when using specific apps and features. This guide will show you what ANT Radio Service is and if you really need the ANT Radio Service app on your smartphone. Read on to know more.


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What is ANT Radio Service?

The ANT Radio Service is a system service preinstalled on your device by its manufacturer or mobile carrier or is added via a system update. This service mainly allows built-in ANT communication devices on your smartphone to operate. It boosts wireless communication functionalities to other devices, such as WiFi, NFC, and other wireless devices.

Also, the ANT Radio Service is critical in running health, sport, and fitness-monitoring apps on your phone and syncing important data to compatible wearable devices—Samsung Watch, Apple Watch, FitBit, etc.—through real-time radio communication.


Pros and Cons of ANT Radio Service

With the ANT Radio Service installed on your Android device, it can let your device communicate with other smart devices wirelessly. However, it can have a few disadvantages that can affect your phone’s overall performance:



  • Wireless Communication to Other Smartphones – Once the ANT Radio Service is preinstalled on your device, it helps it communicate to other ANT-compatible devices wirelessly. It’s sometimes a requirement for specific features on your smartphone.
  • Real-time Data Monitoring and Sharing – As one of the app’s main features, ANT Radio service lets your device track your fitness and health data. It also allows your phone to share this data with other wearable smart devices, such as smartwatches.



  • Can Use Too Much Battery and RAM – Since the ANT Radio Service is a preinstalled system service, it will most likely run on your phone’s background as long as it’s turned on. It can easily consume your phone’s RAM and battery life, limiting its performance.


Do I Need ANT Radio Service on My Smartphone?

Overall, the ANT Radio Service app is useful for your smartphone. You’ll most likely utilize it when using various health and fitness monitoring applications. As mentioned, it also helps with wireless communication and data sharing on other smart devices, such as smartwatches, WiFi, and NFC-ready phones.

However, you can disable it from your smartphone if you’re not actively using health apps and fitness-monitoring devices. Unlike other users’ opinions, it won’t affect your radio and network signal once you disable ANT Radio Service on your phone.

To disable the ANT Radio Service app on your Android phone, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps and find the ANT Radio Service app.
  2. Tap on it and choose Disable.

Although the app is still installed on your device, it will not run as a background app and won’t have updates installed on it in the future. Also, it will be restored to its factory version, which creates more free space in your phone’s internal memory.


Final Thoughts

The ANT Radio Service is an essential system service when using fitness and health-monitoring apps on your smartphone. It also helps your device with wireless communication with other devices and data sharing with wearable smart devices. It will come preinstalled on almost all modern smartphone models.

Hopefully, this guide helps you know more about the ANT Radio Service and if you really need it on your device.