What is a Keyboard?

A keyboard is an input device that consists of various keys which you can press to operate a device (e.g. computer). Almost all keyboards these days work electronically. In the past, however, there were many mechanical keyboards such as those used in typewriters.

The keyboard (computer) differs from the classic typewriter keyboard because it has more keys. The assignment of the keys also varies, which is why secretaries who were trained in the past often had difficulties operating a PC.

The lettering can also look different. For the keyboard (computer) there is no definition of the arrangement of the keys. Depending on the country, the letters are in different places and there may also be special characters present. Keyboards for PCs are usually quite large and contain a number pad. This is not the case with laptops, some of which have their own arrangement of letters and characters.

Finding the “right” keyboard is a science in itself. In addition to the right optics, noise development and construction, the typing feel is the most important factor. This sometimes differs significantly from keyboard to keyboard. Many manufacturers build a wide variety of keyboards for a wide variety of requirements and tastes. But keyboards, like other everyday objects, are also subject to the fashions of the time.

A computer keyboard is a complex device from a sensory point of view. Many characteristics come together that ultimately determine whether a typist can use a keyboard comfortably. The features that make a keyboard appear more pleasant include key sound, key material, key shape, pressure point, key spacing, key height, key travel, color, key assignment or stability per se. Even the brightness of the LED lights is one of them.