Best Keyboard for OSU [2021 Reviewed]

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An Overview of the 3 Best Keyboards for OSU

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Hello there! We understand sometimes our readers are in a rush, and it’s totally fine if you don’t want to read the entire article. Which is why we’d like you to know that the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition Keyboard is our top choice for the best keyboard for OSU. And if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, then the RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless Keyboard is an excellent choice!


In a game like OSU, rhythm and fluidity is key. You don’t want to make mis-presses that ruin your flow. Nor do you want a keyboard that has sticky, mushy keys. Your satisfaction is tied to how well your peripherals work. And having the best keyboard for osu will greatly enhance your experience. That’s why, investing in a good keyboard is a worthwhile decision.

the end of the day you want a keyboard that is most comfortable for you. If you’re an accountant, then you want a keyboard that has an elaborate number pad and is good for Excel. If you’re just a gamer then ultimately, what keyboard works best for you depends on how you play OSU. Are you a fast wizard that prefers a keyboard with minimal actuation force? Are you being careful because you have long nails? Or perhaps you want a mechanical keyboard with good tactile feedback? Maybe a nice linear typing experience will be the best for you? Thankfully, there are many options available on the market and they all come in different price ranges.

When considering what to purchase, you should think about the actual physical components. Firstly, you need to consider the switches that the keyboards use. Switches are simple buttons that reside under your keycaps. They press down when pushed and register a click. There are many kinds available on the market. Linear switches are the simplest and most preferred for video games. However, typing may not be a good experience. Clicky switches give the most feedback and are great for typing. They do make a lot of noise, which is why some people don’t use it for gaming. Tactile switches are somewhere in the middle, providing good tactile feedback but minimal noise.

You should also consider the build quality, layout, and extra features. The build quality should ideally be robust with little to no flexing or bending of the keyboard body. The keycaps should also be durable as you’ll likely mash on them for hours on end. You should look for a good type of plastic and printing to ensure the keycaps don’t fade or lose their strength. It goes without saying that if you have a medical issue such as arthritis or if you’ve had some sort of strain surgery then make sure to not compromise on the quality at all!

If you’re in the United States and the Netherlands, you should get a keyboard with an ANSI layout. Those living in Europe should opt for an ISO layout. These are the layouts most used in those regions. However, if you’re looking for a keyboard for Home Theatre PCs, then the layout would be totally different. Lastly, having good RGB backlighting and connectivity features are extra conveniences that you should definitely consider.

With all that said, here are some amazing keyboards for OSU that you can buy right now.

Top Keyboards for OSU [Reviews]

Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard

Razer’s Huntsman line of keyboards has been extremely popular. The one we picked out combines amazing performance and durability in a package that is attractive and sleek. The keyboard features Opto-Mechanical switches that have optical/light-based actuation. It makes for an extremely fast typing experience. The keys press down and register a click nearly at the speed of light. The distance required to push the keys down is also 30% less than the closest competitors.

On top of that, the keys are greatly stabilized to prevent wobbling. This helps them to register key presses accurately. All this combines to give a smooth and clicky experience when playing OSU. The build quality is also excellent. Razer has opted for an aluminum top frame that looks and feels premium while providing excellent durability. You can easily whittle the hours away in intense OSU sessions without worrying about your keyboard’s longevity.

The variant we picked out comes in a nice pastel pink color. It looks chic and cute and many customers are happy with it. However, you can opt for different colors if you wish. For those of you playing in the dark, the Huntsman has Chroma RGB Backlighting. It seamlessly syncs up with the game your playing or any peripheral you might have for a wonderful look. Apart from that, there are 16.8 million colors to choose from.

Lastly, like all premium keyboards, you’ll find programmable keys in this device. Using Razer’s Hypershift, you can reprogram any key or key combination to complete complex functions. It’s a godsend for players who love to customize the functionality of their keyboard keys. The only downside to this keyboard is that the switches are loud and may get annoying. Other than that the keyboard is perfect!

What We Liked
  • Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Fast and responsive opto-mechanical switches
  • Programmable keys
  • Excellent build quality
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
What We Didn’t Like
  • No wireless functionality
  • Not the best key feedback

SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Apex 5 is a wonderful option for those looking to start out in the world of mechanical switches. It features a hybrid mechanical system that combines the best of both worlds – mechanical and membrane. You’ll get the satisfying clicky and tactile feel from regular mechanical switches. But you’ll also get the increased stability and smoothness offered by traditional membrane keyboards.

The Apex 5 delivers a balanced gaming experience when playing OSU that’s hard to beat. If you value precision and maintaining a good flow, this is a great combination of hardware to have. The keycaps are durable as well as the keyboard frame. True to their name, SteelSeries has used a durable material in the form of aircraft grade aluminum. You can use this device as much as you want without any fear of degradation.

In terms of other features, you get a lot with the Apex 5. It comes with per-key RGB illumination which makes for interesting and beautiful customization. You can program each key to give off a different level and kind of illumination when pressed. There are dedicated media controls for ease of access as well as an OLED screen that can display vital information like system diagnostics. Or funny gifs and discord messages if you so desire.

What sets the Apex 5 apart from the Huntsman is the included magnetic arm rest. Even though it makes the keyboard quite bulky and large, the hand rest is important for those long OSU sessions. Having that arm rest for your palms and wrists is a great way to prevent excess strain.

What We Liked
  • Dedicated arm rest
  • Great hybrid keys
  • OLED screen is useful
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
What We Didn’t Like
  • A little bulky and voluminous
  • Purely mechanical switches could be more satisfying to use

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard

What if I told you the Huntsman could come in a package completely geared towards gamers? Well, that’s essentially what the Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard looks like. It has the same aluminum frame with fantastic durability. There are different colors available as well as the same Chroma RGB backlighting.

