What is Token Factory iFrame on Mac? Explained (2023)

Microsoft Outlook is still one of the most used apps or services for personal information management. Although it’s owned by Microsoft, users from other platforms—like Mac—can also access it via its web version or app. However, some users have wondered, “what is Token Factory Iframe on Mac?”

What is Token Factory iFrame on Mac?

Although the Token Factory Iframe file is not suspicious, it’s a bug acknowledged by Microsoft and is experienced by many Mac users. This guide will show you what the file “TokenFactoryIframe” is and how to fix the Token Factory Iframe download issue.

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What is “TokenFactoryIframe” on Mac?

Users of Microsoft Outlook and apps that are part of Office 365 recently have experienced spontaneous downloads of the “TokenFactoryIframe” file while accessing these Microsoft apps on Mac web browsers, like Safari and Chrome. Some saw that it would be downloaded on their computer every five seconds.

The “Iframe” in the TokenFactoryIframe file is a widely used method used by websites to display content—e.g., embedding a YouTube video on a site. It has zero kilobytes in memory and is not malicious

However, Microsoft has explained that the “TokenFactoryIframe” bug was caused by a data mismatch on the “client and service-side properties.” While an update was applied on various 365 apps, it wasn’t successfully done on Outlook, resulting in the bug.


How to Stop “TokenFactoryIframe” Download on Mac

If you’ve recently experienced the “TokenFactoryIframe” bug on Mac, here are some fixes that you can try. The steps may vary depending on your default browser:


On Safari

  1. With the Safari browser open, select the Safari menu on the menu bar (top of the browser) and choose Preferences or Settings.
  2. Go to the Websites tab and choose Downloads on the General pane.
  3. You will now see the list of websites with download permissions. Find the site outlook.office365.com and set it from Allow to Deny.
  4. Close the Preferences window and restart Safari.


On Chrome

  1. With the Chrome app running, choose the Apple menu and select Preferences.
  2. On the left pane, select Privacy and Security and choose Site Settings on the right window.
  3. Select View permission and data store across all sites and find office.com. Click on it.
  4. Find the Automatic Downloads option and set it to Block.
  5. Restart Chrome.

Note: Since these steps will temporarily stop all downloads from the Office 365 app, you’ll need to re-enable site downloads first to download your desired file, then set it again to Deny or Block once finished to stop the “TokenFactoryIframe” bug.


Final Thoughts

Microsoft Office 365 apps, like all sites and services, can also have glitches. One of the most recent bugs was the “TokenFactoryIframe” file being downloaded almost automatically by browsers once visiting the web version of Microsoft Outlook or a few other Office 365 apps.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to know more about “TokenFactoryIframe” on Mac and how to fix it. If these fixes were ineffective, try contacting Microsoft Support for further assistance.