Xfinity Modem Blinking Blue: How to Fix It (2023)

Comcast Xfinity has developed hundreds of tech gadgets over the years, from smart home security systems to TVs and phones. However, one of its widely used products is the Xfinity Modem, known for its lightning-quick and reliable internet connection.

Xfinity Modem Blinking Blue

As you might have noticed already, there are different light indicators on your Xfinity modem that convey different messages. For example, if the light blinks blue, it indicates that your modem is in the WPS pairing mode. WPS stands for Wireless Protected Setup, a feature that lets you connect Wifi devices to the network without entering a password. 

An Xfinity modem blinking blue isn’t a concerning issue. However, if your Xfinity modem keeps blinking blue and your devices fail to connect to it, there are several ways you can solve this problem. In this guide, we’ll explain all the reasons behind your Xfinity modem blinking blue and how you can fix it, so read on! 


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What Does The Blue Light Indicate?

A blinking blue light on the router indicates it has entered the Wireless Protected Setup mode. It’s a cue to add other wireless devices to your router. These devices include phones, computers, and even extenders. 

Once a connection has been made, the blue light should shift to a stable white light. However, if there are no WPS devices to pair and the light still intermittently blinks blue, there might be another problem with the router’s connection. 

You can go online with any wireless device to see if the modem has a recurring problem. If there is, it might be having the following issues.


Reasons for the Xfinity Modem’s Blinking Blue Lights

There are several reasons that the Xfinity modem is constantly blinking blue. These are listed below:


Reason#1: Issues with Cable Connection

Before troubleshooting, always check if the cables are appropriately plugged into your Xfinity modem and the wall. If the cable connection gets loose, it can disrupt the power signal by constantly switching it on and off. Also, ensure that all your cables are firmly located within their respective ports. 


Reason#2: Splitters

Splitters are generally not recommended for cables since they may split the signals between two devices. This results in weaker signals as opposed to a direct connection. Instead, remove your splitter and directly connect the internet cable with the gateway cable.


Reason#3: Internet Service Provider Issues

If your Xfinity modem blinks blue and none of those problems mentioned above is the cause, your internet service provider might face some issues. First, contact Xfinity Comcast Support to see if there is any outage or infrastructural damage in your area. 


Reason#4: Poor Signals

If your wireless device is too far from your Xfinity router, it might cause difficulties in connection. The flashing blue light might be indicating this. It is recommended to stay on the level or floor where your Xfinity router is set up. 


Reason#5: Disrupted Firmware

Constant blinking of blue lights might result from firmware damage inside the router. A loose wire or a damaged cable is likely blocking the connection to your wireless devices. There could also be built-up dirt or particles causing blockages inside the firmware. 


How to Fix Xfinity Modem Blinking Blue

There are several ways to troubleshoot the issue and get to the root of the problem. First, check the following methods to see if they resolve the subject of the blinking blue lights. 


Method#1: Move The Router to Another Position

There are limits to the distance you can be from the Xfinity router based on the router specifications and the Xfinity package. You might need to get closer to it or relocate it based on your desired proximity. 


Method#2: Press the WPS Button

If your router or modem has a WPS button, press and hold it for a few seconds to disable the WPS mode. This method should resolve the issue if the Xfinity modem was blinking blue due to being in WPS mode.  


Method#3: Check Cable Connections

There might be an issue with setting up your Xfinity device, which may cause the light to blink blue. First, check to see mismatched cables or cables in the wrong ports. Then, turn to the Xfinity user manual to find the proper locations of all wires. Customer support can also help you regarding instructions. 


Method#4: Restart the Network

The blue lights issue usually stops after you restart the router. First, disconnect all ethernet and coax cables connected to the router. Then, follow the steps below to renew your Xfinity router. 

  1. Unplug your router from the connection. 
  2. Wait for two minutes before reconnecting. 
  3. Plug all the cables back in. Follow the order of modem, router, and then all other wires. 
  4. Stand by until everything connects back online.
  5. Check to see if the Xfinity modem is still blinking blue. 

The issue will likely be resolved, and you will see a steady white light.


Method#5: Disconnect the Router From Modem 

One way to troubleshoot the connection is to disconnect the router from the modem by the steps indicated below:

All the relevant information is located on the back of the gateway. If you cannot decipher the information, consider performing the following steps.

  1. Switch off the router. 
  2. Disconnect the router and the modem from the wall socket. 
  3. Remove the ethernet cable from the two devices.
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes. 
  5. Connect the adapter of the modem back into the wall. 
  6. Plug in the router’s cord.
  7. Power both devices on. 


Method#6: Factory Reset

As a last resort, you can factory reset the modem. Again, this is a last-ditch effort if none of the other solutions work. Everything you have set up on the network will be gone. All the relevant information is located on the back of the gateway. If you cannot decipher the information, consider performing the following steps.

  1. Login to the router.
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Look for the option that says Reset/Restore Gateway
  4. Select the option. A factory reset will be performed. 

You will need to rename your router and reestablish its network connection. In addition, all of the devices that were previously connected will need to have their connections established again. 


Method#7: Navigate to MyAccount App

You can also let the device check itself for troubleshooting by navigating to the Xfinity MyAccount app. 

  1. Enter your Xfinity sign-in credentials.
  2. Go to Manage Internet. 
  3. Select Restart Modem.
  4. Choose the option that says, ‘Start Troubleshooting Xfinity Router Not Working After Reset.’

This will take about seven minutes to perform appropriate actions. The good news, however, is that it will fix the detected issues automatically. 


Method#8: Contact Comcast Support

If none of the solutions is working, you can call Xfinity Comcast Support and inform them of the problem. The support staff is available through the phone and text and can help you troubleshoot the issue. In addition, they will send a technician to your location if the problem is within the hardware. You can also visit the Xfinity store for in-person support. 


What Flashing Lights Are Normal

Usually, the modem has a green light, showing that it is powered on. In addition, there might be a flickering LED light showing data being transferred through Wifi. After the issue of the blinking blue lights is resolved, a solid and steady white light indicates that the modem is out of the WPS mode. 



There can be multiple reasons why the Xfinity modem flashes blue lights. The primary is the WPS mode. Once you secure connections, it should resolve. However, the detailed guide above provides all alternatives if this does not resolve the issue. We hope you get your device back up and running and the blue light stops flashing repeatedly.