You even get the Hypershift technology that allows you to program keys and key combination to execute different functions. Where the Tournament edition starts to differ is in the key switches and key caps used. It has a linear switch with ultra-durable PBT keycaps. Another place where the keyboard stands out is in its size and layout. It has ten less keys and a detachable USB cable so gamers can easily carry the device around.

Typing and gaming on this keyboard is absolutely blissful. You get linear switches with this device which is the perfect middle ground for most competitive and casual gamers. The keys are sufficiently clicky for a fast typing experience. Fast OSU players will not be disappointed. The linear switches also mean that there is a good tactile feedback that most gamers like a lot.

On top of that, linear switches are much more stable and accurate than other switches on the market. The durable PBT keycaps ensure that there is little to no dust or grime accumulation. The keys retain their shine and shape even after repeated heavy use throughout a long timeframe. So, if you’re someone who likes good tactile feedback and precise typing in a keyboard that’ll last you a long time – this is a no-brainer.

What We Liked
  • Nice and compact layout
  • Brilliant linear switches
  • Keycaps are quite durable
What We Didn’t Like
  • No arm rest

RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 occupies a very dominant position in terms of features and convenience. We picked out the white variant because it looks clean and minimalistic. It’ll go well with any desktop setup. The keyboard has a 60% layout which results in a compact form factor. This is great if you have a cluttered desktop, or want more space to make accurate mouse movements. For OSU, it’s a good layout as you don’t have to reach for keys as much. You can position the compact keyboard to suit your needs.

The typing experience is brilliant. You get the classic blue mechanical switches with this keyboard that offers a clicky and tactile response when pressed down upon. However, they might not be the best for gaming as they are quite loud. The improved chip on these switches makes keystrokes more accurate and sensitive to detection. So, you don’t need to worry about wobbly keys.

A great advantage for this device is that it’s fully wireless. Without wires, you can easily carry it around in your backpack and hook it up to any Bluetooth or wireless compatible device. The connection strength is fairly good as well as the range. You can easily switch between devices on the fly and there is no need for finnicky procedures.

You get very low latency when typing which is crucial for a game like OSU. The battery life is average, you’re looking at around 10 hours of continuous use. After that, you need to plug it in. While the backlighting is monochrome, it’s sufficiently bright for use in dimly lit environments.  

What We Liked
  • Good wireless performance
  • Extremely compact
  • Clicky mechanical switches
What We Didn’t Like
  • Average battery life

E-Element Z-88 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The E-Element Z-88 is another 60% compact mechanical gaming keyboard to round off this list and it’s from E-Element. Unlike the RK61, it’s not wireless. But the braided wire with the gold-plated USB connector should ensure great durability and prevent fraying. Because it’s wired, you can also enjoy virtually no input lag or latency. This is crucial for OSU players where any form of latency will result in mis-clicks and errors.

Breaking free from the pack, the Z-88 is the only keyboard to feature Outemu Red mechanical switches. Outemu is a great budget offering and their red switches offer a linear typing and gaming experience. They strike a good balance between clicky-ness and tactile response, all at a sound that is very quiet. In most use cases, you won’t notice the sound of the switches actuating. This is a boon for players who don’t like the clacking sound of blue switches.

The build quality is quite good too. You get ABS and metal construction throughout which should last you a good couple of years. There is customizable RGB backlighting which is a great bonus. You can pick and choose from many different color options, brightness levels, lighting animations, and effects. The keycaps are molded by a double-shot injection method. It’s designed to improve their readability and durability. So, even if the keyboard is white, each key is legible and easy to make out even in bright light. The keycaps themselves are shaped with ergonomics in mind. There are clever slopes and curves designed to reduce fatigue when typing and playing games.

What We Liked
  • Keycaps and layout have good ergonomics
  • Robust build quality with ABS and metal
  • Outemu Red switches are much less noisy
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not wireless despite small layout
  • The switches could have been better

Final Words

OSU is a game that benefits from an excellent keyboard. We’ve looked at five amazing products capable of handling the game and any other titles you can throw at them. All of them are great in their own right and present unique features and value propositions. However, what you choose will ultimately boil down to a couple of factors. Do you prefer clicky switches or tactile, linear ones? Do you want a compact layout or a robust offering with an arm-rest?

The SteelSeries Apex 5 is a fantastic keyboard if you have a large desk space. It has a dedicated arm and palm rest. You can easily game and type for hours without feeling any noticeable arm strain. On top of that, the keys strike a lovely balance between mechanical and membrane options. They offer stability and responsiveness all in a single package. However, they can be quite bulky for some users.

The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is tailor-made for gamers. It has 10 fewer keys which results in a gamer-focused layout. You can easily position the keyboard to your liking and focus on gaming without the extra bulk. The keys are extremely responsive and require little to no force to actuate. This results in a wonderful typing and gaming experience as the keys are also reinforced to avoid wobbling. You get linear switches for a crisp and precise experience. Finally, the durability is top-notch.

The RK Royal Kludge RK61 features the classic blue mechanical switches for a smooth and fast typing experience. These keys feature an advanced chip that can register keystrokes much better than other options. The keyboard features a compact 60% layout and is fully wireless. This will be appealing for players who want to move their keyboard around. However, the keys are quite noisy and might be distracting for those who want to immerse in the music.

All things considered; the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is our top pick. Razer is a reliable brand that has been in the accessories game for a long time now. The tournament edition keyboard features amazing mechanical switches that are linear. Thus, offering an excellent typing and gaming experience with minimal sound. All of that performance is in a package that’s compact for most players. For these reasons, the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is highly recommended for all OSU players.