What is an Interface?

An interface is a transition point between different components of an IT system through which the exchange of data takes place. Two different systems can communicate with each other via an interface, provided they have compatible interfaces.

An interface connects systems that have different physical, electrical, and mechanical properties. Interfaces are found wherever different systems have to be connected to one another. The interfaces form the transition from one system to another. This transition can be used for communication or data exchange.

The standardization of interfaces enables the dissemination of cooperating systems and the automation of electronic and digital systems. Interfaces are particularly widespread in computer technology to connect different units for input, output, and processing. Standardized interfaces are also common in communication and network technology.

While the technology industry developed and standardized its own interface for each application in its early days, the trend now is towards universal interfaces. For example, USB and PCIe. Another trend is meta-interfaces, which combine several interfaces in one. As an example, USB should be mentioned here that USB signals and z. B. DisplayPort combined in one cable.