What is Freeware?

Freeware is the freely obtainable and available software without a license fee, but with the intellectual property of the author and associated with the moral and / or legal prohibition of reselling or installing it in commercial products.

With the variety of freeware available on the Internet, you can equip your PC with a variety of software: from the task planner to media player to ZIP tools, there are countless free programs for Windows that compete with even the best professional tools available on the market.

Freeware can be copied and redistributed by anyone. In the case of individual components of software (e.g. DLLs …), these can easily be integrated into your own programs. How and whether the source texts of freeware programs may be changed by third parties must be agreed with the author on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, it is not said that source texts are supplied for every freeware program!

In the case of freeware source texts that are used in larger third-party projects, it is courteous to mention the freeware author, even if this is not mandatory unless otherwise agreed. In any case, you should also read the license agreement for the software. This may well contain deviations from the description above, which are of course binding.