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What Is a Robot?

Generally speaking, robots are extremely diverse in both their size and purpose. From big to small, from two legs to six legs, robots can perform different tasks. Some help doctors to do surgery inside your body, while others work in factories to create cars. As a result of this diversity, it can be hard to come up with a definition of what a robot is.

But what makes a robot? Put simply, robots are autonomous machines that are capable of sensing their surroundings and making decisions depending on those surroundings. For example, robot vacuums use sensors to drive around a room, avoid stairs and clean a specific area.

Types of Robots

There are various types of robots out there. From robot vacuums to drones, the following are just a small taste of what robots have to offer.

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums are autonomous cleaners that use a variety of sensors and programmable controllers to create cleaning routines. Although early robot vacuums were remote-controlled, nowadays, they need little to no human input. And thanks to proximity sensors and smart wheels, robot vacuums move around the house while avoiding walls, furniture, and stairs.

Industrial Welding Robots

Industrial welding robots are capable of handling both the welding and holding parts of the welding process. By using proximity sensors and infrared cameras, they know the position of the object they are welding. Not only that, but they use temperature sensors to detect if they completed the welding successfully.


Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones are aircraft that don’t require a pilot or crew. Most of them are remote-controlled, while others are autonomous and can handle complex flight paths. And while drones are most often seen in the military, civilians also use them for photography and landscaping purposes. To learn more about drones visit

The future (and present) for Robots

Overall, robots are all around us, whether we notice them or not. From basic robot vacuums to complex welding robots, it’s clear that robots make our lives easier. And although we are still years away from human-like robots, no one can deny that technology is advancing at a fast pace.