Who Makes Vizio TVs? All Details About Vizio (2023)

Among the most popular smart TV brands today is Vizio. They’re known for their wide variety of smart TVs and devices. However, some are curious about who makes Vizio TVs and whether Vizio TV makers produce them.

Who Makes Vizio TVs?

While the Vizio brand originally comes from the United States, its devices are made and produced in different countries, mainly Asia. This guide will show you which countries make Vizio TVs and everything you need to know about this smart TV brand.

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Who Makes Vizio TVs?

Vizio is known for selling its HDTVs at a lower price than other brands. To keep their TVs affordable, they mainly sell their products at various wholesale tech stores in the United States, like Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.



Vizio’s devices are designed in their headquarters in California, USA. While their TVs are made outside the US, they must use the appropriate designs and technology to maintain customer satisfaction and affordability.

However, it’s essential to know that Vizio is not known for researching and developing the technology they integrate into their TVs. Instead, they rely more on third-party technologies with non-exclusive license rights—they don’t own most of the intellectual property.



As a TV brand, Vizio doesn’t manufacture or test its products. Instead, they rely on their partner—mostly third-party manufacturers—to create, assemble, test, and package their TVs. The following manufacturing firms make most Vizio products:

  • Innolux
  • Zylux
  • BOE
  • KIE
  • Tonly
  • TPV
  • Foxconn

These companies are mainly based in Asia—China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan—or Mexico. However, the US has been pulling their economic activities lately from China due to trade disagreements.

Vizio depends on these manufacturers to establish the prices for all components on their TVs. These include, but are not limited to, liquid crystal material, LCD & OLED panels, color filters, and chipsets.

Once assembled and tested, they can ship and sell them to the US at various wholesale tech retail stores.


Is Vizio Owned By Sony?

No. Sony does not own Vizio; they are both independent tech companies. Sony doesn’t produce Vizio TVs either. Instead, they have their licensed products mainly manufactured by Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation (SGMO)—a subsidiary of Sony.


Final Thoughts

Vizio is a mainstream smart TV brand known for its quality TVs at affordable prices. However, some users are curious about where their devices are designed and made. Hopefully, this guide helps you know who makes Vizio TVs and which countries are involved in making them.